Finding The Best Pug Bed and Why It’s Important

What is the best Pug bed? This is the question that most Pug owners ask themselves, especially, if they are first-time pet owners. Finding the best pet bed isn’t always as easy as it may seem.

We spent so much money on beds for Mindy, it took us a while before we found one that she really loved. We found her sleeping on that bed, even when she had a brand new orthopedic bed in the other room.

Does Your Pet Need A Pug Pet Bed?

Maybe you’re still at that stage where your dog sleeps with you in your bed? Mindy used to sleep with us, but it got to the point where her snoring got so loud, we finally had to get her a bed of her own.

pug bed

That’s not always a bad thing, in fact, you’re going to realize that your Pug can benefit from having a bed of their own.

Then we’ll look at some of the different types of pet beds to choose from as well as give you some recommendations for the very best bed for your Pug based on their stage of life.

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The type of bed you get for your Pug will vary differently when they are a puppy as opposed to when they become a senior dog.

How The Right Dog Bed Can Improve Your Pugs Life

Just like the right mattress can help us sleep better, the right bed can make a huge difference in your Pug’s life. Here are some ways that your furbaby can benefit from the right bedding.

You may think twice before you let your dog sleep with you. Your human bed is not the right place for your pet to sleep.

Pug Beds And Separation Anxiety

Pugs are known to be “velcro dogs” which means they become extremely attached to their owners. Most of us have to leave our pet alone during the day while we go to work or live our lives.

Leaving your pet alone can lead to separation anxiety if you haven’t properly trained your pet. This breed is known to be a companion pet and does a lot better when they are around people or other animals.

One of the best ways to deal with the issue is to provide your pet with a comfy bed of their own. If you want to take this a step further, you can invest in a crate, we had a Double-Door Metal Dog Crate for Mindy.

They’ll quickly realize that the bed or crate is their safe place and will feel safe and secure while you are away.

Helps Ease Join Pain

Pugs can suffer from several health issues such as hip dysplasia and arthritis. This can be an extremely painful and costly condition for your pet.

You can help reduce the risk of this issue by investing in a comfortable well-cushioned bed that provides them the support they need for their joints.

The right bed with the right fill will determine the beds support level and the overall longevity. Economical beds will contain polyfill, which won’t provide as much support as one that contains foam.

As your pet becomes older, you’ll want to invest in a nice foam bed, which provides more support for older or arthritic dogs. You can find memory and orthopedic foams in bolster beds, mattress-style beds, furniture style beds, cuddlers, and mats.

An orthopedic mattress will conform to your dog’s body shape and will provide the best comfort for their joints.


If you have a puppy or a senior dog, don’t be surprised if your Pug dribbles pee or even has an accident at night. Of course, this will all depend on how well you potty trained your dog.

Most dogs will wake you during the night if they need to go potty. But senior dogs tend to have a hard time controlling their bladder. If they pee on your bed, they will soak your entire mattress, which can be costly.

If they have their own bed, you can invest in a water resistant bed or by a removable cover like this one that will allow you to wash if they have an accident.

This is what we did for Mindy as she got older and started having accidents due to an uncontrollable bladder.

Brachycephalic Dogs Can Benefit From Their Own Bed

Pugs fall into the brachycephalic dog breed, which means that they have smooshed face, unlike other dog breeds. Here’s a list of the dog breeds that fall into this category.

A Pug’s smooshed face and loud noises is what makes this breed cute and appealing. However, this can lead to specific health issues.

One of the main things you’ll need to know about your Pug’s sleeping habits is their uncontrollable snoring habits, which is due to the proportion of their shorter muzzle.

Wrinkles and Snoring

The shorter facial bones are not proportionate to their muzzle, which is the main reason this breed has deep skin folds inside and outside of their mouth.

Outside the folds are known as wrinkles and must be cleaned on a regular basis. Inside the mouth, these folds push the dog’s soft palate into the airway, which is the cause of their breathing problems.

This is also the reason that your dog will snore while sleeping. This is a direct result of the compressed respiratory passages.

The right bed will allow your dog to position his/her body in a way that will allow them to stretch out their neck, opening the airways and reducing the snoring problems.

We found that the bolster beds were best for Mindy. These beds allow them to position their head on a pillow or armrest when they sleep.

Now let’s take a look at some of the pet beds that can help your Pug get a good night’s sleep without dealing with aches and pains.

What Is A Bolster Bed?

Bolster beds will provide your pet with support to position their head slightly above the rest of their body. This can be perfect for Pugs, who suffer from breathing problems while they sleep.

