5 Of The Best Seat Belt For Pugs And Choosing The Right One

What’s the first thing you do when you get in the car? Most likely you said “I put on my seat belt,” if so, great job! But what about your Pug? Like you and I, your pooch needs to be safely restrained in case of an accident, that’s why I’ve put together some of the best seatbelts for Pugs.

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Top Recommended Products

Our Pick
iBuddy Dog Seat Belts for Cars for Pugs Completely Adjustable
$11.99 ($6.00 / Count)

The iBuddy Canine Seat Belt will keep your Pug safely secured in the back seat so you can drive without distractions.

best seat belt for pug
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02/19/2024 07:51 am GMT

There are several pet safety restraints on the market, we used the iBuddy for Mindy my black Pug whenever she rode in the vehicle.

What Is The Best Seat Belt for Pugs?

The best dog seat belt is the one that has passed all the tests and protects your pup while riding in the vehicle. It’s important to find one that is comfortable for your Pug and doesn’t irritate their skin or pull his/her hair.

Look for something that constructed of a strong material that can withstand the pulling and can withstand the tremendous crash forces.

There are several dog seat belts and harnesses on the market that you can use. Before we look at the different travel restraints for your furbaby, let’s first take a look at the differences between a harness and seat belt and how to choose the right one.

Dog Car Harness vs Dog Seat Belt

Basically, a dog seat belt is designed like a leash that attaches to your car to keep your pooch safe. A dog harness is a whole harness device that your dog must wear while riding in a vehicle.

Both devices are useful and will help your pet safe. The difference is basically in price. You can expect to pay more for a dog car harness.

Here’s a close in-depth look at the differences of each safety device.

Dog Seat Belts

They function pretty much the same was as standard seat belts for humans. They plug directly into the receiver/buckle in the car at one end and clips directly onto the collar or harness of your pet.

These seat belts are easy to use and have enough leeway for your dog to remain upright during the car ride but protects them from tumbling around in the rear seat.

Seat belts can be adjusted to fit your pooch properly. Which is great, especially, if you’re buying one for a puppy.

Dog Car Harness

A dog car harness is another option for keeping your pet safe when transporting in your vehicle. Unlike seat belts for dogs, harnesses are much more restraining.

However, your pooch is much more likely to be safer in a car crash wearing a harness.

The dog car harness helps spread the impact of force or sudden jolt to the entire body, which limits the strain or injury on a single part of your dog’s anatomy. (I personally recommend using a safety harness for Pugs, because they don’t do well with collars)

Like a regular dog harness, in fact, many of them can easily be transitioned from a car safety harness to a walking harness.

Are Seat Belts for Dogs Safe?

Not all of the dog seat belts are created equally. However, they are much safer than having your Pug sit or stand on your lap while you drive. If you don’t want to use a seat belt, check out these canine car seats.

This is not only dangerous for you, but it causes you to be a distracted driver.

Unfortunately, some of them can still cause your pooch to fly off the seat as was discovered in this case study, which was conducted by the Center for PetSafety®.

This is why it’s so important to look for the ones that will provide the best protection for your pooch. A safer way to travel with your pet is to use a dog crate or carrier.

What To Look For

At the time of this writing, only eight states that have laws requiring your dog to wear a canine-specific harness when in a vehicle and they are:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Minnesota
  4. Connecticut
  5. Hawaii
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Rhode Island
  8. Maine

However, drivers may be charged under the distracted-driving laws if they drive with their pet on their lap.

Therefore, it’s in your best interest and your pooch’s to buckle up!

Things to consider when shopping for the right product:


Choose products that are made from strong materials, that won’t tear easily if your Pug chews on it. Yet strong enough to withstand tremendous crash forces.

Choose a harness that your Pug won’t mind. Mindy my black Pug loved wearing her harness and we never had any issues with it.


The dog car seat belt should be long enough to allow your dog to sit upright and lie down. Most of the canine seat belts are adjustable which makes it easy to add more leeway if your pooch needs it.


Pet safety restraints are designed for many different breeds, shapes, weights, and sizes. It’s virtually impossible to find pet safety restraints that are universally safe for all canines.

Make sure you take the time to accurately measure your Pug before you purchase a product. Measuring your pooch for a car dog harness is similar to measuring them for a walking dog harness.

You’ll need to measure your dog’s chest, which is the girth right behind the armpits. Lastly, you’ll want to measure the lower neck.

If your Pug loves riding in cars as ours did, you may also want to consider a booster seat, to help them see outside.

Once you know your four-legged friend’s measurements, you’re ready to shop!

5 Of The Best Dog Seat Belts For Pugs

#1 iBuddy Dog Seat Belts

Our Pick
iBuddy Dog Seat Belts for Cars for Pugs Completely Adjustable
$11.99 ($6.00 / Count)

The iBuddy Canine Seat Belt will keep your Pug safely secured in the back seat so you can drive without distractions.

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This is the one that we used for Mindy and we loved it and had heard a lot of good things about iBuddy dog products. We started using it after Mindy my black Pug was thrown off the back seat in our Prius when we came to a sudden stop.


Construction: Constructed of a dual-safe hook with a high-density nylon webbing.

Adjustable: The strap is adjustable which makes it easy to adjust the size according to your pup. This is perfect for both small and large dogs. The adjustable strap can be adjusted from 24.3 inches to 29.9 inches (superior buckle will not loosen over time)

Elastic Buffer Design: The bungee design helps reduce the risk of choking injuries.

Compatibility: The belt clip on the seat belt is 0.82 inches which are compatible with most vehicles, including SUV’s and trucks.

