Why Does My Pug Like To Sleep Under The Covers

Why does my pug like to sleep under the covers? If you let your Pug sleep with you, then you know they have some weird sleeping habits. One of them is burrowing under the covers. Today, we’re going to look at why they do this and if it’s safe for them,

Why Does My Pug Like to Sleep Under The Covers Next to Me?

Many experts say that dogs burrow under the blankets or bed comforter is an instinctual behavior that is a result of their wild ancestors. Sleeping under the covers provides your dog a warm, safe, and secure environment, that they would get from a den in the wild.

Dogs are pack animals and their wild ancestors would sleep huddled together in a pack. Sleeping under the sheets or in between your legs pressed up against you (their domestic pack leader) will make them feel surrounded and even swaddled.

why does my pug like to sleep under the covers

Basically, it’s a dogs instinct to sleep or relax in small protected spaces to feel warm and safe. This is why many dogs prefer their dog crate when sleeping at night or left alone.

Do Dogs Like Being Covered In Blankets?

Most dogs love sleeping under blankets, especially, smaller dogs such as Terriers, Hounds, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Dachshunds. While small dogs are more prone to this behavior, the burrowing behavior is also noticeable in larger dogs.

For example in the past Siberian Huskies learned how to burrow under the snow to keep warm and toasty under the snow while hiding from their predators.

All dogs, including domesticated pets, enjoy burrowing because it reminds them of their wild ancestors that used to live in dens.

Is It Safe For A Dog To Sleep Under The Covers?

Some people worry that their Pug will suffocate under the blankets, but according to dog experts, it’s highly unlikely for your dog to suffocate during the night.

If your Pug or puppy gets too hot or can’t breathe during the night, they will burrow their way out. However, it’s important to make sure that the covers are not too tight, so they have a way to get out.

Most dogs will make their way to your feet and get out from under the blankets if they get too hot or experience a lack of oxygen.

Other Reasons Your Pug Likes Sleeping Under the Blankets

While it’s a known fact that dogs are “denning” animals, there can be some other possible reasons your Pug sleeps under your blankets, too close to you or in between your legs.

Your Dog Likes to Be Near You

It’s no secret that Pugs are velcro dogs that love their owners. Your Pug could be sleeping under your blanket up close to you or between your legs because they are comfortable being close to you.

It’s just a sign that Fido loves being near you while sleeping!


If your pooch suffers from anxiety, sleeping under the blankets will help make them feel safer and calmer.

Stay Warm

If your Pug only sleeps under the blankets during the colder seasons, it could be a way to stay warm throughout the night.

Basically, all dogs have the natural instinct to burrow, even in the warmer months. This is why so dogs love laying under tables, desks, blankets, beds, or self-made holes in your backyard.

Other Solutions and Considerations

If you’re concerned about suffocating your dog while they are sleeping under the covers near you, don’t be.

If your dog gets hot, sweaty, or uncomfortable during the night, they will wiggle their way out from under the covers.


If your dog’s behavior is keeping you up at night because they get too hot and keep moving around too much during the night, maybe it’s time to have them sleep in their own doggy bed, with their own blanket.

We let Mindy sleep with us when she was a puppy, but eventually, our sleep was more important to us.

There are plenty of great canines beds you can choose from that will help you and your Pug sleep better at night.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog like to sleep under the bed? As I mentioned above, does are “denning animals.” They love small tight spaces because their wild ancestors would sleep in dens.

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