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Pug Lifespan: When You Can Expect to Get Your Heart Broken

If you’re a new pet owner, there’s something you need to know about Fido. Your dog ages 7 years for every birthday they have. This means that you need to understand the importance of the Pug lifespan, so you can adjust their food and exercise plan.

How Long Do Pugs Live?

We were lucky that Mindy lived to be 16 years old, which means that she was 80 years old in human years. If you want to find out how old your Pug is, you can calculate it on this dog age calculator. (source)

When I first bought her from a breeder, I had no clue what the life expectancy of Pugs was. If you just got a Pug, you’re properly wondering whats the average lifespan of a Pug?

Well, let’s talk about the Pug dog lifespan so you have an idea what to expect with your best friend. In this article, we talk about the signs and symptoms of a dying dog.

It’s never easy talking about the life expectancy of a family pet. After all, they become a part of the family and talking about their death is not fun. But if you’re considering buying or rescuing a Pug, these are some things that you need to be aware of.

How Long Do Pugs Live In Human Years?

Most pet owners don’t think of their dog’s life in human years. We just read information and facts online about how long a breed is supposed to live. You’ve probably read that a Pug’s life expectancy is around 12-15 years old.

But do you really know how long that is in human years? As I mentioned above, Mindy was 16 years old in dog years and 80 years old in human years.

Knowing your dog’s age in human years will help you understand whether your dog is still a puppy, an adult or a senior. Understanding this will help you better care for your furbaby.

Pug Dog Age Chart

I used to think that a Pug was the same as most dogs, where they age 7 years for every year like big breeds. However, a dog ages differently according to their body size. Here’s a breakdown of your Pug’s age and how old they are in human years:

Pug Puppy

1 Years Old: 15 years old in human years.

Pug Age Adult Dog

2 Years Old: 24 years old in human years
3 Years Old: 28 years old in human years
4 Years Old: 32 years old in human years
5 Years Old: 36 years old in human years

Pug Senior Dog

6 Years Old: 40 years old in human years
7 Years Old: 44 years old in human years
8 Years Old: 48 years old in human years
9 Years Old: 52 years old in human years
10 Years Old: 56 years old in human years
11 Years Old: 60 years old in human years
12 Years Old: 64 years old in human years
13 Years Old: 68 years old in human years
14 Years Old: 72 years old in human years
15 Years Old: 76 years old in human years
16 Years Old: 80 years old in human years
17 Years Old: 18 years old in human years
18 Years Old: 88 years old in human years
19 Years Old: 92 years old in human years
20 Years Old: 96 years old in human years

As you can see, your canine friend ages faster than you do. By knowing this, you will know how to properly care for them and which stage of life they have entered.

A Pug is considered an adult dog when they turn 2 years old. At 6 years old they are already considered a senior. They are only considered a puppy for the first year of their life.

You can see that they will live most of their life as a senior. Most new pet owners have no clue about this, I know I didn’t because Mindy was my first pet.

Caring for A Senior Pug

Caring for senior Pugs is totally different than a Puppy or an adult. Just like humans a senior dog requires more care and proper nutrition.

I’ve put together some of the best adult dog food for Pugs that contains all the nutrients they require.

As someone who owned a black Pug, I can tell you this. The time flies by so fast. Mindy was active for so long and we didn’t even notice her getting older until one day when we came home and she didn’t greet us at the door anymore.

Instead, she was sleeping on her bed (here’s a list of some of the best beds for Pugs) and we had to wake her up to let her know we were home. We also started noticing that she got out of her bed slower than she used to. That was when we realized it was time to purchase an orthopedic dog bed.

Care Tips for An Aging Pug

You’re probably not going to realize that your furbaby is aging quickly until their habits start to change. Here are some tips that will help you make their senior years more comfortable.

Quality Canine Mattress: Your pet needs a comfortable bed at any age. However, as they reach their golden years, it’s more important to invest in a great orthopedic bed that supports their joints. A good orthopedic dog bed can help reduce pain, restore mobility and help your dog sleep better.

