Do Pugs Bark A Lot And How to Stop The Behavior

Have you ever wondered “do pugs bark?” If you’re thinking about getting a new pet for the family, there’s a chance that you don’t want a dog that is too loud and constantly barking. We’re going to take a look at the barking behaviors of the pug.

Do Pugs Bark?

The truth is that they do bark, but usually not a lot. They are generally very quiet dogs and when they do bark, it may sound like a yodel (Mindy had a dove sound). They also make some small “yip” sounds when they get overly excited.

The great thing is that you can learn how to discipline a Pug and instill new behaviors you approve of, it’s just going to take some time. 

do pugs bark

Why Do Dogs Bark?

All dogs make some type of sound such as barking, whining, growling, and howling as a form of communication. A canine will bark for a number of reasons which include:

  • Intruders or strangers
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Wanting to play
  • A warning sign of danger
  • Curiosity

All of these reasons do NOT tend to result in annoying or excessive barking. Usually, the barking episode is short-lived, because it is due to a specific reason.

Once you pay attention or acknowledge your dog, they will usually stop barking. There’s only a need for concern or training if the barking doesn’t stop and becomes a problem. I’ll share some tips to help you out with their excessive barking problems below.

When Do Pugs Bark?

Pugs are not like other dogs, they are NOT guard dogs. Yes, they may alert you if someone stops by your house, but don’t expect them to act as guard dogs.

Pugs will bark for a variety of reasons that may be different than other breeds and some of the reason may include:

  • Some pugs will bark at the vacuum cleaner. (Mindy was scared of it)
  • When pugs want to go outside.
  • Pugs may bark when left alone.
  • When they are happy.
  • Pugs may bark at nothing.
  • Some pugs may bark at anything and everything.
  • When someone rings the doorbell or knocks on the door.
  • When they are hungry, they can get quite demanding if you don’t feed them!

There’s also a good chance you won’t have to worry about your pug biting you or showing signs of aggression.

What Does A Pugs Bark Sound Like When Barking At Nothing?

I wish I had a video of Mindy my black pug barking, but I don’t. Unfortunately, I never really took a lot of videos of her, but I have several pics.

When she barked, she sounded like a dove. We trained her not to bark when she was a baby and therefore she never really learned how to bark like a regular dog.

However, I wanted to share a video of what pugs can sound like when they are barking at nothing.

These are adult dogs and have an adult bark. If you’ve ever heard a pug puppy barking, then you know that it sounds really cute.

When Do Pugs Start to Bark?

Canine vocalizations usually begin around 2 to 3 weeks of age, after the puppy’s eyes and ears are opened. Some breeds will wait until they are 16 weeks old before they start barking.

Every dog is unique and some will be more communicative than others. Don’t be surprised if your dog chooses to be relatively quiet.

As I mentioned above, pugs are generally a quiet breed. Mindy NEVER barked, she was an extremely quiet dog.

Why Pugs Bark?

As I mentioned above, dogs bark as a form of communication. Just like you and I will talk when we have something to say, they will bark to communicate their wants, needs, or desires.

Attention seeking – Pugs love attention and if you ignore them, they will let you know.

Boredom – They require at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. They can be telling you that they need more playtime. These playpens are perfect if you don’t have time to take Fido for a walk.

Happy/Excited – Some pugs will bark when they get excited, and some will make a “yip” sound that is so cute. Pugs can get extremely excited when their owners get home, even if you’ve only been gone an hour.

Protective/Territorial – If you haven’t properly socialized your pug, they can show bark when someone enters your space. Pugs are extremely loyal to their owners and their main goal in life is to make you happy.

Hungry – If you feed them at the same time on a daily basis, they will let you know that it’s time to eat. They are extremely boisterous when it’s time to eat.

Do Black Pugs Bark?

Yes, they can bark as much and as loud as the fawn ones. In fact, regardless of what color of pug you have, don’t be surprised to hear it bark.

How to Stop A Pug Barking?

how to stop a pug barking
Tips to help you stop excessive pug barking.

Some people will say that you shouldn’t stop a dog from barking, because that’s how they communicate. However, we stopped Mindy from barking.

We got her as a puppy and whenever we heard her start barking while she was playing, we would tell her to stop. I was working third shift at the time and I didn’t want a dog that barked excessively.

Yes, you can stop a pug from barking.

However, you need to start at an early age. If you adopt an older pug and they already have their set habits and behaviors, it may be harder to get them to stop completely, as we did with Mindy.

However, there are still some things that you can do to ensure they don’t bark excessively and bother your neighbors. Here are some tips to help you make your pug quieter that is sure to work.

What’s causing them to bark? This will help you determine how to handle the situation.

For example: when we were training Mindy to stop barking, we knew she usually barked whenever we were playing with her. Whenever she barked, we would tell her to stop. With consistent training, she eventually learned that we didn’t want her barking.

Be Consistent: Whenever you hear Fido barking, be consistent with your vocal commands and hand signals. They won’t understand what you’re trying to tell them, but with consistency, they will learn. Regardless of whether you’re teaching your pooch to sit, stay, or lay down, you need to be consistent.

Reward them: When they stop barking, give them a treat or praise for stopping the bad behavior. Pugs love food and eventually, they will realize that NOT barking means treats.

Whatever you do, keep training them, they aren’t the easiest dogs to train. However, with persistence and patience, you will start to notice that they bark less and less.

They may not necessarily stop and develop a small dove cry like Mindy. But if you can stop them from barking at loud sounds, animals on the TV, or just barking at the wind, then you’ll both be happier.

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