When Do Pugs Go Into Heat For The First Time?

Whether you’re planning on breeding your pup or not, you should understand the four stages of your dog’s heat cycle. This will help you understand what to expect and the best way to prevent it if you don’t plan on breeding your pup.

When Do Pugs Go Into Heat For The First Time?

A female pug may go into heat any time between the four and sixth month of life, but the exact moment the heat cycle begins is different in every pug. As a dog owner, you should understand the symptoms and stages of the canine heat cycle., which can occur as early as the fourth month or as late as the 15th months of ages.

If a female pug has not gone into heat by the 15th month of life, the best option is to contact a vet and have her fully checked out.

when do pugs go into heat for the first time

How often will pugs go into heat

how long are pugs in heat for
The canine heat cycle continues until you spay your dog.

An unspayed female will go into heat about 2-3 times a year.

A pug will go into heat when their body tells them it is time to mate and possibly produce a littler of puppies. Some breeds of dogs go into heat more often than others, but in general, pugs go into heat at an average rate of around every five to eight months.

Because pugs are on the smaller side of the range of dog breeds they do tend to go into heat a little earlier than larger breeds with the average being between the fourth and sixth months.

An owner will probably see their pug go into heat throughout their life because pugs are not affected by menopause meaning they will come into season at every stage of life.

Signs Your Dog Is In Heat

Every dog is different, but here are some of the signs and symptoms of a dog in heat.

  • Running away at the first chance she gets.
  • She is more affectionate (Pugs, in general, are affectionate dogs)
  • Urinating more often.
  • Paying more attention to male dogs.
  • Raising her leg to urinate or when she sees a male dog.
  • She becomes aroused whenever she sees a male dog.

You may notice the male dogs in your neighborhood hanging around your house more often because they know that your Pug is in heat.

Do Dogs Go Through Menopause?

No, a female dog is fertile till the end. A missed heat cycle can be a sign of a illness and you should contact your veterinarian as soon as possible.

The Stages Of Heat In A Pug

canine heat cycle symptoms
Males will be attracted to your dog during this cycle.

For every owner, it is important to understand the different stages of the heat cycle to successfully gauge where their dog is in its cycle. Overall, the heat cycle will last around three weeks in a pug, with the dog going through different stages throughout this period.


The Proestrus is the first stage in the heat cycle and lasts about nine days.

During this stage, an owner will notice a few changes in the physical appearance of their pug, including the swelling of the vulva lips and some bloody discharge will be noticeable. A female pug will also see a change in attitude with some aggression towards males during this period.


The Oestrus stage is the time when mating takes place and has the highest chance of producing a litter of puppies. Any discharge will now be clear and an owner will notice their female pug presents herself by lifting her tail when a male is around. The length of this stage varies for the individual dog with both the proestrus and oestrus phases lasting between five and 21 days in total.

During this stage, you may notice your dog urinating more often and marking inside and outside the home, which is an indication of her readiness to breed.


The Diestrus stage lasts about 60 days, and during this stage, the vaginal discharge disappears and her vulva returns to its normal size. During this stage, your Pug is no longer fertile.

If the dog has become impregnated, the diestrus stage will last from the end of the estrus until the she gives birth to the puppies (about 60 days).

Be sure to read this article to understand the signs of pregnancy in a Pug.


The Anestrus stage is the uterine repair stage, in which the female has no sexual or hormonal behavior. This stage can last anywhere between 70-145 days before the cycle starts all over again.

Is the heat cycle uncomfortable?

One of the commonly asked questions from pug owners is whether their canine member of the family is aware of their cycle and feels discomfort. Research into the common heat cycle of female pugs shows the majority of pugs do sense when they are close to coming into the season because they begin to feel cramps from their reproductive organs.

Vets and animal welfare experts believe the best option for any owner is not to expect too much from their female pug during their heat cycle. The heat cycle of a female pug can be aided by allowing them to rest as much as they like during this period and providing them with favorite toys, blankets, and bedding.

Irregular heat periods

There are times when a female pug will undergo some difficult times because their heat cycle will not run in the way the majority of owners hope they will. One of the most common problems facing a pug owner is that of the so-called silent heat that can take place without the dog showing any physical or emotional signs of entering their cycle.

Female pugs have been known to enter the Oestrus phase of their heat cycle and be ready for mating without the usual signs of presenting to male dogs or showing aggression towards any nearby males. This can be a problem for those who are unaware of their pug’s cycle and do not separate them from male dogs.

Another issue is that of the split heat cycle that can be difficult to work through for a pug owner. A split heat is thought to be caused by an imbalance in the hormones of the pug that makes its cycle begin and then pause for up to a few weeks before beginning again.

A pug owner will often believe this is two heat cycles completed within a few weeks, but a veterinarian will classify this as a single cycle that was paused and began again a few days later.

How To Prevent Your Pug From Going Into Heat?

Pug puppies
Eventually, your Pug will have puppies whether you wanted to breed her or not.

The only way to prevent your pup from going into heat is to have her spayed. Spaying a Pug not only prevents her from going into heat, but will reduce her chances of mammary cancer, uterine infections, and go through the discomfort of the heat cycle.

Having her spayed while she is in heat, can cause several complications.

Many veterinarians and experts recommend getting her spayed before her first heat cycle. Speak to your veterinarian about the best time to have your Pug spayed.

Final Word About The Pug Heat Cycle

Every responsible pet owner should have their female spayed, not only to prevent an unwanted litter of puppies. Spaying your dog will help her live a healthier and happy life.

Not to mention, you won’t have to worry about unwanted health issues that can be caused from NOT spaying your bitch!

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