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Hi, my name is Susan and I’d like to welcome to BlackPugSite.com a site dedicated to all aspects of owning, caring for and training a Pug. At the time of this writing, the AKC (American Kennel Club) a Pug, ranks this dog breed #28 in popularity.

I absolutely love Pugs and let me tell you a little bit about mine.

Six Week Pug

I got my first Pug when she was six weeks old. Yup, the breeder let her go earlier than he should’ve, we ended up having to bottle feed her. I actually got to pick her out from the litter, it was an exciting time.

six week Pug
My black six-week Pug sitting on the couch under the blanket

As you can see, black Pugs are not very photogenic as all you can see are their eyes.

Six Month Pug

Pugs are extremely playful and clownish, especially in the younger years. Mine loved playing in the snow, however, as she got older, she hated being outside in the rain or snow.

six month Pug
When she was a pup, my black Pug loved playing in the snow.

As they age, they will spend more time lying around sleeping. They tend to lose their energy just like older humans do.

16-Year Old Pug

my 16 year old pug
An older me holding my 16-year-old Pug

My Pug made a big impact on my life. That’s why I wanted to research and find out as much as I can about this amazing breed.

I’ve had a few dogs in my life, but my Pug was the first dog that I had from six weeks old until she passed away.

How This Site Can Help You

If you have a Fawn colored Pug or any other color, you can still benefit from this site. I’m sharing everything you need to know about the Pug dog. My hope is to help you understand everything you need to know about this amazing dog breed.

Whether you’re looking for a family pet or just want a companion because you don’t have any kids, you’ll realize that Pugs make great companions. I personally think that everyone should own a dog at one point in their life.

You’ll find tons of actionable guides and information you’ll need to help you learn about:

  • Pug Puppies
  • Senior Pugs
  • Buying the right Pug products for your new best friend!
  • DIY Projects for Pug Owners! (to help you save money on pet ownership)
  • Caring and training your Pug!
  • Is this the right breed for you?
  • Basically, we share our Pug knowledge with YOU so you can raise a HEALTHY HAPPY PUG!

Dogs are amazing and provide unconditional love. There are tons of benefits of owning a dog and I want to share everything to make the decision of getting a Pug easier for you.

It’s not hard to find websites online with Pug information, but a lot of them provide low-quality information, incomplete information or the content is not organized properly.

This means that you have to spend hours searching for different articles on Google just to find the information you need.

I’ve done my best to put everything you need to know about the Pug Dog breed in one place. This site is meant to be your online source for everything you need to know about this canine.

Why BlackPugSite Was Started?

I owned a black Pug for 16 years and her name was Mindy. I had to finally make the tough decision to put her down and she changed my life in so many ways.

Mindy my pug tribute

Since she changed my life, I know how amazing a Pug dog can be. That’s why I wanted to create a comprehensive and exhaustive online source for Pug dog owners.

This site is dedicated to everyone who loves Pugs and wants to find out as much as possible about this popular breed.

You will find my personal opinions from being a Pug owner as well as researched content to help you train your pet. I’ll also research other dog breeds to help you decide if you should get a Pug or a different dog.

My goal is to create an online resource where the information to care and train a Pug is nicely laid out, complete, and easily accessible in one place to help you get your questions answered quickly.

No more spending hours trying to find the information on Google, Bing or Yahoo.

My goal is to make this website user-friendly and your one-stop destination for anyone who is interested or has questions regarding owning a Pug as a pet.

Dedication to My Black Pug

Mindy was a great companion, especially, since we don’t have children. She was our furbaby and dealing with her loss was hard.

dedication to my black pug

I’ll share some tips that will help you care for your senior Pug. My goal is to help you enjoy your companionship with your Pug while they are in your life.

They are loyal pets that will provide you with years of unconditional love and it’s up to you as a furbaby parent to provide them with the best love and care you can.

If You Have Any Pug Dog Questions, please browse the articles on the website. I’ve done my best to find out everything about the Pug Dog that you need to know to help you determine if it’s the right breed for you.

I am NOT an expert, and all the information I provide is gathered through online research and my personal experience of having a Pug for 16 years. This site is not intended to replace veterinary visits.

In fact, if your Pug is not feeling well, I highly recommend taking them to a canine veterinary for proper medical care.

Join me as I find out and share everything I can about this amazing dog breed!

Black Pug Site