15 Things Only A Pug Owner Would Understand and Love

I fell in love with Mindy my black Pug the minute I laid eyes on her. This breed is amazing, but they come with some unique quirks that only Pug owners understand and still loves.

The biggest things only a Pug owner would understand is that this brachycephalic breed doesn’t require a lot of daily exercise, they become a little too attached to their people, but they don’t require a lot of space to enjoy a happy fun life with their human family.

I’ll share some more fun tips about this breed below to help you better understand this dog.

things only a pug owner would understand

15 Things Only A Pug Owner Would Understand

If you’re still trying to decide if this is the right breed for you, here are some things you’ll need to understand before you decide to get a Pug. Of course, every dog has its own unique personality and are their own unique individuals.

But the Pug as a breed shares a variety of different personality traits that only Pug lovers understand and still love.

If you own a Pug, you’ll totally relate to these 13 things.

#1 No More Personal Space

Pugs encroach your personal space
Pugs love encroaching your personal space.

Your new pup will encroach on your personal space, even when you’re using the bathroom. Don’t be surprised to see your adorable Pug standing under your feet while you’re cooking, preparing their food or just standing still.

Basically, where ever you do, your buddy will be right there with you.

#2 No More Clean Floors

Pug hair all over your furniture
You’ll have Pug hair all over your furniture, floor, and your clothes.

Forget about a tidy home! This breed sheds a lot, and you’ll need to carry around a lint roller and sweep, vacuum and mop your floors on a regular basis.

Every Pug owner understands the importance of having a good grooming brush or more. I personally had 3 brushes in my doggie closet.

#3 A Dog With A Mind Of Their Own

Pugs have a mind of their own
Pugs have a mind of their own and will only listen when they want to.

Talk about stubborn! If your dog doesn’t listen, they will be worse than a teenager and ignore you until you’re blue in the face from calling their name.

It takes a special type of person with patience and understanding to realize the temperament of a Pug.

#4 This Is An Extremely Adaptable Dog

Pugs are extremely adaptable
Pugs are extremely adaptable which makes them the perfect for apartment dwellers.

Don’t have a lot of room, not a problem. As long as you have a small corner for their bed, they’ll be happy. They don’t require a large backyard or huge house. This is what makes them the perfect dog for apartment dwellers or even someone living in a tiny home.

#5 Pugs Tend to Go Crazy At Times

Pugs tend to go crazy
Pugs tend to go crazy and they love running in circles.

Also known as the zoomies. Your dog will be fine one minute and the next minute they are running around the house like crazy. Some of them will even run around in circles making you dizzy.

#6 Pugs Never Tire Of Belly Rubs

Pugs love belly rubs
As soon as they see you, they’ll roll over waiting for a belly rub.

You’ll never have a free hand just doing nothing. If they see your free hand, they’ll nudge your hand trying to get you to pet or rub them. Most Pugs love belly rubs, here’s how to tell if your dog does.

Don’t even get me started on how much they love belly rubs. As soon as you approach them, they’ll roll over on their backs expectantly waiting for you to rub their belly. Read this, if you want to know if Pugs have belly buttons.

#7 This Breed Loves to Sleep

Pugs love to sleep
Pugs love sleeping and won’t mind taking several naps throughout the day.

Love to take naps on a rainy day and want a companion? This dog sleeps more than the average dog and will be perfectly happy snuggled up close to their human owner.

Here are some signs that your Pug is happy.

#8 Pugs Love The Taste Of Lotion

Pugs love to lick
Pugs love to lick and it will be hard to keep lotion on you.

As soon as you apply lotion (especially CocoButter) your Pug will lick you like crazy. Not only that, but they lick you when you least expect it and lick pretty much anything.

#9 They Love to Go For Drives

Pugs love to go for car rides
Pugs love to go for car rides, so make sure you have a seat belt for them.

Invest in a pet seatbelt and a doggie blanket for your vehicle. Otherwise, you’ll have dog hair all over the back of your vehicle because these dogs love going for a Sunday drive.

#10 They’ve Never Met A Stranger

Pugs have never met a stranger
Pugs have never met a stranger they didn’t love.

This breed loves everyone, including cats. I’ve NEVER met an aggressive Pug and these dogs will greet all your visitors excitedly. In fact, they think that your friends and family are there to see them and will expect them to pet them and give them belly rubs.

#11 It’s Hard to Say ‘No’ With Those Big Eyes

it's hard to say no to a Pug
It’s hard to tell your Pug no, especially, with those big black eyes.

Pugs are extremely adorable, especially, a puppy. When you have those big black eyes staring at you, it will be virtually impossible to say ‘No’ or discipline your new pup!

#12 The Tilt Head Is So Cute

Pug tilting head
They tilt their head and it looks like they are really listening hard.

If you’ve never seen the Pug tilt head you’re in for a surprise. When you talk to them, they will tilt their head from side to side, it’s like they’re trying to understand what their person is saying.

#13 Someone Is Always Watching You

Pugs are always watching you
Pugs are always watching you when you walk into a room, leave a room, or just sitting down.

When you think it’s safe to sit down and eat, you’ll feel their big bulging eyes staring at you. In fact, they will watch you while you’re walking around the house, or just not expecting it.

#14 They Are Almost Cat-Like In Their Behavior

Pugs act like cats
Some Pugs have some cat-like qualities.

My black Pug used to use her hands as if she had cat claws. Instead of chasing and bringing back her toys, she would hit her toy balls as if it were a ball of yarn. You can train them to fetch like a regular dog, but it takes time.

This dog loves to curl up like a cat and don’t even get me started about how much they lick themselves like a feline.

#15 They Are Always Hungry

Pugs love to eat
Pugs love to eat and they’ll want food whenever you’re eating.

As soon as they wake, they think its mealtime. The first thing Mindy used to do was run to her food bowl first thing every morning.

Even though her regular morning routine consisted of her going outside to pee-pee. She always seemed to forget that she had to go outside before eating. Don’t be surprised if they forgot that you fed them and are hungry minutes later!

Conclusion On Things to Know About Pug Ownership

You can’t go wrong with this loveable dog. It’s important to understand the proper Pug care and why this dog should never live outside.

However, if you’re looking for a dog that isn’t territorial and loves everyone they meet, this may be the perfect dog for your family!

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  1. I got my Pug by rescuing her from being put down due to her owner passing away. She had been abused and her health neglected. She had a horrible ear infection and had scratched a hole completely through her cornea. She’d been living that way for quite some time the vet said. Due to this and the fact she was a whole 8yrs old the lady who inherited her decided it would be easier to put her down rather than find her a new home. Thank God for her neighbor, who came to me in years. She has proven herself to be the sweetest, funniest dog. LittleBit captured my heart within a couple of days. She is never more than a few feet away from me. So full of love and personality. I’m so grateful for her in my life. God bless my Pug!!!

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