When Should I Spay My Pug Everything You Need to Know

When should I spay my pug? Making the decision for pug spaying can be a difficult decision. However, every pet owner should realize the importance of it and what it consists of. It’s one of the easiest ways to avoid undesired pregnancy and cut her chances of cancer.

When Should I Spay My Pug?

Pugs can be spayed as soon as they reach 8 weeks of age. You should get your female dog spayed before they go into their first heat cycle. Remember, there is no such thing as neutering a female pug, neutering pertains to fixing a male pug.

We’ll talk more about spaying your pug later as well as what happens to her afterward. Read this article if you suspect your Pug is pregnant.

when should I spay my pug

But first, let’s look at the two types of procedures and what they entail.

Pug Spaying What It Actually Entails

Spaying a dog removes the dog’s reproductive organs. It entails a surgical operation that entails removing both the uterus and the ovaries through an incision in the abdomen. This surgery will have to be performed under general anesthesia, by a veterinarian.

There are two ways to spay a female dog, and they are:

  • Ovariectomy

The most common surgical procedure that is utilized in the United States is the ovariohysterectomy (OVE). This involves removing both the ovaries and the uterus.

In other countries, besides the United States, an ovariectomy (OVH) is the preferred method, in which only the ovaries are removed, the uterus is left in the belly.

Why The Uterus Is Removed In The United States

Veterinarians in the United States remove the uterus because this removes any complications of future diseases that can be related to the uterus. European countries have been using the ovariectomy method for decades and have not reported any increase in diseases of the uterus.

When it comes time to spay your pug, you can talk to your veterinary about which procedure is best for your dog. Make sure you talk to them before your Pug goes into heat, to avoid any health issues.

Now let’s look at the cost of this procedure.

Costs of Spaying A Female Pug

The costs will vary from city to city and where you get your dog fixed at. Here are some of the prices that I found online and when I called my local vet.

  • Humane Society or Low-Cost Clinic: $45 to $135 (an uncomplicated surgery)
  • Humane Society or Low-Cost Clinic: $50 to $175 (complicated surgery)
  • Local Vet in Rural County where I live: starts at $125 for an uncomplicated process and $12 for pain meds the pup will require. They also require certain vaccinations, so you’ll need to ask beforehand. (I called and got the quote)

While these prices will vary, they are about the average you can expect to pay when getting your dog spayed.

Cost for Spaying A Pug In Heat

While a dog can be spayed while in heat, most of them will wait until the heat cycle has finished reducing the potential for complications.

Spaying a pug in heat will be more complicated because she is prone to more bleeding. If you find a veterinarian who does fix the dog while in heat, you can expect to pay around $25 more than the regular cost.

Cost for Spaying an Obese Pug

Spaying a dog that is obese will cost about $25 – $50 extra depending on how much complications they run into.

Cost for Spaying a Pregnant Pug

Many veterinarians will perform the procedure on a pregnant canine. The procedure will terminate the pregnancy, as it involves removing her reproductive organs.

This procedure is more complicated and can range from $175 – $300 or more. The cost will usually be around $50 – $125 dollars more than the regular cost of spaying a dog.

Finding Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Programs

There are several businesses like Petsmart, Petco, and veterinarian clinics that will provide you with vouchers or access to low-cost spay/neuter programs and clinics.

The prices will vary widely, even in the same city. When you discuss the prices, ask whether there are other charges or fees in addition to the spay/neuter.

Regardless of the price, the benefits outweigh the price. That’s why I’ve put together a list of all the low-cost programs by state. All you have to do is find the state you reside in and click on it.

