Why Do Pugs Sleep So Much and What You Need to Know

Why do Pugs sleep so much? Today, we’re going to take a look at the sleeping habits of this breed, plus, we’ll also take a look at whether or not there should be any concern on your part?

Pugs puppies from 3 – 8 weeks will sleep anywhere around 20 hours per day. Adult Pugs will sleep 14 hours a day and that is a lot more than other active dogs. It may sound this breed does nothing but sleep, most of it occurs at night.

Pug Sleeping Habits What’s Normal for This Breed?

This breed gets a bad rap for being lazy, but after living with a black Pug for 16 years, they don’t have to be lazy. Basically, it comes down to how you raise them and the amount of attention you give them.

why do pugs sleep so much

If you choose to sit around watching television all day, this breed will be happy sleeping on your lap. That’s why it’s so important to make sure that you’re actually providing them with the proper amount of exercise.

Check out these playpens for Pugs to help increase their activity level.

Pug Puppies: Just like babies, your new pup will require more sleep at this stage in their life. It’s not unusual for a 2-5-month-old puppy sleeping up to 20 hours per day.

This includes the hours they sleep at night and the short cat naps they take throughout the day.

Adult Pugs: At this stage in life, this breed can sleep up to 14 hours per day. Most of their sleep is acquired throughout the night, while you’re sleeping.

However, it’s not unusual for them to sleep up to 5 hours throughout the day with short naps. If you leave your dog alone during the day, there’s a good chance that they’ll sleep more.

Seniors: As your dog ages and reaches the final stages of their life, you’ll notice that they’ll spend more time sleeping. At this point in their life, their metabolism slows down and they just want to spend their days lying around.

You’ll also notice when they’d rather spend time in their pet bed than greet you at the door as they used to when they were younger. There are slight gradual changes that will occur in their sleeping habits that you’ll begin noticing if you pay attention.

Where Do Pugs Sleep?

Now let’s take a look at where these dogs love to sleep and why it’s important to provide them with a comfortable bed. Many people think that it doesn’t matter where their dog sleeps and it’s okay if they sleep with them.

It basically comes down to a personal preference on where you want Fido to sleep. The most important thing to consider is to provide them with the comfort and support that will help them get a good night’s rest. Read this article to find out whether Pugs can see in the dark and if they need a night light.

Their Own Bed: Mindy had her own pet bed and this is where she slept and took all her naps. I highly recommend any of these canine beds for your Pug to get a good night’s sleep. Don’t be surprised when you see your Pug digging their bed before they finally lay down to sleep, it’s one of the reasons that Pugs dig, which I discuss in this article.

Crate: It’s okay to have your pooch sleep in a crate at night. Dogs who are crate trained start thinking about their crate as their own little private den. It becomes their safe place where they don’t mind dozing off.

Their Owners Bed: This breed loves being around their people and won’t mind if you let them sleep in your bed. The downside is that you probably won’t get a lot of sleep, because this breed can snore extremely loud. (more on that in a bit)

Some dogs even develop unusual habits like sleeping on their owners and taking up too much space.

The Carpet or Floor: It’s not unusual to find your pet catch a quick nap on the carpet or a dark corner of the room. It won’t happen very often, because sleeping on a hard surface won’t be good for their joints.

Do Pugs Sleep A Lot?

The short answer is it depends. If you have a Pug puppy, they won’t sleep as much as an older dog. Adult Pugs have a tendency to sleep quite a bit, especially if you are not keeping them active.

If your Pug sleeps all day, then it might have to do with your current lifestyle. This breed tends to mimic their owners behavior. Of course, if you have an active lifestyle and your Pugs sleeping day and night, you may want to contact your veterinarian to find out if their are any underlying healthy concerns.

Can Pugs Sleep Outside?

This toy breed is an inside dog and should not be left outside for long periods of time. Because of their short noses, they are extremely sensitive to cold, humidity, and heat.

It’s important to make sure they have enough shade and water while they are spending time outdoors. Here’s a great portable water bowl to help you keep your pooch hydrated.

They should never be left outdoors unattended for long periods of time.

We realized that Mindy loved sleeping outside, she slept on the mulch in our garden. However, she had access to a pet door to come back in when she got tired of being outside.

If your Pug loves sleeping outside, make sure they can get back inside. Leaving them outside by themselves can be dangerous and you could end up coming home to a dead Pug.

Can They Struggle With Sleep Problems?

It’s not unusual for a dog to have trouble sleeping at night. Just like you, they can have sleepless nights and this is why it’s so important to make sure you invest in a good dog bed. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that Fido can have trouble sleeping at night.

Common Sleep Disorders That Can Affect A Pug

Sleep Apnea: This is a common sleep problem with dogs that are overweight, which is why it’s so vital to control your pet’s diet. Pugs with this sleep apnea may temporarily stop breathing, which causes them to wake up throughout the night.

If Fido continues to wake up consistently throughout the night, they won’t be able to have uninterrupted REM sleep. This can cause them to feel tired and groggy throughout the day.

Mindy had a small case of insomnia when she gained a lot of excess weight. It eventually went away when her diet helped her shed those unwanted pounds.

Insomnia: This occurs when your dog has trouble falling asleep or constantly wakes up throughout the night. Insomnia is usually a sign of a bigger problem, such as an illness, an injury or anxiety.

