What Should I Feed My Pug A Look At The Types Of Dog Food

One of the biggest issues that most new dog owners have is “what should I feed my Pug?” Unfortunately, there are literally hundreds of potential diets for Pugs, so we’re going to help you make an informed decision on feeding your Pug.

What To Feed Pugs?

Nutritional requirements will vary by your Pug’s size, age, pregnancy, and overall health. However, you need to ensure your Pug is on a well-balanced diet that contains proteins and complex carbohydrates to help them thrive.

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what should I feed my Pug

This breed loves to eat, so avoid feeding them any food that contains fillers or preservatives.

Don’t worry, I’ve put together a list of dog foods that are perfect for your four-legged friend.

You’ll just need to decide which Pug diet plan works best for your pooch.

Be sure to bookmark this list as I will be updating it with more dog foods for Pugs as I write them.

Pug Diet Recommendations

All kinds of dog foods can be found on the market that are geared towards all life stages.

I’ve put together some of the things to consider when shopping for the best dog food for Pugs especially if your four-legged friend has specific nutritional requirements.

I highly recommend you talk with your veterinarian before making any changes or additions to your Pugs diets.

They will be able to put together the best Pug diet plan for your four-legged friend.

Fresh Cooked Dog Food For Pugs

Pug diet recommendations
Every Pug is different and will need their own special diet.

No pet owner can go wrong with feeding their Pug fresh dog food. In fact, I’ve written a complete review on PetPlate for Pugs because it is a well-balanced diet for dogs regardless of breed.

Be sure to read this article on Fresh Cooked Food for Pugs to see what this dog food consists of and why it can be a great diet for a puppy, adult, or senior Pug.

Not only that, but you’ll receive pre-portioned containers, so you never have to worry whether your overfeeding or underfeeding your pooch.

This is almost like preparing homemade dog food for your dog, except you don’t have to cook it yourself.

Fresh cooked dog food is made with real human-grade ingredients, so you can feel confident you’re not exposing them to any toxic substances.

Best Puppy Food For Pugs

best pug puppy food
Puppies require more nutrients and vitamins than adults.

Puppies have different requirements than an adult or senior dogs. Their growing bodies require a high-quality commercial kibble that is specially formulated for puppies.

This will ensure that they get all the nutrients they need to ensure proper growth and development.

While it is okay to feed your puppy veggies, fruits, and other cooked meats.

Make sure that at least 90% of their diet consists of a puppy formulated dog food.

Here’s a list of the best Puppy food for Pugs that will ensure your pup eats a well-balanced diet.

Food For Overweight Pugs

This breed is prone to being overweight and obesity. If your Pug is starting to get a plump body, then it’s time to consider some weight management dog foods.

Getting a Pug to lose weight is not as when humans try to lose weight. Opt for high-quality food that doesn’t contain any fillers and will make your Pug feel full faster.

To get your Pug to lose weight, you’ll want to decrease their portion size and reducing their calorie intake.

This also means cutting down on the number of snacks and treats you feed them.

Once they reach an optimal weight, you’ll want to stick with a good quality weight management food, especially, if your Pug isn’t quite as active and is prone to weight gain.

Adult Dry Kibble For Pugs

There is literally no shortage of kibble on the market for healthy adult Pugs.

In fact, there are so many brands such as Royal Canin, Purina, Wellness and etc that can be great for your pooch.

I’ve put together a list of the best dry kibble for Pugs that will help you make the right choice for your individual dog.

Wet Dog Food For Pugs

Wet dog food is more palatable for dogs, because of the consistency and flavors. This can be a great option for dogs that are picky eaters, young puppies, and older dogs.

Wet dog food is less processed than dry kibble and contains more water, which is great for dogs that don’t drink enough throughout the day.

Wet dog food can also be used as a topper to ensure that your dog is not consuming a 100% wet dog food diet.

I’ve put together a list of the best wet dog food for Pugs if you’re trying to decide between a wet or dry food diet. 

Dog Food For Pugs With Skin Allergies

While it is rare, some Pugs may develop food allergies throughout their lifetime.