Low Cost or Free Spay/Neuter Programs

StateAddress and PhoneWebsiteType of Animal
AlabamaBaldwin County Humane Society
Baldwin County AL
Not ProvidedFor all pets
AlaskaAlaska SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic
549 West International Airport Road #B-2
Anchorage, AK 99518
www.alaskaspca.orgCall for information first.
ArizonaAnimal Crusaders of Arizona, Inc.
PO Box 31586
Tucson, AZ 85751
N/ALow cost spay/neuter for low income people.
ArkansasHumane Society of the Ozarks
413 N. College, Suite 7
Fayetteville, AR 72701
N/ACall for more information
CaliforniaLos Angeles Animal Services
Los Angeles, CA
N/AFree spay/neuter for low-income and senior citizens of 62 years of age or older.
ColoradoHumane Society of Boulder Valley
2323 55th Street
Boulder, CO
303-442-4030 ext 680
N/AClinic available for all
ConnecticutHelp For Pets
Danbury, CT
N/AClinic available for all pets
DelawareDelaware Humane Association
701 A Street
Wilmington, DE 19801
N/ACall for information
FloridaHumane Society of Greater Miami
Miami FL
N/ACall for more information and other offices
GeorgiaSpay and Neuter Team of Atlanta
Marietta, GA
www.spay-neuterteam.comContact during business hours
HawaiiHawaiian Humane Society
2700 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu HI 96826
FAX 955-6034
www.hawaiianhumane.orgFor ferals and pet cats
IdahoPAWS for Life Inc
Boise ID
N/AFor local residents in financial need
IllinoisKnox County Humane Society
1855 Windish Drive
Galesburg, IL 61401
www.misslink.net/kchsReceive a discount certificate to use at participating veterinary clinics.
IndianaSpay/Neuter Assistance Program
Fort Wayne, IN
N/AAvailable for low income residents of Allen County.
IowaHumane Society of Scott County
2134 West River Drive
Davenport, IA 52802
N/ACall to find other offices in your area.
KansasHumane Society of Greater Kansas City
Kansas City, KS
N/ACall during business hours.
KentuckySave the Animals Foundation
Lebanon KY
N/ACall during business hours.
LouisianaSpay/Neuter Intervention Program (SNIP)
St. Bernard Parish Animal Shelter
115 W. Agriculture Road
Chalmette, LA 70043
www.sbanimal.homestead.comCall or visit their website
MaineHumane Society-Waterville Area
Waterville ME
N/AAssistance for qualifying residents of central Maine.
MarylandMontgomery County Humane Society
Rockville, MD
N/AOffers Discounts
MassachusettsNeponset Valley Humane Society
Norwood/Mansfield, MA
www.nvhumanesociety.orgcall for the local Humane Society in your area
MichiganHumane Society of Huron Valley
Ann Arbor, MI
N/ACall for the closest office in your area.
MinnesotaSpay, Neuter, Aid Program (SNAP)
Contented Critters
PO Box 385
Makinen, MN 55763
N/AOffers low cost spay/neuter for pets.
MississippiMississippi Animal Rescue League
Jackson, MS
N/AMust qualify for the services
MissouriCentral Missouri Humane Society
616 Big Bear Blvd
Columbia, MO
N/ALow Cost spay/neuter for qualified individuals
MontanaNorthwest Montana Humane Society
PO Box 221
Kalispell, MT 59903
N/AOffers discount vouchers (must call)
NebraskaHearts United for Animals
PO Box 286
Auburn, NE 68305
N/ACertificates for low income
NevadaLas Vegas Valley Humane Society
Las Vegas NV
www.lvvhumane.orgCall for the nearest office near you.
New HampshireN.H. Spay Line
Toll Free 1-800-990-SPAY
N/AProgram helps residents of N.H. find low cost spay/neuter programs.
New JerseyMonmouth County SPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic
260 Wall Street
Eatontown, NJ 07724
N/AOffers low cost vaccines, flea products, and spay/neuter services.
New MexicoHumane Society of Otero County
PO Box 686
La Luz, NM 88330
N/AContact for more information.
North CarolinaHumane Society of Charlotte
2646 Toomey Avenue
Charlotte, NC
N/ACall to find a Humane Society or clinic in your area.
North DakotaCentral Dakota Humane Society
Spay/Neuter Assistance Program
Bismarck-Mandan area ND
N/AOffers discount vouchers (call first)
OhioHumane Society & Spay Neuter
4920 State Route 37 E
Delaware, OH 43015
N/ACall to find a local office near you.
Oklahomaets & People Humane Society
Oklahoma City, OK
N/ACall for more information
OregonHumane Society of the Willamette Valley
PO Box 13005
Salem, OR 97309
503-585-5900 ext 308
N/ACall for more information
PennsylvaniaHumane League of Lancaster County
Lancaster, PA
N/ACall for office locations near you.
Rhode IslandSpay/neuter assistance program
R.I. Veterinary Medical Association
N/AContact them for more information.
South CarolinaGrand Strand Humane Society S-N Clinic
Myrtle Beach SC
N/AContact them for more information.
South Dakotanimal Friends Humane Society
Prevent A Litter (PAL)
Rapid City SD
N/AOffice is maintained by funds and donations, so be sure to contact them first.
TennesseeHumane Society of Greater Sullivan County
Kingsport TN
N/AContact them for more office locations near you.
TexasBrown County Humane Society
Brownwood TX 76801
N/ASpays and neuters 15 animals per month.
UtahHumane Society of Utah
PO Box 573659
Murray, UT 84157
801-261-2919 ext 214
N/AContact them for an office near you.
VermontElizabeth H. Brown Humane Society
c/o Ann Kimball
St. Johnsbury, VT
N/AContact them for a location near you.
VirginiaPeople United for Animals PUFA
PO Box 1082
Bristol TN 37621
N/AServing the VA/TN residents.
WashingtonHumane Society of Seattle/King County
13212 SE Eastgate Way
Bellevue, WA 98005
N/ACall for a location near you.
West VirginiaMonongalia County Humane Society
Morgantown WV
N/AContact them for information and more office locations.
WisconsonHumane Animal Welfare Society
Waukesha WI
N/AContact them for more information.
WyomingPet Pals Inc.
HC 76, Box 58
Hawk Springs, WY 82217
www.petpalsinc.orgContact them for more information.