As your Pug ages, they’ll be more susceptible to insomnia, because they’ll have a lot of discomfort from painful joints, arthritis, digestion problems, and bladder problems.

Snoring: This brachycephalic breed is known to snore, and you might think that it’s cute, but it can be a sign that your dog is not getting a comfortable night’s sleep.

If the snoring is consistent and pervasive, there’s a good chance that your pooch is waking up from a deep sleep. As a pet owner, it’s important to make sure they are in the right position to stop snoring or at least open up their airways.

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Other Reasons Your Pug May Be Sleeping Too Much

You’re Being Lazy: This breed is notorious for copying their owner. If you spend a lot of time watching television, working on the computer, playing video games and etc, then your Pug has nothing better to do but sleep.

If you’re being inactive, then you’re telling Fido that it’s okay if they stop all their activity and spend the day resting. Most Pugs won’t spend time running around if their owner is just plopped on the sofa or doing inactive activities.

Bored: It’s not unusual for a Pug or any dog to sleep if they are bored. If a dog has nothing to do, they’ll either bark or sleep. Pugs don’t bark that much, at least Mindy didn’t, so she would sleep.

If your pooch is just lounging around and sleeping all day, it could be a sign that they need more attention.

You can improve their quality of life by getting them a companion or spending more time with them. Start taking them for short walks in the morning or the late afternoons.

This will make them feel better and you’ll feel great because they’re getting their daily dose of exercise.

How Do Pugs Sleep?

This breed loves their sleep and a few times we caught Mindy sleeping sitting up. At first, we thought she was watching TV, but she was actually sleeping!

Here are some of the other awkward positions and what they mean.

Awkward Sleeping Positions

As a Pug owner, you’re going to notice that they like sleeping in awkward positions. You’ll also notice that over time they will develop their favorite sleeping position.

When Mindy was young, she loved sleeping on her back like a puppy. As she got older, she slept half on and half off of her bed. It was crazy, but it’s not uncommon for dogs to sleep in the following positions.

Maybe you’ve wondered why your Pug sleeps in the positions they do. Well, I used to wonder that with Mindy and here’s why dogs sleep in those awkward positions.

On Their Back, Paws in the Air

pug sleeping on back
Pug sleeping on back

When a dog sleeps curled in a ball, it helps them conserve energy. When your Pug sleeps on their back with their belly exposed, they are trying to cool off.

Their bellies have less fur and their paws hold sweat glands, and when they are exposed, it helps them keep cool while sleeping. It’s not unusual to see your Pug lying on back with their feet in the air.

It may not look comfortable to you and me, but this position indicates a dog is very comfortable because they are leaving their most vulnerable areas exposed. It’s also one of the hardest positions to get out of and get back on their feet.

Twitching, Wagging, or Soft Barks

It’s not unusual for you to see your Pug trying to run in the sleep, wagging their tail or even barking. If your Pug is more active during their sleep, it means that they are in the REM stage of their sleep.

This is the best sleep that your Pug because it’s very restorative and great for their health. Movement during their sleep is more common among puppies and senior dogs.

Sleeping On Their Tummy

sleeping on their tummy
sleeping Pug

This position is also known as the “Superman” position. Mindy used to sleep in this position a lot when she was a puppy, and it’s a favorite position for puppies.

Because it allows them to get take a quick nap and get back on their feet quickly. Pug puppies are very active, especially, if they live with other dogs or cats.

Dogs that sleep in this position don’t want to miss out on any anything. It’s easy for them to wake up and become a part of the action quickly. You’ll find a lot of pups sleeping in this position because they have too much energy and don’t want to miss out.

Half On And Half Off Their Bed

pug awkward sleeping positions
Pug dog sleeping

When Mindy entered her senior years, we started noticing her awkward sleeping position of lying half on and half off her bed.

We had no clue what it meant, but soon realized that she started sleeping this way due to the aches and pains in her body.

That’s when we decided to invest in a good orthopedic dog bed to help her body get more support.

Maybe you’ve noticed that your Pug is sleeping in different positions than what we noticed with Mindy? Here’s a great article that will share what your dog’s sleeping positions are telling you about him.

Related Questions

Why do pugs like to sleep under covers? Smaller dogs like to burrow themselves under the covers because it acts like shelter. If you let your dog sleep with you on a regular basis, your bed represents their shelter or den. Read this article to find out why dogs sleep under the covers.

Your bed has become their happy place and crawling under the blankets represents the inner sanctum of their den and it is the safe place to be.

How Long Do Pug Puppies Sleep? Most puppies will sleep during the night while you’re sleeping. They will spend most of their day playing and take short naps throughout the day.

How Long Do Pugs Sleep? A normal healthy adult Pug will sleep around 10-14 hours, depending on your lifestyle. If you’re a couch potato and just sit around then your pooch will sleep more.

My Pug Sleeps All Day..Why? It most likely has to do with the fact that your Pug is bored, especially, if they are younger. If you have a senior dog, then it’s not unusual for them to sleep more throughout the day.

How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need? The required amount of sleep will vary by breed, however, most adult dogs will sleep around 12-14 hours.


Start paying attention to your dog’s sleeping position to find out what they are trying to tell you. Don’t worry if your Pug is sleeping 14 hours per day, it’s normal for this breed.

If you feel that they are sleeping too much and are not dealing with any health issues. Then take a look at your life.

Are you teaching them that it’s okay to just lie around and sleep? Remember, this breed is known to mimic their owners.

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