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5 Of The Best Bowls for Pugs To Avoid Bloat

Pugs will require a specific type of bowl, I’m NOT talking about a cute designer bowl. Let’s take a look at how to choose the best bowls for pugs food and water. You might not think it’s important, but long gone are the days of being able to use any old bowl to feed your dog.

How to Choose The Best Bowls for Pugs?

You’ll want to choose a nice stainless steel or silicone bowls that is scratch resistant, that is properly fitted to your pug. Having the wrong size of bowl can cause them to eat or drink too fast, which is a known risk factor for bloat.

Studies have shown that regardless of the type of dog breed, will have different needs when it comes to mealtimes. Using the wrong bowl can have serious consequences on their health!

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OurPets DuraPet Slow Feeder Bowl for Pugs

Does your Pug eat fast? If so, then slow them down with this high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel bowl that is is dishwasher safe.

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09/20/2020 11:18 am
Best Choice
Our Pets Durapet Tilt-A-Bowl

This high-quality steel bowl has a rubber bonded ring on the bottom to prevent the bowl from sliding when your Pug is eating.

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09/20/2020 11:18 am

Do don’t make the mistake of just choosing a beautiful ceramic designer bowl for your dog. It’s important to understand which types of bowls you should NEVER use for your dog.

I know that it’s easy to think if you feed your pug from a cereal bowl or an old dish you don’t use anymore. However, it’s NOT, they need their own bowl.

Don’t worry, I’ll share some of the best pet bowls for your adorable pug. But first, let’s take a look at some of the things you should avoid when shopping for pug feeding bowls.

Types of Pug Feeding Bowls to Avoid

pug feeding bowls
What you should avoid when choosing pug feeding bowls for water and food.

Before recommending some products for your pug, let’s take a look at what products you should steer clear of. With so many different types of dog food bowls on the market, most pet owners usually go for the cheapest or cute designer bowls.

What you may NOT know is the bowl you’re using to feed your pug, can actually be hurting them.

Types of Bowls to Avoid When Choosing A Bowl For Your Puppy Pug or Adult Dog:


Most people use these because they are cheap and their dog can’t destroy it. However, these are the riskiest and most dangerous bowls to feed your pet with. Pet owners should be concerned with Bisphenol A, or BPA, which is a chemical that is used to make certain plastics and resins.

Even if the product says it is BPA free, I personally wouldn’t use it. This chemical can cause your pup to become sick and it’s just not worth it.

Plus, plastic bowls are notorious for bad bacteria. Once the food or water bowl becomes scratched, it is prone to developing cracks and crevices that unhealthy bacteria can hide and be unhealthy for your furry friend.

Plastic bowls are extremely lightweight and pugs love eating. There’s a good chance that they will be pushing their bowl all over the hardwood or kitchen floor while they are trying to eat their kibble, which makes it for a bad eating experience for a puppy or dog.

If your pug is home alone, you’ll want to make sure they are eating from a sturdy bowl they can eat from comfortably and it won’t tip over.

Too Large Bowls

There’s a good chance that you’ll have to buy at least two bowls throughout your pug’s life. One when they are a puppy and then a bigger bowl when they mature.

If you get a bowl that is too large for your puppy, they will eat too fast and can choke. Just like a toddler, they will try to eat too fast. Having the right size bowl for a puppy can help them slow down and prevent health issues.

Some people I know solved the problem of their dog eating too fast by putting a rock in their bowl.

Plus if you have a bowl that is too big, you’ll be more tempted to give your pug more food. Humans have an issue with portion sizes, that’s why obesity is such a huge problem. Pugs are prone to being overweight, so having the right size bowl can prevent you from overfeeding them.

Check out these dog foods for overweight Pugs.

Raised or Elevated

Most people think that their dog should be eating from elevated dog bowls, but studies have shown that elevated feeders are not needed for pets. According to veterinarian Jon Gellar, these feeders can actually be detrimental to them.

Elevated bowls are known to increase risk factors with bloat, which is a condition that causes gas and puts pressure on the diaphragm and leads to breathing problems. Your pug is already prone to breathing problems, so they don’t need anymore.

The jury is still out on whether or not dogs should use elevated feeders. Personally, I think it’s better to be safe than sorry and avoid them altogether for your pug.

Concave Design Bowls

Regular bowls that allow a dog to eat or drink too fast are huge risk factors for bloat.

