Why Does My Pug Sit On My Foot And Is It Normal Behavior

Pugs are definitely “people” dogs. They love to be around you! But sometimes it seems like just being around you isn’t enough. Often, my Pugs want to be on me – like literally sitting on my foot! Why do Pugs do this? I decided to investigate this for myself.

Why Does My Pug Sit On My Foot?

If you are caring for your first Pug, you are probably just learning about this wonderful dog breed and why they behave the way they do.

Did you know Pugs were originally bred to entertain emperors and kings? These lively lap dogs are quick to learn tricks and eager to be the center of attention.

why does my Pug sit on my foot

Here, it makes sense that if your Pug thinks you are not paying total attention to them, you may look down to find your Pug sitting on your foot.

By the way, if your Pug dog doesn’t sit on your feet, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean your dog doesn’t love you! Not every Pug sits on their owner’s feet. Pugs are very affectionate dogs and will show their love in unique ways.

5 Other Common Reasons Your Pug May Sit Or Lay On Your Feet

You just learned about the first (and main) reason why your Pug might like to sit on your feet. By doing this, you can’t even move without giving your dog some love and attention.

But there are several other common reasons why Pugs may sit on people’s feet which may give you some helpful insights.

1. Your Pug Feels Anxious or Scared

Pug sitting between my legs
Pugs love being close to their owners, but it could also be a sign of anxiety.

When you feel scared or nervous, it can be very nice to get some company. Some Pugs may do this only rarely, such as when fireworks suddenly start popping.

But other dogs can feel more anxiety or even separation anxiety, and this can cause both you and your Pug a lot of distress.

If you think your Pug is experiencing separation anxiety, I’ve written this separate article I hope you will find helpful.

Not all anxiety is separation anxiety, however. The next time your Pug comes over and plops down on top of one or both feet, stop what you are doing and notice what is going on around you.

Is there a loud noise, like fireworks or loud music or a blaring television? Did you just hear a clap of thunder or see a bolt of lightning? Are you feeling very anxious or afraid yourself for some reason? Did your dog see something scary outside?

These are all environmental clues that can help you decipher your Pug’s behavior and put it into context to learn what your dog may be trying to tell you.

2. Your Pug Thinks You Need Comfort

Pugs are very perceptive dogs. Dogs, in general, have even evolved special facial muscles to better mirror human emotions. And Pugs are wired in every sense of the word to pick up on and respond to your subtle cues, whether those cues are physical or emotional.

The next time your Pug walks over and settles themselves on your feet, check in with yourself and ask yourself how you are feeling. Do you feel a little anxious? Nervous? Lonely? Sad? Angry? Frustrated? Exhausted?

Your Pug might just have noticed this before you did and is coming to provide comfort.

Lucky you!

3. Your Pug Is Communicating To Others About Your Bond

Pug standing on owners feet
It could be that your Pug is just excited and wants to let others know you’re their leader.

Given that Pugs have a long history of literally sitting in the laps of kings and queens and royals, these dogs have likely had to develop a whole arsenal of tricks to keep themselves in the lap of luxury.

As essentially social animals that love being with others (dogs and people), it is only natural your Pug might feel the need to assert their special place in your life and your heart.

This is a way that social animals can let others in their community know that someone is “spoken for.”

Do you notice that your Pug often comes to sit on your feet when there are other people or pets around? Is there one pet or person your Pug seems jealous of? Does your Pug do this behavior more around a particular animal or person?

It can be really interesting to start to notice the moments when your Pug may choose to sit on your feet and realize they may not be random at all. Your Pug may just be using the tools they’ve got to send you and others a very clear message.

4. Guarding You

I know that Pugs are one of the least aggressive breeds, but it doesn’t mean that it isn’t ingrained in them to guard their “pack leader” – that’s you.

Dogs are pack animals and are genetically conditioned to guard their leader and keep them safe from predators. This is why your dog lays close to or sits on your feet.

They want to make sure that nothing happens to you, and they feel safe and protected while being near you.

5. Your Pug Is Cold and Needs Some Body Heat

One more reason my own Pugs have sometimes come to sit on my foot is that they feel chilly. Pugs have very short, thin coats and they are petite pups. This means it is easy for a Pug to get cold.

I always make sure my Pugs are wearing sweaters in the cold season. But sometimes even in the summer the air conditioning can cause drafts and make things too cold for comfort in the house.

If you think your Pug might be chilly, consider picking out a cute little Pug sweater to help your pup warm up.

Final Word On Pug Sitting On Your Feet

It’s completely normal for this breed to sit or lay on your feet. This breed loves their people and once they bond with you, you’ll have a friend for life that follows you wherever you go.

Do you have a Pug that likes to sit on your foot? We love cute Pug stories – please share yours in the comments here.

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