Car Seat Covers: The iBuddy dog car seat belt works great with compatible car seat covers from iBuddy, Barksbar, Gorilla Grip, CarZonn, and etc.

Easy to Use: Very straightforward to use.


Secondary Latch: Some people have complained about a weak detent spring on the sliding lock.

This is one of the best dog seat belts available on the market. It’s designed to keep your pet safe and restrains them to their area of the car.

#2 Mighty Paw Safety Belt for Dogs

Mighty Paw Safety Belt, Dog Seat Belt, Latch Bar Attachment for Optimal Safety and Security, All Metal Hardware, Tangle-Free Swivel Attachment, for Pugs

The Mighty Paw Vehicle Safety Belt is completely adjustable to fit both large and small dogs.

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02/19/2024 12:38 am GMT

This is a heavy-duty seat belt that includes a tangle-free swivel attachment to keep your pooch safe. It is designed to attach to the vehicle frame using the latch bars.


Safety: Attaches safely to the latch bars located in the crease of all automobile’s backseats.

Adjustable: Designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The tri-glide attachment can be extended from 16 – 26 inches, depending on the size of your dog.

Secure Hook Attachment: Quick release in case of an emergency, yet durable enough to withstand accidental unbuckling.

Design: Constructed of high-quality nylon that is waterproof. Metal hardware is more durable than those designed with plastic hardware.

Carabiner Clip: Tangle-free which prevents your pooch from getting tangled in the seat belt if they readjust positions. These are similar to the rock climbers carabiner.


Testing: Unfortunately, there is no information about this product being crash-tested. However, as I mentioned above, there are no safety standards for pet safety devices.

This attaches to your vehicle similar to a child’s car seat, which makes it extremely easy to use.

#3 Solvit Car Safety Dog Harness

Best Value
PetSafe Happy Ride Certified, Crash-Tested, Comfortable, Durable, Dog Safety Harness for Pugs

The Pet Safe Car Safety Harness is extremely comfortable and your Pug won't mind wearing while secured in the vehicle.

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02/19/2024 04:01 am GMT

The Solvit Deluxe Car Safety Harness offers your pooch a safe comfortable ride regardless of how long your road trip is.

Another crash tested product that passed the tests at a DOT approved facility. The safety harness has also undergone extensive testing to ensure safety for canines.


Breathable: Padded vest with breathable material so it won’t irritate your Pug’s skin.

Interchangeable: Can easily be converted to a walking leash. Which makes it easy to get your Pug out of the car when you arrive at your destination.

Adjustable: Completely adjustable to fit your dog regardless of their size and measurement.

Crash Tested: Stress tested up to 3000+ pounds.

Harness: Step in harness, makes it easy to put on your pooch.


Purchase: Unfortunately the Car Safety Tether is not included with the purchase of the dog car harness.

This is perfect if your Pug does not yet have a walking harness. Can easily be transitioned to a walking leash by removing the carabiner and placing your dog’s leash through the two loops.

#4 Ruffwear Secure Vehicle Restraint for Dogs

This car harness is the perfect option when you’re going on a long car ride, because of the comfort. The best part is you can use it with a leash when you stop for potty breaks at rest stops.


Sizes: Comes in several different sizes from XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large dogs.

Security: Designed to keep your pup safe.

Crash Tested: All metal hardware and components have been crash tested to ensure safety. Tested at MGA Research Corp.

Attachment: Easily attaches to your existing seat belt and allows enough room for your pooch to stand, lie down and sit upright.


Adjustable Straps: Some people have complained about the rear straps were hard to adjust.

Basically, you can’t go wrong with Ruffwear products for your pooch. If you ever have any issues, you can contact the company and they are really good with customer service.

RUFFWEAR, Load Up, Dog Car Harness with Strength-Rated Hardware for Pugs

This durable Ruffwear safety harness will keep your Pug restrained so they don't fall out of the seat or jump around while..

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#5 SlowTon Dog Car Harness With Connector Strap

The Slowton dog harness is perfect and helps keep your dog safe and prevent them from jumping and hopping into the front seat.


Quick Release: The two chest buckles are easy to put on and off. You won’t have any issues removing it in case of an emergency.

Fabric: Designed of breathable mesh fabric that won’t irritate your pooch.

Seat Belt: Durable nylon strap with elastic to protect your four-legged friend.

Transitional: The harness can be used with any retractable or regular dog leash.


Puppy: Some people have complained that it doesn’t provide enough support for small puppies.

SlowTon Dog Car Harness Plus Connector Strap, Multifunction Adjustable Vest Harness Double Breathable Mesh Fabric with Car Vehicle Safety Seat Belt .(Red, Medium)

The SlowTon Dog Harness is perfect for Pugs, as it is made with breathable material and is extremely comfortable for your...

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02/18/2024 12:37 pm GMT

Who Should Buy A Dog Seat Belt?

The short answer is anyone who owns a dog. Even if your Pug is calm and enjoys lying on the back seat. You still need to consider their safety.

If they are not properly secured, it can quickly become dangerous if you are involved in an accident. Not to mention, they can jump out and get lost if they get scared.

Not only that, but Pugs love to eat and will eat or chew anything they find in your vehicle.

Yes, you can train your dog to sit still while riding in the car. A car seat belt or car dog harness will help keep your pooch safe, secure, and remove any distractions while you’re driving.

Final Word About Car Safety Harnesses and Seat Belts

As a Pug parent, it’s important to make sure that both your child and pooch are properly restrained in your vehicle. I’ve done my best to share some of the best ones that are great for brachycephalic dog breeds.

You should NEVER take it for granted that your Pug can’t get hurt.

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