Now let’s take a look at the 5 of the best options to look for when shopping for the best dog food bowls.

Portable Water Bowls

Regardless of where you are, your Pug needs to be properly hydrated. That’s why I’ve included some portable dog water bowls to help you keep them properly hydrated.

5 Of The Best Bowls for Pugs

#1 Slow Feeder Bowl for Pugs

Value Pick
OurPets DuraPet Slow Feeder Bowl for Pugs

Does your Pug eat fast? If so, then slow them down with this high-quality, heavy-duty stainless steel bowl that is is dishwasher safe.

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09/20/2020 11:18 am

When we first got Mindy, we were surprised at how fast she would always eat. This bowl is perfect if your dog acts like they NEVER eat, even though you feed them properly. It’s the perfect slow feeding bowl which will help improve digestion, prevent bloating, and will help with nutrient absorption.

If your Pug eats too fast, make sure you check out slow eating dog bowls that can help slow them down.


Stainless Steel: Perfect for your dog and you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals.

Bonded Ring: Will keep the bowl from sliding across the floor while your dog is eating.

Slow Feeder: Keeps your dog from eating too fast, which can lead to health problems.

Dishwasher Safe: Easy to wash and keep clean.


Indoor Use: Some people have complained that they have gotten rusty when the dog bowls were left outside.

At the time of this writing, the DuraPet slow feeder bowl has great reviews at Amazon.

#2 Dog Bowls for Flat Faced Dogs

Best Choice
Our Pets Durapet Tilt-A-Bowl

This high-quality steel bowl has a rubber bonded ring on the bottom to prevent the bowl from sliding when your Pug is eating.

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09/20/2020 11:18 am

Pugs are known for their flat face and big head. Having the right food bowl where they can put their head in comfortably will make a huge difference in their dining experience. The Tilt-a-Bowl is perfect for small dogs with flat faces.

These are best bowls for dogs with underbites or overbites.


Stainless Steel: 100% safe and free of any harmful chemicals.

Size: perfect for 1 cup of dog food. (get the right size for your pug)

Hygiene: Easy to wash and keep clean.


Spills: If you get a bowl that is too small, your dog will get their food all over the floor.

Shiny: Some people have said that their cats wouldn’t eat from the bowl because it was too shiny.

People who have reviewed this bowl have used it for several different dog breeds such as Frencton, Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, and etc. They are perfect for flat-faced dogs, and will make dinner time better for both of you.

#3 Enhanced Pet Bowl for Pugs

Bent & Freck Dog Food Bowls for Small Dogs Cats - Stainless Steel Medium Pet Bowl Set Double Food Water Feeder No-Spill Station (Small)

Food and water bowl combo is designed for small dog breeds like the Pug. It is made of 100% safe non-toxic materials and you can say goodbye to those spills!

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09/20/2020 04:18 pm

Enhanced pet bowls are designed for flat faced breeds. The ridge on the bowl helps your pug reach their food easier and leads to less mess, gas, and better digestion. These types of bowls are recommended for small pugs, cats, Shih Tzu, and other flat-faced breeds.


No More Spills: Can’t be tipped over regardless of how aggressive your dog loves eating.

Silicone: 100% safe and designed with kitchen grade silicone and 100% FDA approved.

Bonus: Comes with a durable silicone dog bone you’re pup will love.

Food and Water Combo: Provide your dog with a fresh source of water while they eat.

Perfect for Pugs: They will love eating anything you feed them in their new bowl.


Not Necessarily Spill Proof: Some people have said that it’s NOT puppy proof because they can still make messes.

At the time of this writing, this product tons of positive reviews. This can be a great food and water dish if your dog is a messy eater and you’re constantly having to clean up their mess after each meal.

#4 Pug Water and Food Bowl

Vivaglory Dog Bowls Stainless Steel Water and Food Bowl Pet Puppy Cat Feeder with Non Spill Skid Resistant Silicone Mat, Medium, Pink

Combo food and water bowl with silicone skid-resistant bottom to prevent your Pug from pushing it across the floor.

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09/20/2020 05:18 pm

The Vivaglory stainless steel dog bowls are perfect if you’re looking for combo food and water bowls for your pug. It also has a spill skid resistant silicone mat that is perfect for that messy dog.


Stainless Steel: Both the water and food bowl are durable and designed without any harmful chemicals.

