Why Does My Pug Like To Sleep On Me And How To Stop It?

Pugs are extremely attached to “their” people. This trait is so common with Pug dogs that some owners call them “bed pugs” (pun absolutely intended).

This breed loves to sleep a lot, but is it normal if your Pug wants to actually sleep on you – as in on top of you, even on your head? Let’s find out now!

Why Does My Pug Like to Sleep On Me?

pug sleeping habits
Dogs develop different sleeping positions that help them sleep better.

Pugs are people-oriented dogs. The main reason your Pug may like to sleep on you is that they want to be near you. And when I say “near,” I really mean “on.”

why does my pug like to sleep on me

If you chose a Pug dog for your companion canine, you probably really wanted a dog that would look at you and see their sun, moon, and stars.

But still, it can take some getting used to when your Pug wants to crawl underneath the covers with you at night, especially if you have a bed partner. Surprise!

This is especially true if you didn’t know before you got your Pug that Pug dogs tend to snore loudly. The reason Pugs snore is because of their cute flattened faces. You can find tips for how to stop your Pug from snoring in this helpful article.

Why Pugs Like to Sleep On Their People

Perhaps you bought your Pug dog a wonderful dog bed. You spent hours and days researching it and picked out a bed you were sure your dog would love.

But your dog wants to sleep with you instead. As a longtime Pug owner and breed enthusiast, just know I speak from experience when I say this is a “Pug thing.”

Pugs love people. This breed is known for being completely smitten with their human family. Pugs typically do not do well when left alone. They come from a long line of being lapdogs to emperors, kings, queens and now people everywhere.

Also, Pugs typically sleep….a LOT. While working dogs may not get as much shut-eye, Pugs are lap dogs. With their shortened muzzles, they really aren’t built for endurance sports anyway. And so – they take naps. Lots and lots of naps.

What this means is that even when you are awake your Pug dog may be sleeping. Pugs can easily sleep 10 hours a day or more on top of their nighttime rest. So when you are ready for bed at night, you can bet your Pug will be too.

Main Reasons Your Pug Likes to Sleep On You

Pug sleeping position
This breed loves its owner and wants to be near you as much as possible.

Aside from what I just mentioned – that Pugs sleep a lot – there are some other reasons why your Pug may prefer to sleep with you and even on top of you.

1. Pug dogs love company

Pug dogs are very social. The Pug dog is a natural entertainer. They love being the center of attention. Whatever you do, they probably will want to do it too. So when you sleep, expect your Pug to want to join you.

2. Pugs think your bed is really comfy

No matter how comfy you think your Pug’s dog bed is, your bed may feel comfier still. Your bed smells like you, has soft sheets and is warm.

You can expect your Pug will try out all the sleeping areas in your house and decide on their favorite, which will likely be wherever you are sleeping.

3. Pug dogs can get cold easily

Pugs are small dogs with very short hair. Because of this, they can actually get cold quite easily. This is especially true in fall and winter. But your Pug may also get cold just because you are running the air conditioner indoors.

Pugs that are cold will snuggle to get warm and body heat is the best heater.

4. Pugs often like to take up space when they sleep

Some dogs like to sleep curled up in a tight little ball. Other dogs like to stretch out when they sleep. Many Pugs like to sleep all stretched out, but not all dog beds are big enough for this. Your Pug may just like that your bed offers more room!

Should You Worry If Your Pug Sleeps On You?

There is no reason to worry if your Pug dog likes to sleep on top of you. This is very normal for this dog breed.

Every dog develops different sleeping positions. Some sleep on their owners, under the covers, at your legs or feet, or right up against your back.

However, some Pug owners find that their Pug’s snoring keeps them awake at night! If you are a light sleeper and wake up easily, you may need to teach your Pug to sleep in their bed instead.

Otherwise, enjoy one of the big perks of being a Pug owner – a cuddly pup who can’t get enough of your company day or night!

How To Take Your Bed Back?

Pugs can weigh up to 22 pounds, depending on the age of your pooch. So your dog’s unusual sleeping positions may be keeping you up during the night or preventing you from getting a good night’s sleep.

If this is the case, then start teaching your pup that they belong on their own side of the bed.

Whenever they attempt to climb on any part of you whether it’s your legs, head, arms or body, tell them to move over to their own side. You can even come up with a command like “your side” which means they belong on their own side of the bed.

Eventually, your four-legged friend will understand that they can sleep in your bed, but they belong on the mattress NOT on you!

Final Word On Pug Sleeping On You

Some pet owners prefer to let their dog sleep with them and others don’t. There’s nothing wrong with a Pug sleeping in bed with you, as long as you are waking up feeling refreshed.

It may take some time, but you can change your Pug’s sleeping positions to make you more comfortable.

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