Why Are Pugs So Popular And Why People Love This Breed

Have you ever wondered “why are Pugs so popular?” They are NOT the prettiest dogs around and they do have common health problems. Yet, so many people love Pugs and I happen to be one of them. I had my black pug for 16 years and just having Mindy in my life changed my life.

Why Are Pugs So Popular?

According to the American Dog Kennel Club (AKC) Pugs are ranked #28th among the most popular dog breeds. People tend to love this canine because of their good looks and unmistakable charm. These toy dogs are extremely loyal and affectionate and are the true meaning of unconditional love.

9 Reasons Why People Love Pugs

If you’ve ever had a Pug, then you know they make great pets for anyone. However, if you’re still trying to decide if it’s the right dog for you, then this is why they make great pets.

why are pugs so popular

Once you get one, you’ll understand why so many people adore them, even though they have wrinkles and smell bad.

#1 Pugs Are Different

They are considered a toy dog, but they possess all the qualities of a big dog. They love riding in cars and love traveling, yet they are small enough to live in any type of house or apartment. The old age Latin expression “Multum in parvo” has become their motto. It means, “A lot in a little package.”

#2 They Are Affectionate

Once your dog bonds with you, they will become your constant companion. You’ll have a shadow for life, or at least during the lifespan of your pug. They’ll follow you around where ever you go, eventually, you won’t even have to keep them on a harness. (as long as they are properly trained.)

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Wherever you do, your furry companion will be right there with you. They make great couch potato buddies, especially, if you let them lay on your lap. You’ll NEVER be cold during the winter nights, they are great bed-warmers. Just know they snore louder than an old man.

Pugs attach themselves to one person and this becomes their core family, they will shower you with undying love and adoration.

#3 Pugs Are Funny

They are often referred to as the “clowns of the dog world.” They have unique quirky personalities that you’ll absolutely love.

This breed loves attention and they love being the life of the party. Puppies are extremely playful and they are sure to make you laugh and provide you with some amusing entertainment.

#4 Their Grace and Elegance Is Sought After Royalty

Pugs come from a long line of royalty. They’re older than Jesus, current theories say they existed in China before 400 BCE. They were once considered royalty and Buddhist monks raised them as pets in Buddhist monasteries.

These pooches lived in palaces and even had their own royal guards. I’ve written an in-depth article about some pug facts.

#5 They Are Sensitive

This breed does not do well with harsh tones or negative reinforcement training. They are intelligent dogs that are attuned to your feelings.

Some people think they are hard to train, which is untrue. This breed can be trained just like any other dog.

#6 Pugs Love Kids

Pugs love everyone, from the UPS man to the dog next door. They don’t bite and do well with toddlers, seniors, cats, and any other living person or animal.

If you take the time to socialize them, they’ll never meet a stranger. When they do meet someone new, they will want them to pet them or rub their belly.

#7 They Make The Weirdest Noises

This is a brachycephalic dog breed, which means they have a broad, short skull, they will make some weird snorting, reverse sneezing and will have trouble breathing.

A puppy won’t make a ton of noises, but as they get older, you’ll notice the more noises they make.

#8 Pugs Listen to You

No one will ever look at you or give listen to you the way they do. When you talk to them, you’ll notice they’ll tilt their heads as they listen to you intently.

It’s so cute and it will have you wondering if they are actually understanding what you’re talking about. Yes, you can tell them about your problems and they won’t tell anyone.

#9 They Are Extremely Loyal

Unlike people who can stab you in the back. Your pug will be your best friend and will give you unconditional love to the end.

Pug Care Facts You Need to Know About

Now that we’ve taken a look at why people love pugs. As a pet owner, you need to understand that every dog breed comes with its own set of health problems. Pugs are no different, especially, since they are a brachycephalic breed.

These dogs are not as high maintenance as Poodles. However, they do require regular grooming and proper health care. This breed is known to gain weight easily and it’s important to provide them with at least 30 minutes of daily exercise.

I’ve put together some articles you may want to read to learn more about caring for a pug.

When Should I Spay My Pug?

Common Pug Health Issues

5 Common Pug Skin Problems

Pugs make great pets for anyone who is ready to become a responsible pet owner. Once you own one, you’ll understand why they have become so popular.

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  1. I am on my third pug, 8 month old Lollipop! I got her at PugDowns in Glen Rock Wyoming and she is the best! A loving bed warmer, full of personality and helped me get through losing my 15.2 year old Coco.
    Pugs are smart, ,stubborn and curious! Magical little creatures!

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