Are Pugs Affectionate And How They Show You Their Love?

If you’re new to owning a Pug, then you may not realize that all dogs can be affectionate and loving like people. It’s easy to think that Pugs don’t have feelings and can’t show signs of affection.

Especially, when you take into consideration that this breed tends to look sad all the time with their bulging eyes. So how can a new Pug owner know when they are trying to tell you they love you? And does my pup fully reciprocate my unconditional, dying love for her?

Are Pugs Affectionate?

Pugs are very affectionate dogs. They love nothing more than lying on their human’s lap and will show their love and affection in many different ways.

are pugs affectionate

If you scroll down, you will see some of the top ways a Pug displays their love.

Do Pugs Love Their Owners?

According to this scientific study, “Not only love us back, but they see us as a part of their family. Dogs rely on their humans more than their own kind for protection, affection, food, and everything in between.”

It’s nice knowing there has been a scientific study done to let us know our dogs love us. But how do we spot the signs that our dogs love us in our everyday life?

It’s not as hard as you think. In fact, if you pay close attention to your Pug’s body language, they show you signs every day if you know what to look for.

Your pooch will even display signs to show they’re happy, as long as you know what to look for.

Are Pugs Cuddly?

Do Pugs love to cuddle? Absolutely, Pugs love to cuddle and will be happiest when they can sleep with you every night. To find out why Pugs love cuddling, read this blog post.

How Does A Pug Show Their Affection & Love?

Your dog does this through behavioral habits and their body language. Here are some of the ways a Pug shows they love you.

1. Following you like a shadow

pugs are clingy
These velcro dogs love to be around their humans as much as possible.

This breed is constantly referred to as “velcro dogs,” and the reason being is that this breed thrives on human companionship. Once they bond with you, your pup will follow you around everywhere you go.

You’ll have to start getting used to looking down at your feet before you turn around, otherwise, they’ll trip you or you’ll step on their paws. Your Pug will become your shadow, wherever you go, they will be right beside you or under your legs.

Pugs can become overly attached to their owners, which is one of the main reasons they are prone to separation anxiety.

Tip: For details on how to leave your Pug home without causing stress or anxiety, I’ve written a guide on how long can Pugs be left alone. Like any other breed, these dogs will be fine when you’re away at work, running errands and etc.

2. Constantly stares at you

Pugs show affection by making eye contact
Consistent eye contact is a dog’s way of showing affection.

When a Pug makes eye contact, it’s a sign of trust and affection. If your Pug makes eye contact on a regular basis, they are displaying a high degree of attachment.

When you and your Pug stare at each other, both of your brains release oxytocin, which is the same hormone that helps mothers bond with their babies.

Note: Not all dog eye contact is a sign of affection. If you meet a nervous dog or one you don’t know, avoid direct eye contact, as it is a form of threatening behavior.

3. Wagging their curly tail

All dogs will wag their tails, in fact, it’s one of the well-known indicators of love and affection. But what about Pugs, can they wag their curly tails?

They absolutely can and when they become overly excited, they’re backside will sway from side to side. It’s really cute when you see their hips swaying side to side.

4. Rolling over on their back

pug exposing their belly
A belly is a dog’s most vulnerable part, and will only expose it when they feel safe.

Pugs love belly rubs and when they roll over and expose their belly to you, it’s a sign of trust. Some dogs will only roll over when you’re already petting them or showing them affection.

My Pug used to come up to me and would roll over on her back so I could rub and scratch her belly. When your pup does this, take it as a compliment, because they feel safe enough to expose their most vulnerable parts.

5. Leaning against you

One of the ways Pugs show affection is they’ll lean their entire body weight against you. Some will lean up against your legs, or sit right beside you. Either way, the weight of their body is leaned up against you, which is a sign of complete trust. This behavior is kind of like when you give your loved one a full-body hug.

My Pug used to lean up against me and rest her chin on my arm or my leg.

6. Sloppy kisses on your face, feet, hands

Pugs show affection by kissing
Canines show affection by kissing or licking you on the face, hands, legs and etc.

One of the biggest ways Pugs show their affection is through big sloppy kisses. Most people will train their dog to stop licking because they don’t enjoy the slobber, or they don’t want their dog jumping up and licking their face or mouth.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind those doggie kisses, then you want to make sure you’re brushing their teeth on a regular basis. Pugs have a tendency to have smelly breath.

7. Bringing you toys

When your Pug brings you their favorite toy, it isn’t always because they want you to play with them. It can also be because they see you as the pack leader and she’s giving you his favorite possession in hopes that you’ll like it as much as she does.

8. Jumping Up

While most people train their dog not to jump on people. Jumping is also a sign of affection. When Fido sees you after you’ve been gone for a while, it’s normal for them to become overly excited and want to jump up and get as close to your face as possible.

This form of jumping is their way of saying, I’m so happy to see you can I give you a kiss? I know most people are annoyed when their dog jumps on them, but it’s important to remember that your dog is just excited to see you and is trying to show you how much they care.

9. Sighing

Have you ever noticed when your dog lies next to you, they let out a long happy sigh? These soft extended exhales or groans are signs that your dog is feeling relaxed.

It’s no different than when you sit down on the couch and let out a long sigh of relief.

That being said, deep and frequent sighing can be a sign that your pet is in pain or suffering from illness.

10. Nudging you

Pugs crave attention and if they are not getting enough, they will nudge their owners with their nose. My dog used to nudge my arm when I was sitting on the floor and would keep nudging softly until I would pay attention and rub her.

She would also nudge my hand when I would stop petting, hoping that it would get me to keep rubbing.

If you find your Pug giving you a soft nudge with their nose as soon as you come home, it is a way of them greeting you and telling you they missed you.

11. Naps with or around you

pug sleeping with their owner
Your Pug will want to sleep with or around you to show their affection.

It’s normal to buy a dog bed for your Pug, so they have a safe secure place to sleep. However, when your Pug becomes attached to you, they will prefer to sleep in the same room or even share the bed with you.

Pugs are clingy dogs and once you let them sleep with you, they will want to sleep with you every night. They will even avoid going to sleep until you’re ready to call it a night.

If your Pug finds it easy to nod off easily while they’re laying close to you, it’s not only a sign of trust, but it means that they feel completely safe being around you.

13. Facial Expressions

Pugs are sensitive to your feelings and will know when you’re happy, mad, or sad. Scientific studies have shown that canines can read human emotions by looking at our facial expressions.

Just like you and I, dogs have a facial expression when they are feeling happy and lovingly. Dogs that feel connected to you, you’ll notice their left eyebrow will raise more than the right one when they see you.

Final Word On Does My Pug Love Me?

Mindy my black Pug showed me love every day. When you get a Pug, be ready to give lots of cuddles, hugs, belly rubs and other forms of affection.

Pugs are extremely loveable dogs, but it’s important to remember they are not easy dogs. They have a stubborn side to them.

Getting a new puppy can be a difficult decision, should you get a puppy or full-grown dog? What’s the difference between males and females?

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