You may have to call around to find a low cost or human society in your specific town. However, this will give you a good head start to help you find a low-cost/no-cost service in your state.

If you can’t find a clinic in your area, then visit the Humane Society of the United States to find an affordable spay or neuter clinic.

Spaying female pugs should be considered one of the costs of having a pet. Read this article to find out how much a pug costs, expenses every pet owner should consider.

If you don’t qualify for these low-cost services, then you definitely should check out the best pug insurance to help you with their medical costs.

Best Age to Spay A Female Pug?

As I mentioned above, as soon as your pug puppy turns 8 weeks old, you can get her spayed. It’s best to do it while they are young because their recovery time will be less.

Speaking of recovery, you will need to take some steps to keep your dog comfortable after being spayed or neutered.

Recovery Treatment Care Tips

  • Keep your pug inside and away from other animals while recovering from surgery.
  • Avoid jumping, and running for at least two weeks after the surgery. (your vet will tell you how long)
  • Use A recovery cone, this keeps your dog from licking or biting their incision.
  • Avoid bathing your pug for at least 10 days post-surgery.
  • Keep an eye on them and if you notice any signs of vomiting, diarrhea, or eating less, be sure to contact your vet.

Your veterinarian will inform you of the best treatment for pain and how to keep your pug comfortable while they recover.

When I got Mindy spayed when she was a pup, the procedure went smoothly. Since she was so young, we didn’t encounter any complications, so hopefully, you won’t either.

Here is some post-operative advice after your canine spay surgery.

What Are the Risks?

Unfortunately, with any surgery, it is normal to be concerned about the risks. However, most veterinarians will agree that the benefits of spaying outweigh the risks.

Urinary Incontinence

20% of spayed dogs will develop incontinence during their life, this usually happens during their senior years. However, some dogs can develop this shortly after the procedure.

Surgical Complications

With both spaying and neutering, surgical complications are not uncommon. All surgeries carry risk and while they are NOT common, it’s still a factor you need to take into consideration.

Will Spaying Change My Pugs Personality?

Spaying female pugs can change your dog’s personality, but for the better. They will still be the same loving “clown” it always was. She will also have the same habits.

However, once they are spayed, you won’t have to worry about her running away anymore. Which will make managing her a lot easier.

You’ll feel good that you’ve cut her chances of getting mammary cancer or other reproductive cancers by 70%.

Will Spaying My Pug Cause Her to Get Fat?

Most people tend to believe that spaying a dog can make her gain weight. However, females that are spayed do not risk weight gain. As long as you continue to feed them a well-balanced diet and continue to exercise on a regular basis once they recover from the surgery.

If a pug is inactive, they risk weight gain whether they have been spayed or neutered. These playpen for pugs are a great way to keep your pug active when you don’t have time to take them for a walk.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spaying A Pug

When should a female pug be spayed? Anytime after eight weeks of age, and preferably before their first heat cycle. This will provide the best chances for an easier recovery and fewer complications during surgery.

Should I get my pug spayed? Spaying a female pug reduces the chances of pregnancy and other cancers. This improves their chances of having a longer, healthier life.

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