How Much Do Pugs Cost Pet Expenses You Need to Think About

How much do Pugs cost? I neglected to look this information up when I got Mindy my black Pug and there were times when I was sticker shocked at how much it cost to own a dog. Today, I’ll be sharing some of the things every pet owner should consider whether you’re getting a Pug or a different canine breed.

Buying A Pug Puppy

I purchased Mindy when she was 6 weeks old. We found her from a newspaper ad and paid the breeder $300. A well-bred Pug, one that is destined to become a show champion can cost you anywhere from $1,500 – $2,000.

The costs of the Pug will vary from many factors, such as the quality of the dog’s pedigree, where you purchase the dog, and the different health tests that the breeder has performed on the parents.

how much do pugs cost

The average litter size for Pugs is 4-6 puppies, and sometimes require c-sections, which require the breeder to spend a lot of money on the new pups.

Pugs are known to suffer from Hemivertebra (an interference or incomplete connection of the spinal column). This condition can cause issues when trying to breed a Pug. This condition makes it challenging to breed Pugs, according to Breeding Business.

I purchased Mindy my black Pug from a newspaper ad and the breeder sold her to me too early. When I took her to the vet, I was told that she shouldn’t have been sold yet. Yet, she was in our lives for 16 years.

I’ve had friends who purchased pure-bred Pugs that were destined to become show champions and they didn’t live that long.

You’ll never know if the puppy you buy at 12 weeks of age will develop health issues later in life.

Read this to find out about a male vs female pug to find out which gender is the right one for you.

Adopting An Older Pug

adopting a pug

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of potty training you may want to consider rescuing an older Pug.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $400 for an older Pug. Most shelters will charge a fee which covers all the costs they have paid to house the canine.

The best thing you can do is contact your local shelter to see if they have any Pugs available and what the cost is of buying one.

How Much Do Pugs Cost Pet Expenses You Need to Think About

Keep in mind that the initial price you pay for your new canine companionship is just the beginning. Once you make the decision to become a dog owner, you’ll face several expenses you may not have even considered.

As a pet owner, there will be several Pug essentials you’ll need to purchase like dog food, harnesses, leashes, vet care, pet insurance, dog beds, toys, snacks and etc.

Most new pet owners don’t think about how quickly these expenses can add up. According to this article, dog owners spend around $1,285 per year.

Now let’s take a look at what you can expect to pay when owning a Pug.

Costs of Owning A Pug

Spaying or Neutering

Every responsible pet owner should spay or neuter their dogs unless they plan on breeding them. We chose to spay Mindy when she was 6 months old. It was such a long time ago, so I don’t remember how much we paid.

But you can expect to pay around $200 – $300 for the process. Of course, the costs will vary depending on where you live and the costs of the veterinary you take them to.

Veterinary Costs

These costs will vary from one place to another. Big cities usually charge more for veterinary costs than smaller farming towns.

When we got Mindy, we didn’t have a lot of money. We took Mindy to a smaller town vet because they were always cheaper than the vets in the city we lived in. So be sure that you shop around for reviews and prices.

As a puppy, your Pug will require 2-3 vaccinations for their Distemper and Parvo. At 3-4 months old, you’ll need to make sure that they get their rabies shot.

After those initial vaccinations, they will only need to visit the vet for their booster shots.

Older Pugs

As your Pug becomes older they will need to visit the veterinary more often because of health issues.

Pugs are known to suffer from:

  • Cataracts
  • Obesity
  • Hearing Problems
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Cancer
  • and etc..

Just like humans as they get older, they seem to struggle with more health issues. As a pet parent, you may want to consider investing in some type of pet insurance to help you offset those unexpected charges that will eventually arise.


Pugs don’t eat that much food, especially, if you’re feeding them the proper amounts. As a pet owner, you want to make sure that you’re feeding your friend the best dog food that provides them with all the nutrients they need.

This means that you won’t be buying your food from Walmart or your local grocery store. We used to feed Mindy Holistic dog food and we paid around $35 for a 20lb bag.

