Pug Proofing: How to Pug Proof Your Home The Right Way

Congratulations on your new Pug Puppy! Before you bring your new puppy home, it’s important to spend time Pug proofing your home. In today’s article, we’re going to take a look at how to Pug proof your home and make it as safe as possible for your new puppy.

How to Pug Proof Your Home

Proofing your home basically means removing small items from the floor, placing electrical cords out of their reach, or wrapping them up in cord protectors. Picking up all items such as shoes, clothing, or any other objects that can be a temptation for chewing off the ground.

You may also want to consider putting childproof locks on lower cabinets if your Pug seems interested in opening them up.

pug proofing

Like babies and toddlers, you’ll want to make sure that your home for Pug, no matter how old they are. This means you’ll want to put away all the things that can be harmful to your newest member of your family.

Dogs, especially puppies have a tendency to put chew or put all kinds of objects into their mouths. They are tempted to chew on pretty much any item they can reach.

This can lead to toxic poisoning, choking or accidentally swallowing harmful objects.

Bringing Your Puppy Home: Pug Proofing Checklist

how to pug proof your home
Simple tips on how to pug proof your home

Childproof DOES NOT mean pet-proof. This list doesn’t include the supplies you’ll need for your new puppy. Yes, as a pet owner, you’ll need some basic essentials for your Pug puppy.

The following are things you want to do to create a safe environment for your Pug Puppy or dog.

  1. Keep your trash under wraps.
  2. Cleaning Supplies Are Toxic.
  3. Create a safe dog or puppy space.
  4. Cover and contain cords.
  5. Watch out for poisonous house plants.
  6. Set boundaries.
  7. Keep Medications In A Safe Place.
  8. Pick Up Your Clothing.
  9. Pick Up All Small Objects.
  10. Don’t Forget The Cat Litter.
  11. Dog Proofing Couch.

#1 Keep Your Trash Under Wraps

Both dogs and puppies love getting into the trash, especially, if it stinks. What smells bad to us, will make them excited about tearing into it. Bathroom trash can be extremely dangerous for canines because it may contain sharp razor blades, used dental floss, and other life-threatening objects for dogs.

The kitchen trash contains scraps of food that can be toxic to dogs. Make sure that you keep your trash in a secure trash can that won’t open if knocked over. If possible, keep your trash cans in an elevated spot your Pug can’t reach.

2. Cleaning Supplies Are Toxic

The chemicals you use to clean your home are toxic to all animals and people. Make sure you keep them in an enclosed area your Pug can’t reach. If you store them in a cabinet under the sink, I’d recommend putting some child safety locks on your cabinet to prevent your puppy from opening the doors.

#3 Create A Safe Dog Or Puppy Space

Whether you use a crate, playpen, or just put their bed in a cozy little spot in your den, your pooch deserves a “safe space” they can spend time in, especially, when you’re not home. We recommend using a playpen like this, which will keep them safe while playing if you’re too busy to keep an eye on them.

#4 Cover and Contain Cords

Electrical cords, wires, and outlets can be extremely tempting to a new puppy. They love chewing on electrical cords, headphone wires, earbuds, or anything that has a cord dangling.

Before bringing home a new Pug puppy, make sure you keep wires protected, you can use a spiral cable wrap, cord concealer or use PVC pipe to keep your new dog from chewing on electrical cords.

#5 Watch Out For Poisonous House Plants

Like babies, puppies tend to put anything and everything into their mouths. There are several plants such as Azalea, Cyclamen, and etc that are known to be dangerous to pets and can result in organ failure, diarrhea, or diarrhea.

Make sure you research all your household plants and find out if they are harmful to dogs. I’ve put together a list of some of the most common plants poisonous to Pugs.

#6 Set Boundaries

Puppies are curious little creatures and if you let them, they will explore every crook and crevice in your home. Set up baby gates or pens and close off any areas of your home where you don’t want them exploring.

We would put up a baby gate for Mindy to prevent her from climbing to the second floor of the house or from going into the kitchen.

#7 Keep Medications In A Safe Place

According to the Animal Poison Control Center, nearly 50% of all the calls they receive on their helpline involves pet poisoning by human medications, both over the counter and prescription types.

Keep all your medications, supplements, and vitamins away from Fido. This means cleaning up your nightstand and countertops. Place all your medication inside cabinets and drawers away from your pooch.

Keep your pet medications in their own space safely away from your human medications. When dispensing pills or liquids, make sure you’re doing it over a sink to prevent any spills on the floor your dog finds.

#8 Pick Up Your Clothing

Article clothing such as caps, shoes, clothes and even mats can be dangerous if chewed or swallowed. They can cause damage to their teeth. If swallowed, they can disrupt Pug’s digestive system and be a harmful choking device.

#9 Pick Up All Small Objects

You’ll be surprised at what a puppy will find. I still remember the day Mindy had a button in her mouth, she was chewing on something and when we finally got it loose, we had no idea where she found it.

Make sure you pick up any small objects your Pug can get its paws on. Small objects can cause your dog to choke if swallowed.

#10 Don’t Forget The Cat Litter

It’s gross, but dogs are known for eating their own poop, but they love exploring the kitty litter. Cat litter can cause problems for your pooch if ingested. If your cat has any health issues, it can be passed on to your pup.

Keep your cat litter in an area your dog cannot access. We recommend using a baby gate and block off the room where you keep the cat litter. Your cat will still be able to access the room, but jumping over the gate or going under.

#11 Dog Proofing Couch

When you get a dog, you have to decide if they’ll be allowed to get on the furniture. Every pet parent is different and you can do what’s best for you.

We let Mindy on the couch when she was a puppy, but as she grew, we didn’t allow it. Pugs tend to shed a lot, and I was tired of always having dog hair on the furniture whenever I had company.

If you want to let your dog on the couch, then you may want to get some furniture slip cover throws to protect your couch from dog hair. This will also protect your couch doggie slobber, if your Pug licks the couch

You can cut down on your Pug’s shedding by ensuring that you groom them properly.

Long Term Changes to Pug Proof Your Home

The above changes should be made before bringing your puppy home. However, as a pet owner, you’ll realize that you’ll need to continue making your home a safe environment for your Pug.

Here are a few more things you’ll need to do to ensure that your pet stays safe and healthy while living in their new home.

Train Your Family Members

Everyone in the household needs to be on the same page when it comes to what is allowed for your newest member of the family. If you don’t want your Pug on the furniture, then no one should let your dog on the furniture.

Everyone needs to learn how to pick up toys, clothing, or any objects off the floor. Teach your kids NOT to feed your Pug human scraps. While it’s okay for Pugs to eat some human food, it teaches your dog how to beg and may also make them sick if fed the wrong types of food.

Use Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

There are many household products that are dangerous to all kinds of animals. As a pet owner, you should consider changing out your harmful cleaning supplies to pet-friendly cleaning supplies.

It may take some time to implement and it will cost money. However, you’ll feel much better knowing that your Pug won’t get sick if they lick the furniture or the floors you just cleaned.

Training Your Puppy

As soon as you bring your puppy home, it’s time to start training them. This will help them understand what you expect of them. I’ve written an article to help you train your Pug puppy.

Final Word About How to Pug Proof Your Home

These small changes will make a huge difference in your Pug’s health and lifestyle. Making small changes to your home environment can cut down on vet-visits, and any unnecessary illnesses and accidents.

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