Grooming: When your Pug reaches age 8, it’s time to pay more attention to your grooming techniques. These brushes make it so easy to groom your Pug and control the shedding problem.

Make sure that you’re properly cleaning their wrinkles and trimming their nails. I highly recommend these guillotine trimmers for this small breed.

Your Pug will be more susceptible to infections as they get older, make sure that you’re grooming them more often.

Dental Checkups: Just like humans, your Pug should be taken to the vet on a regular basis for dental cleanings. If you can’t afford it, then you need to make sure that you’re properly taking care of their teeth by brushing them. As they get older, your pet can lose their teeth if they weren’t properly cared for when they were young.

This means that they will have trouble eating dry food and you’ll have to switch them to soft food they can digest. Unfortunately, we didn’t do a great job with Mindy’s teeth and she experienced some issues with her teeth.

Weight: One of the biggest issues with Pugs is obesity. As a pet owner pay attention to whether or not your pet is overweight. Excess weight can add stress on their joints and cause other health-related issues.

Here is a chart of how much your Pug should weigh at the different stages of their life:

  • Puppy = 7lbs -12 lbs Your canine is considered a puppy for the first year of their life. I highly recommend feeding them Blue Buffalo Blue Protection puppy food.
  • Adult and Senior: A full grown 2-year-old adult Pug and older will weigh 14-18 pounds according to the AKC nutrition weight chart. Mindy weighed 21 pounds and we didn’t consider her overweight, so make sure that you pay attention to whether or not your dog is experiencing joint problems.

Joints: Just like humans your Pug is susceptible to arthritis, diabetes and other illnesses that can have an effect on their life expectancy. If they have been carrying around a lot of excess weight, it could cause their bones to become more brittle. A Pug’s short legs are not meant to carry a lot of weight like a big dog breed.

Senior Food: At this point in their life, you’ll want to make the switch to a food that is made specifically for senior dogs. You’ll want to find a dog food that is packed with the proper nutrients for aging seniors. At this point in your life, your pet will need a maintenance diet food that doesn’t cause them to gain weight easily.

You may also want to consult your vet for a supplement for your Pug. We had Mindy on a natural hip and joint supplement to help her move around a lot easier.

Eye Care: Pugs are common to glaucoma because of their bulging eyes. Mindy lost her eyesight when she was about 15 years old and we made sure that we didn’t move the furniture. We were amazed at how she could still move around the house freely without bumping into anything.

Bladder Control: Take your senior dog outside more often than you used to. As they grow older, their bladder will weaken and the bowel muscle loses strength.

You may want to consider using doggie diapers to help prevent accidents in your home. These diapers will help control those unwanted accidents as your dog ages.

If they do have an accident in the home, don’t scold them, it’s a normal process of aging. Accidents will happen and you’ll just have to invest in a good carpet cleaner or urine cleaners to clean up the mess.

How Much Should I Exercise A Senior Dog

One of the things that I noticed when Mindy was about 12 years old is that we had to cut down on the intensity of her daily exercise. I no longer took her for her daily 2 mile walks.

I still took her for a walk, but I just let her decide how much she wanted to walk. It’s important to keep your dog active and moving, you just need to pay attention to what they can do.

Make The Last Years Memorable

One of the things that I regret is that I refused to believe that Mindy would eventually one day not be here. Yes, I realize that all living things will eventually pass.

However, Mindy’s life flew by and one of the biggest things that I regret is NOT making the most of her senior years.

Take a lot of pictures because those will be the memories that you will hold dear to your heart. Do everything that you can to show them that you care for them and they made an impact on your life.

Spend every waking moment showing them compassion and care when they reach their senior years. Because unfortunately, it comes a lot quicker than you think it will.

Related Questions

What Is The Life Expectancy of Black Pugs? Black Pugs have the same life span as any other color Pug. With proper care and diet, you can expect your pet to live around 12-15 years of age. Some will live longer, Mindy my pet was able to live for 16 years.

How Old Do Pugs Live? As I mentioned above, it all depends on whether or not your Pug has a lot of medical issues. You can do your part on extending pug age span, by ensuring they get the proper nutrition and the right amount of exercise.


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