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Downloadable Printables

Browse through all our printables to help you raise, train, and care for your Pug dog. Be sure to check back often as we will be updating and adding more digital downloadable printables for Pug parents.

*NOTE: there are no refunds on any of the digital download products as you get access to them as soon as you pay. All files are will be delivered as an electronic PDF download, no physical products will be delivered.

Pug training chart printable

Potty Training Printable

Make potty training easier by keeping track of when your Pug eats, poops, and pees. This is the fastest way to potty train a Pug puppy!

Pug Dog Chore Printable

Pug Chore Printable

Along with owning a Pug are responsibilities like walking your Pug, feeding the Pug, picking up poop and etc. Make it easy to know who’s responsible for which cores!

Pug Information printable color bundle

Pet Information Printable

Keep track of your Pug’s weight, age, medication, microchip #, and important veterinary information you can share with your pet sitter.

Pug Dog Recommended Products

As a Pug lover, and a family member of avid Pug lovers. I am always looking for the best products for this brachycephalic dog breed. I have put together a list and continuing to grow it whenever I find products geared towards Pugs. My recommended Products list helps save you money and time from having to drive from store to store in search of the best prices.

Pug Dog Gift Guides

Are you a Pug dog fanatic? Maybe you know of a Pug dog lover? I’m constantly looking for ideas for Pug dog lovers and have put together several gift guides to help you find the right gift. These guides will help save you the time of searching online for hours, or driving from store to store to find the right gift.

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