We had to reorder her food every 3 months, so we were paying around $140 per year on just her dog food.

Snacks and Chews

Every pet owner wants to spoil their dog, and this means that you’ll be purchasing snacks and dog chews that your furbaby will love.

We had a pet jar treat filled with treats for Mindy. I can’t even begin to tell you how much we spent on chews and snacks for her.

You don’t have to give them a bunch of treats, but you will need them if you’re planning on training them or getting them to do something you want them to do.

When buying snacks, just make sure that you’re buying healthy snacks that are good for them. They may cost a little more, but it’s always good to know what you’re feeding your pet.


The cost of playtime will vary from owner to owner. The great thing about Pugs is that they are not that destructive with their toys. Unless you buy them a plush dog toy, there’s a good chance that their toys will last for a quite a while.

Every pet owner should have a chew-toys and bones that can keep them busy when they get bored.

Routine Vet Care

Your Pug will require a yearly exam, which usually includes a thorough physical exam from tooth to tail. These preventative exams will cover vaccinations when needed, heartworm preventative treatment, flea and tick control.

Regular routine vet checkups are extremely vital to maintain their health which can improve their lifespan.

Emergency Vet Visits

Every pet owner needs to understand that an emergency vet visit that doesn’t require surgery could cost anywhere from $2,000 to $3,000 dollars depending on where you live.

If your furbaby requires surgery, you can expect the costs to vary between $3,000 and $5,000.

The most common traumas that pet owners experience is their dog is attacked by another animal or they got hit by a car.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to worry about having to take your Pug to the vet in an emergency. We were lucky enough to not have to experience this with Mindy.

Pet Insurance

While this isn’t a requirement that pet owners need to pay, it can help reduce your veterinary bills. Annual premiums for pet insurance will vary depending on your dog’s breed and age.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take Mindy to the vet on a regular basis because we didn’t always have the money. We only took her if we absolutely had to, and the costs would add up quickly.

Paying an annual premium may be cheaper than paying the full costs of a vet bill. Keep in mind that you often have to pay the vet bills in full at the same time of service.

That’s why I’ve said that if we ever get another dog, we will invest in pet insurance.

Groomer/Grooming Aids

Whether you take your Pug to the groomer or do it yourself, you’ll need to invest some money. When Mindy was a puppy, we took her to the groomers, but those costs added up quickly.

We then decided to learn how to groom her ourselves. Your Pug will need regular baths, their nails trimmed, brushing supplies, wrinkles cleaned, and dental care.

Check out some of the best nail clippers for Pugs!

Keeping your Pug properly groomed can be a great preventative-care investment and will help you keep their skin clean and their coat shiny and healthy. Proper dental care can prevent gum disease and tooth decay which can lead to bigger health issues.

Travel Care/Kennel Boarding/Pet Sitter

There are tons of doggie hotels that allow you to travel with your pet, so it makes it easy to travel with your furbaby.

If you decide not to take your Pug with you, then you’re going to have to pay for them to be taken care of. You’ll have the option of:

  • In-Home pet sitter
  • Traditional boarding (kennels)
  • Family or neighbor watches them

All these costs can add up and these are things that you need to consider if you’re planning on going on vacation without your pet.

Collars, Harnesses, and Leashes

Harnesses and leashes range in different prices, according to what they’re made of. You can purchase a regular nylon leash that is easy to clean and won’t break the bank. Here’s an article I wrote that will show you how to buy the right harness.

If you purchase a trendy harness or a leather one, you can expect to pay more. You can control the cost that you’re willing to spend on these dog supplies.

This is not an expense that you can avoid. As a dog owner, you’ll need to find the right harness or collar to take your dog for a walk and keeping them safe.


The money you spend to buy a Pug is just the beginning. You need to remember that a Pug’s lifespan can be anywhere from 12-15 years.

Which means that you’ll be caring for a living being for several years. Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment that requires the financial resources to provide them with the proper care they need.

We all love dogs and Pug puppies can be so adorable, it’s so easy to overlook the costs of owning a pet. Before you decide to get Fido, make sure that you can actually afford to get a dog.

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