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The easiest way to determine if your Pug has developed a food allergy is to monitor their behavioral habits.

If you notice that your Pug is starting to itch, lick, or sniff they could require a specific diet that is geared towards dogs with allergies.

Most Pugs are not normally allergic to foods that contain chicken, fish, and whole-grain foods like brown rice. Pugs can eat rice, and it is great for tummy issues.

Best Dog Food For Pugs With Sensitive Tummies

If it seems like your dog is dealing with sensitive tummy issues, then it may be time to find out what’s causing the issue.

Just like humans, some dogs are allergic to certain ingredients and certain types of food can easily cause irritation or upset their stomach.

Yes, there are several dog foods on the market for Pugs with sensitive tummies. However, before you can make the switch, you’ll need to determine what’s causing the problem.

It can sometimes be challenging to determine what specific ingredient your dog is allergic to. This is why so many dog owners who deal with this problem are starting to prepare bland meals at home for their dogs. 

It will require time and effort to prepare home-cooked meals for your Pug. So make sure that you have the time and patience to prepare the food in advance. 

I’d also recommend consulting with your veterinarian to ensure that you’re feeding your dog the proper amounts of protein and other nutrients their body requires.

Senior Dog Food For Pugs

senior pug food
As your Pug ages, so does their nutritional requirements.

When your Pug reaches about seven years of age, their nutritional needs may start changing. At this point you’ll want to consider a high-quality senior dog food for Pugs.

At this stage in life, your dog will be less active and will be more likely to gain weight. Mature Pugs may also require higher amounts of protein to help maintain lean body mass, and stay stronger longer.

You may also want to opt for foods that contain a natural source of EPA and glucosamine to help with your canine’s joints and mobility issues.

What Dogs Eat?

Domesticated dogs are meat eaters aka carnivores but won’t mind eating plant-based foods as well.

When shopping for Pug dog food, make sure that it is both complete and balanced for its stage of life, while taking your Pug’s medical conditions in mind.

If you’re unsure if your Pug requires any special dietary needs, you will want to seek veterinary advice. Every dog is a unique individual and may not thrive on the same dog food as the other dogs in your household.

Pugs are prone to several health conditions and therefore may require much higher quality food than some of the other pets in your house.

Should I Switch My Pug’s Diet?

If you’ve spoken to your veterinarian or want to switch your dog’s diet to different dog food, then it’s totally possible to do it. Most pet owners will switch their dog’s food at least once in their lifetime.

When switching your Pug to new dog food, make sure you make the switch gradually. This will avoid any digestive issues or tummy troubles during the process. 

According to AKC, the transition should take 5-7 days, which will give your Pug’s system enough time to adjust to the new dog food. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Feed My Pug? The amount of food your dog needs will depend on the age, size, and activity level of your dog. If you’re feeding your Pug a high-quality dry dog food, you’ll want to start by following the recommended calorie intake guideline the manufacturer provides.

Monito your dog’s eating habits on a regular basis to adjust their daily intake. If you notice your Pug is starting to gain weight, you can reduce their daily allotment.

On the other hand, if they are losing weight, you may want to increase the amount you feed them. Check out this recommended feeding chart for Pugs to help you determine how much to feed your Pug.

How Many Calories Does A Pug Need? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to how many calories to feed a Pug. According to many veterinarians, the best way to determine your dog’s caloric intake needs is to:

Divide your dog’s body weight by some common use multipliers such as whether your dog has been neutered, spayed, activity level and etc.

A full-grown healthy 22 pound Pug will require about 850 calories per day. Of course, this is a ballpark figure and you’ll need to adjust your dog’s calories based on the unique situation. 

Final Take Away

Unfortunately, there is no universal Pug diet that will work. Every dog is unique and therefore will require the right type of Pug dog food to help them thrive.

I’ve put together a list of some of the best dog foods for Pugs, so hopefully, you’ll find one that helps keep your Pug healthy and happy for many years to come.

If you still have questions about feeding your Pug, I’d highly recommend consulting with your veterinarian.

They will be able to help you put together a Pug diet plan that will work best for your newest member of your family!

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