These types of dog beds are popular among larger breeds but are great for those that like to sleep with their head on a pillow or armrest.

Bolster beds come in several different styles and price ranges. You can find washable designer beds, orthopedic beds, half-boosters, heated beds and etc.

Regardless of what type of budget you have, you’ll find some of the best ones that will fit any budget below.

Pug Puppy Bed

It’s easy to think that a puppy doesn’t require a supportive bed, but if you can provide them with a supportive bed early, there’s a good chance they will not struggle with joint issues as they become older.

You don’t have to purchase an orthopedic bed for your puppy if you can’t afford it. However, you still should consider a bolster bed with cushion for joint-pain relief and is washable in case of accidents.

Remember, your furbaby will only be considered a puppy for the first year of their life. If you invest in a decent size bed with plenty of room, they can grow into their bed as they become older.

Pet Beds For Older Dogs

As your pet enters their golden years, it’s time to start thinking differently about the bed and the food they eat. A senior dog is more likely to have aches and pains from stiff joints. They may even start developing urinary incontinence.

This issue will cause them to start losing control of their bladder which can lead to small pee leakages. Some dogs may even have a full-blown accident during the night.

As your dog enters this life stage, you’ll want to find a comfortable bed that supports their joints. You may even want to invest in a bed that is waterproof and has a washable cover.

At the final stages of her life, Mindy had a lot of accidents on her bed. Unfortunately, she couldn’t control her bladder and had never had any accidents when she was younger.

Popular Bolster Beds Your Pug Will Love

Bolster beds are perfect for a Pug to help provide the best support to alleviate their snoring problems. These beds won’t completely eliminate their snoring, but it will help them get a good night’s rest.

I’ve done some research on Amazon to find some of the best beds with the highest rating and can fit any budget.

The Friends Forever Orthopedic Bed is perfect for placing in a small corner in your home.

You’ll probably want to have a bed in the room where you and your family hang out. After all, your Pug will be spending a lot of time with the family. This sofa lounge bed is perfect and the best part is that it is designed to reduce joint pain and improve the overall health, mobility, and energy.

We had a bed just like that because Mindy loved sitting on the furniture. However, we didn’t want her on the furniture because she shed so much.

We invested in an Ortho Bolster Sleeper Pet Bed when Mindy was a puppy. The ortho bed was the bed that we placed in her crate where she would sleep at night and when we left her alone.

She absolutely loved the ortho bed and this is the type of bed we would always get when it was time to purchase a new bed.

Now that you know what pet beds we recommend, it’s time to answer a few questions regarding your dog’s bed. I know I had these questions when I first got my black Pug.

How Often Should You Replace Your Pug Dog Bed?

You might be wondering, how often should I replace my dog’s bed. The answer will vary because it all depends on how the bed looks and feels.

It’s also important to pay attention to how your dog is reacting to their bed. When the bed is new they probably wanted to spend every minute on it, as it becomes older, you may notice that they no longer retreat to their bed.

This could be a sign that they’re tired of it or it is physically hurting their body. It could also mean that the bed is dirty and washing the bedding could help.

Mindy used to avoid her bed after a couple of weeks of using it. She hated a dirty bed and got so excited when we washed the cover and vacuumed it.

How to Wash A Smelly Dog Bed

Just like you wash your bedding on a regular basis, it’s important to wash your dog’s bed. If their bed is not properly maintained, their beds can create an awful odor.

One of the best things you can do is vacuum your dog’s bed on a regular basis to remove dog hair, dirt, and other debris. You may also want to invest in a lint roller to remove that hair on a daily basis, especially, since Pugs shed so much.

Most beds have a removable cover (which makes the process so much easier). If the bed has a removable cover, just remove the cover completely and load it into the washer machine separately from the other laundry. (you may want to shake it really good outside before putting it in the washer machine.)

Pugs are known to have allergies, so make sure that you use a washing detergent without perfumes. You’ll want to use a pet-safe laundry detergent that doesn’t irritate your dog’s skin.

Bed Without Removable Cover

Unfortunately, washing a bed without a cover will be challenging. Most of the popular dog beds today have removable covers because it’s so much easier to wash.

Invest in one that is easy to maintain. You’ll thank yourself when you’re cleaning up your dog’s bed and all you have to do is remove the cover and throw it in the washer machine.


Finding the right bed for your Pug is vital to their overall health and happiness. It’s not hard to find a good orthopedic dog bed without having to spend a fortune.

You’ll love it because Fido will feel so much better and the quality bed will last you for a few years if you maintain it properly.

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