10 Pug Activities That Will Strengthen Your Bond

Having a small dog is much different than a big dog. As a first-time Pug owner I had no clue what Mindy would love doing, but after living with a black Pug for 16 years, I wanted to share some of 7 of her favorite Pug activities she enjoyed.

How Much Exercise Does A Pug Need?

One of the things that every Pug owner needs to realize is that a Pug can be happy just sitting in the air-conditioned house watching television. However, just like us, they require some exercise. This small breed has unique personalities only Pug lovers understand.

According to AKC (American Kennel Club), a Pug should get moderate exercise and not become a couch potato.

pug activities

You want to make sure that they are getting at least 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. This means you can take them for a walk or play with their favorite toy.

Physical Activities

Don’t be fooled by their short stout bodies. Pugs can be extremely playful and mischievous. A young puppy or an adult love being entertained with games and human interaction.

Here are some of the things that you can do with your Pug.

Take Your Pug for A Walk

I loved walking my Pug and Mindy enjoyed it as well. Just make sure that you realize they have short legs, so you’ll need to walk them at a normal pace. It’s okay to power walk with them, I used to do it with Mindy, just don’t run.

Pay attention to them and make sure that they are able to keep up without having to run. Walking them on a regular basis will only help you both get into better shape and will strengthen your bond.

Play Tug of War

Mindy would bring her rope toy whenever she felt like playing. So I’d get on the floor and play tug of war with her. I recommend the Otterly Pets Pet Rope Toys. You can use a towel or rope, but I don’t recommend it.

Otherwise, you can cause some bad behaviors you don’t want. Those toys are not expensive and they’ll understand that they can only chew and bite those and not the things around your house.

Keep Away Not Fetch

Mindy had her favorite ball and we tried to teach her to play fetch. However, whenever we threw it she would chase after it. Unfortunately, she would never give it back to us.

When we tried to get it, she would run around the yard with the ball in her mouth. She loved playing keep away and it was one of her favorite games to play.

Bonding Activities

Pug bonding activities
Here are some activities you can do with your Pug to help bond with your new dog.

Most of us decide to get a Pug because we want companionship and want to be able to do fun activities. Here are some activities that you and your furbaby will enjoy doing together.

It’s important to spend time doing these activities on a regular basis, especially, if you want to become your Pug’s favorite person

Take Them On A Picnic

Find a dog-friendly park and pack a lunch for both you and your pup. Don’t forget to take some of their favorite toys and a blanket and a book.

Look for some shade and both of you will enjoy a healthy meal and a day out together.

Go On A Road Trip

Mindy loved going for car rides and we even had her favorite blanket that she associated to a car ride. Whenever she saw that blanket, she knew she was going for a drive and she would get so excited.

Plan your destination and make sure that you pack all the favorite things they love and their food. If you plan an overnight trip, make sure that you find a pet-friendly hotel.

Mindy loved going to the beach and we took her for the first time when she was 10 years old. She loved it and it became her favorite place to visit.


Take Your Dog to Work

I never got the chance to take Mindy to work because I work from home. Some companies will allow pet owners to bring their pets to work on a particular day. Check to see if the company you work for allows pets to go to work with you.

If you trained your Pug properly, they will enjoy being around people. Pugs are sociable by nature and love attention from anyone.

Mental Activities

Pug mental activities
Pugs need to be stimulated to help keep them healthy.

Pugs are smart dogs and can learn new tricks easily. It’s important to keep their brain stimulated, by engaging them in mentally challenging activities. These types of games will increase your dog’s boredom and increase their confidence.

Here are some things you can do with Fido.

Hide and Seek

Mindy loved it when we got into a game of hiding and seek. You’ll need two people to play this game. One person gives your Pug the sit command and waits until the other person hides.

Then your dog will start looking for you. You can play this game indoors and outdoors and they will love it. A word of advice, make sure that you don’t hide in a place they’ll never find.

I did this once and Mindy got bored and stopped looking. So make it somewhat easy for them to find you, they don’t have a nose of a bloodhound.

Teach Them to Put Their Toys Away

As a pet parent, it’s important to teach your dog new tricks and one of them can be to put their own toys away. We taught Mindy to put her own toys away and she knew that whenever she was done playing she had to put them away.

It takes time to teach her this, but it’s a great way to keep your floors free of dog toys. Plus it’s a great lesson that every dog should know.

Treasure Hunt

Pugs love to eat and you can pack one of their toys with food. Make sure that you let them see what you’re doing so they’ll know what’s going on. Keep them outside while you hide the toy inside the house.

Once they realize that their toy with food is inside the house, they will start searching for it. This is a great way to keep them entertained and busy and they love this game.


Just like humans, dogs need to socialize with other dogs. Take your Pug to a pet-friendly park and let them play and socialize with other dogs.

Just be careful that they don’t get hurt when they are playing with other dogs. Make sure that you have their harness just in case a fight breaks out and you need to get your dog out of there quickly.


These are just a few things for Pugs and their owners to do to help you bond and improve their health. As a pet owner, it’s important to take time out of your busy day and interact with your dog. Here is an article of some more activities you can do with your dog.

A Pug doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, but they do want your companionship. These activities will not only be great for Fido. But they are a great way for you take your mind off of your busy life and just enjoy those precious moments.

If you don’t see anything on the list that your canine friend will enjoy, then you can create your own activities and memories you both enjoy.

Just remember if you take the time to provide them with activities that provide physical exercise and improve their mental health. These types of activities can help improve their lifespan and their overall health.

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