Why Does My Pug Stare At Me? A Look At The Dog Eye Contact

Why does my Pug stare at me? If you’ve been wondering about the Pug staring issues, you’re in the right place. We’re going to take a look at some of the most common reasons that dogs stare at their owners.

A Pug is a loyal dog and once they build a bond with you, you’ll notice that they’ll follow you everywhere and stare at you with their big bulging eyes. This is a clingy breed and there are some things you need to know.

Why Does My Pug Stare At Me?

Dogs stare at their owners to try to understand their movements, voice, and gestures. This helps them understand when you are talking to them or they might get something. (think treats, food)

why does my pug stare at me

If you’ve had your Pug for a while, then you know that they can read your emotions, and know when you’re happy, sad, mad, or just feeling depressed.

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What Dog Eye Contact Means?

When you and your dog stare into each other eyes, it’ releases oxytocin (love hormone), which helps increase the bond between you both.

Dogs stare at their owners in an attempt to communicate visually when trying to receive a treat or food reward.

Watching your dog’s eyes will help you understand what they are feeling. This can also be an indicator that a potential dog fight could be brewing between two dogs.

The great thing is that Pugs are NOT an aggressive breed and get along well with other animals.

Why Is My Pug Staring At Me Is It A Sign of Aggression

my dog stares at me
The Pug stare is real and can make you wonder if they are happy

Unlike other dogs, your Pug’s eye contact does not mean a sign of aggression. Yes, there are certain dog breeds that you don’t want to look directly in the eyes because it’s a sign that you’re ready for a challenge.

However, you don’t have to worry about this with a Pug. They are NOT an aggressive dog and they get along with kids, babies, and other animals, even cats.

If they are constantly staring at you, there’s definitely a reason or maybe they are just trying to communicate love.

What Is My Dog Thinking When He Stares At Me?

Let’s face it dogs love their owners, but when your dog stares at you expectantly, it’s most likely they think they might get something. Some dogs take staring to the extreme like they expect dog treats to fall out of your pocket as they follow you everywhere.

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Why Does My Pug Sit and Stare At Me

Pugs love to eat and it’s not unusual for them to sit and stare at you while you’re eating.

However, a Pug doesn’t necessarily stare at you just for food. It may seem like they are always ready to eat, but there’s a good chance that they are staring at you because they are trying to tell you something.

We’ll take a look at some of the reasons that your Pug stares at you below.

12 Reasons Your Pug Is Staring At You Right Now

why is my dog staring at me
There are several reasons that a dog sits and stares at their owner

I’m Ready to Eat

This breed loves eating and if you let them, they would eat all day and night. It’s not uncommon to find them staring at you in hopes that you’ll give them a treat or to let you know that it’s time for their daily eating schedule. Some dogs will even stand or lie on your feet for no reason at all.

Mindy was like an alarm clock and she knew when it was time to eat. Every day at 6:00 AM and 6:30 PM she would be sitting up in her bed ready for me to feed her.

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I’d Like to Go for a Walk

Pugs enjoy being with their owners and if they’ve gotten accustomed to going for small walks, it won’t be long before they’ll be looking forward to them.

If you find them staring at you during their regular exercise routine, they could be wondering if you’re going to put a harness on them and go for a short walk.

Can You Please Rub My Belly

This dog loves belly rubs and it won’t be long before they’ll be rolling over on their back to let anyone rub their belly.

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Let’s Go for A Car Ride

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve taken them on a car ride? If it’s been a while since you’ve put them in the back seat and taken them on a road trip, they could be telling you they’re ready to go for a road trip.

Mindy used to love going for rides in the car. We even had a blanket that we would put in the back seat to keep it free of dog hair. Whenever she saw this blanket, she knew that she was going for a ride.

Let’s Play With My Toys

If they are the only pet and have no other companions, they might be staring at you to let you know they want to play.

Sometimes you’ll even notice that they get a toy out of their toy basket and sit and stare at you with the toy at their feet. If they feel like they are being ignored, they may start barking or making different noises.

I’m Ready for Bed

Pugs are creatures of habit and if they are used to sleeping the same room or bed as you, they will usually stare at you to let you know they are ready for bed.

Mindy slept on her own Pug pet bed in our bedroom, however, she still refused to go to bed until we called it a night. You may even find your Pug staring at you when you’re sleeping or lying down.

You Look Like You Could Use Attention

they stare at me while I stare at you
They love attention and will stare at you for it.

Dogs can sense how their owners are feeling. They can sense our feel-good hormones such as dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin.

If you’re feeling under the weather, your Pug will want to make you feel better. This is true in virtually all dog breeds.

I Don’t Feel So Good

On the opposite end, your Pug could be trying to tell you that they are not feeling good. Maybe they have an upset stomach or feeling tired? This is common among older Pugs.

This stare will usually be followed by just wanting to lie around and not exert too much energy.

They Need Something

Maybe they need to go outside and potty? Are you late with their daily feeding? It’s not uncommon for your dog to stare at you and even start making noises to let you know that you’re late with their feeding.

They could also be trying to tell you they lost their ball under the couch and you’re the only one who can retrieve it for them.

Your Pug can’t talk to you, so they have to use their various eye expressions to try to communicate with us.

I Love You

Just like we gaze lovingly into our partner’s eyes, your dog will stare into your eyes as a sign of affection. This should be a voluntary behavior, you NEVER want to hold your Pug’s head still and stare into his eyes.

Your dog can take this action as a threat and may not read it as a sign of affection. However, when you’re Pug is staring at you all gooey-eyed, it’s just a sign that he/she loves you.

Anticipation or Desire

Does your Pug stare at you while you’re eating? If so, they are probably expectantly waiting for you to share your food with them, especially, if they know that you’re constantly sharing food with them.

Even if you have never given them human food, they are anxiously waiting for a morsel to fall on the ground. This is no different when dogs hang around small children as they eat, they know if they are patient enough, they will eventually get to eat even if it’s just crumbs.

Wanting Direction

When you’ve trained your dog well, it’s not unusual for a dog to sit and stare at you waiting for a cue. For example, if you’ve just put their food in the dog bowl, they may sit and stare at you to see if it is okay for them to eat.

Your pooch wants to please you. Therefore when your dog just sits and stares, it’s more of a question as to what they should do next.

Final Word On Why Do Pugs Stare At Me?

Pugs are very loyal and affectionate dogs. It may take time to understand what they are trying to tell you. Don’t worry, with time and patience, you’ll learn to read what your pooch is trying to communicate to you.

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Why Does My Pug Stare At Me When He Poops? If you take your dog outside to use the potty, it’s not unusual to find them staring at you while they are defecating. They don’t do it out of embarrassment, but rather, they do it because they think they’ll get something like a treat.

After all, that’s what they used to get when they were first learning the potty training behavior. It’s a learned behavior that never goes away.

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