Quality: Long-lasting bowls and are heat resistant and anti-corrosion proof.

Skid Resistant: The silicone mat keeps their dishes in place and helps keep the food spills to a minimum.

Design: Made for small, medium dogs and cats.

Cute: Bone shaped mat comes in several different colors that you’ll love.


Not for Big Dogs: This is not a good bowl for large dogs.

Your dog needs a fresh bowl of clean water every time they eat. That’s why we think this is the perfect combo feeder for your pug. At the time of this writing, it has several positive reviews online.

#5 15 Degree Slanted Bowls

Super Design Mess Free 15° Slanted Bowl for Pugs

This Stainless steel bowl offers a 15-degree tilt that makes it easy for your Pug's heat to fit in the bowl and reduces bloating and indigestion.

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09/20/2020 05:18 pm

These slanted bowls have an ergonomic 15 degree tilted design that is perfect for flat faced dogs. This design is sure to make their dining experience more pleasant and will help reduce the risk of “bloat” and indigestion issues.


Slanted Design: Makes it easy for your pet to eat with less risk of health issues.

Easy to Clean: Both the stand stainless steel bowl and Melamine stand are easy to clean.

Spill Proof: The slanted design keeps the food from overflowing the edge.


Not Spill Proof: Depending on your dog, they may be able to slide the bowl around the floor.

At the time of this writing, this food bowl has a 4-star rating with over 150 happy customers. It’s perfect for dogs and cats that weigh less than 6.6 pounds.

#6 Water Rover Portable Dog & Cat Water Bowl

IDEGG Portable Silicone Pet Bowl, 5 Inches, Foldable Expandable Water Feeding Travel Bowl Cup Dish for Pet Dog Cat and Small Animals (Set of 2, Purple+Green)

This silicone collapsible travel bowl will make it easy to keep your Pug hydrated while you're walking, in the car, or just on a great adventure with your furry friend.

Check Price on Amazon Check Price on Chewy

This portable water bowl is perfect when you take your Pug on long walks or you’re just on the go. It’s lightweight and makes the perfect all-in-one travel companion. One of the things I really liked about it, is that as soon as your dog is done drinking, the water goes right back into the bottle.

I suggest adding ice to keep the water cool on those hot days.


Lightweight: 26 ounces and you it won’t drag you down due to the weight.

Waste Free: Innovative design doesn’t allow the water to go to waste.

Leak Proof: The seal on the underside will prevent any water from spilling while you carry it on your waist, belt or backpack.

Size: Comes in several different sizes, so you will be able to find one to suit your needs.


Plug: Some people have complained that it can be difficult to push in to close, especially, if you suffer from arthritis or a hand injury.

At the time of this writing, this portable water bowl has four stars on Chewy. It’s perfect for both dogs and cats and the smallest size holds 8 ounces of water. The largest size holds 26 ounces of water. If you’re looking for a hydration bowl for your Pug.

What Size Bowl For A Pug?

When shopping for dog bowls for Pugs, you’ll want to shop in the small breed section. Preferably look for bowls that are designed for brachycephalic or flat-faced dogs.

These types of bowls are specifically designed for Pugs, Bulldogs, Boxers, and etc, which means that your Pug’s head should be able to fit in the bowl so they can reach their food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are raised Dog Bowls Dangerous?

Raised bowls can be dangerous for large dogs because it can cause your dog to get bloat. If you use one for your pet, make sure that it is adjustable or set to a level that is comfortable for your pooch. If you’re unsure of the type of bowl to use for your four-legged friend, consult with your veterinarian.

Bottom Line

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your pug’s feeder bowls. The most important thing to consider when choosing a food or water bowl is to choose the right material for bowls. Find a good quality stainless steel bowl that will resist scratches and is easy to clean and won’t cause any type of allergic reactions.

If you have an aggressive eater, find something that is skid resistant or invest in a bowl mat that will keep your dog from sliding across the floor.

Find the right size of bowl for your pug. The bowl that your pug will use as a puppy won’t be the same bowl once they become an adult.

I’ve done my best to bring you some of the best-recommended dog dishes for your pug. Finding the right bowl will depend on the type of eater your put is.

The biggest thing to remember is to avoid the materials that can harm your pug overtime. Get a bowl that is floor level and don’t forget the water bowl.

It’s important for your pug to be properly hydrated. A full-grown Pug should drink around 4 cups of water per day.

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