How To Potty Train A Female Pug Tips To Make It Easier

I got Mindy when she was just six weeks old, it wasn’t until she was 12 weeks that I started house training her. To be honest, I had a hard time navigating through it all but I managed and eventually Mindy and I loved our pee trips.

So if you are also having trouble figuring out how to potty train a female pug, don’t sweat it, you are in the right place. Head on over here to get several more potty training Pugs tips that will help you train your male or female Pug dog.

Some people say that male Pugs are harder to potty train, but don’t worry, they can still be trained.

how to potty train a female pug

I will take you through everything you need to learn to get your female pug fully potty trained.

Is It Easier To Potty Train A Female Pug?

are female pugs harder to potty train

To be honest,  there isn’t much difference in potty training the two genders (no study done to confirm yet). However,  a lot of folks have confirmed that it is much easier to train a female than it is to train a male pug. This is due to the cooperative nature of the female pug.

Don’t get too excited yet. 

How long or how easy it will be will still depend on the pug’s age, the technique you choose to use, and your willingness. For both genders, you need loads of time and patience to succeed.

Signs That Your Female Pug Wants To Toilet

It’s important to know when your pug wants to toilet so that you can act immediately to avoid accidents. These signs include sniffing, making circles as though they are looking for something, whining, and following you around.

For female puppies, there are just no signs, they eliminate as soon as the urge comes. To save yourself tons of cleaning and cursing all day, you have to keep taking your puppy outside every so often. It may seem like a task, but it will save you from having to scrub poop and vacuuming your carpet every hour. 

Dog pee has a very distinct smell that can be hard to get rid of. Aside from that, the smell draws the pug back to that same spot every time they want to toilet. If you’ve been wondering why she keeps pooping on the same exact spot, that’s why.

How To Potty Train Your Female Pug- Step by Step

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If your little missy is not yet 12 weeks, you might want to hold off the training. Dog experts recommend that you start anywhere between 12 and 16 weeks when they can control their bladders.

If she is of age, this step by step guide will be of great help.

Step 1- Gather Everything You Need

To make this a smooth training process, you will need to gather a few items if you don’t already have that is. These include:

A harness– Ensure it properly fits. Keep off collars as they are a big NO for pugs due to their brachycephalic condition.

Leash– I suggest you get a soft-handled leash that you can hook onto your wrist or belt for supervised indoor training.  For outdoor training, a retractable leash will give you much more control over your pug.

Treats– Get their favorite treats. Ensure they are up to the recommended standards. 

Enzyme cleaner– To clean up any accidents

Poop bag- To dispose of the poop and soiled pads.

Step 2- Establish A Potty Training Schedule

I can’t overemphasize how important establishing a potty training schedule is. It totally worked for me when I was training Mindy, this is the one thing I can swear by. Establish a workable schedule that fits in your daily routine so it’s easy to stick to. 

Make it a routine to take your little missy out to pee/poo after every meal, immediately they wake up in the morning, after a lively play, or when they’ve had a long chewy time. Also, take them out after meals preferably 15-30 minutes after and immediately after their daytime nap. 

For puppies, you might have to do this every 30 minutes to one hour as their bladders are still small and can’t hold their bladder for long.

Step 3- Pick A Training Technique

There are several techniques to choose from for your little missy. Crate training, paper training, and supervision are tried and tested. They come highly recommended for female pugs.

Paper training– For this method, you will use a paper or pretreated pee pads. These have a distinct chemical scent that attracts the pug to the pee spot whenever they want to eliminate.  

Lay them down on a specific pee spot and don’t move them. Every time you spot signs of your pug wanting to toilet, carry her to the pad/paper immediately. Use the toilet cue word to signal that he can now pee, praise, and reward. 

Be careful with this method though, your pug may become too comfortable with eliminating indoors. So once your pooch has learned how to use the pads, keep moving them towards the door and eventually out of the door. 

Crate training– For this method, you will need to invest in a proper size crate or cage. Head on over here to find some of the best crates for pugs.

The idea behind this method is that dogs are distinctively wired to NOT soil their beds and so they will have to hold their bladder until they are out of the cage.

This is a great method if you spend a couple of hours out of the house so often or are too busy in the house and don’t have time for constant supervision. It is also perfect for night time training.

Just make sure not to leave your girl pug in the crate for longer than 4 hours when starting out. You can stretch the hours progressively. Be sure to take her out to the toilet immediately before and after her “crate time”.

Constant supervision– Only choose this method if you spend most of your time at home. I’d advise you to combine it with the crate training for when you plan to be away. This article will help you decide whether or not you should crate train your Pug.

Constant supervision means literally that- round the clock supervision. For this method, there are no designated pee spots in the house or crate to help hold the urge. 

You must closely watch your pug all the time to immediately spot a need to eliminate. As soon as you do, gently carry her outdoors and cue her that it’s time for a pee break. Remember to praise and reward immediately she eliminates. 

This method may seem so tasking and time consuming but once your dog learns you will never have to scrub poo on your carpets a day in your life. But before you get there, stock up on tissue rolls and cleaners. 

Step 4- Make Use of Treats and Rewards

Female pugs thrive on praises just like any other female dog breed, (even female humans live for praises). However, praises alone will work only for some time. The best is to combine praises with rewards for every time your little missy toilets in their designated area. 

Once they connect  the praise and reward with the action, it won’t be long before they pee and poo in their designated spot. Always reward them to keep them motivated.

Step 5: Establish and Reinforce Cue Words

Establish what cue words you want to use for potty training. Commons cue words are “potty time”, “get busy”, “bathroom time” and so forth.

Stick to the same words every time you two head out to pee until she attaches the word to toilet time. Mention the word before you give the reward as well so that she knows she is being rewarded for that action. 

Dos and Don’t when potty training a female pug

what is the fastest way to potty train a female pug

Never punish your female (or male) pug for any toilet accidents. One, because this will instill fear in her and she will be scared of you instead. Two, because she won’t really understand what she did wrong and may not attach your scolding or punishment to their mistake.

What you should do instead is clap loudly when you catch her in action, grab her gently and take her outside or on the pee pad. Once she is done, praise and reward.

Don’t be in a rush when taking her outside to pee, let her explore as well so that she doesn’t always think the only way to go outside is to pee.

Clean up accidents as soon as possible with an enzymatic pee cleanser. I already explained why in an earlier section.

House Training Setbacks You Should Expect

Before your pug is fully potty trained expect numerous accidents especially when they are puppies less than a year old. 

What I can tell you is to KEEP CALM and be patient and consistent. It will come to an end soon. However, if you have tried everything, and your female pug is still not making significant progress, consult a vet. There could be an underlying medical condition.


Potty training a she-pug is easier than training male pugs. Depending on the age, other factors, and your willingness, it shouldn’t take too much time to train her. You only need to pick a workable technique, establish routines and schedules, and be consistent. 

Also, be realistic and don’t expect so much from your four-legged friend. She’s a dog for heaven’s sake. Don’t punish, don’t scold instead keep up with the praises and rewards to motivate her. Before you know it, she will be fully housetrained.

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