Should I Crate Train My Pug? A Look At The Benefits

There’s a huge debate on whether using a crate to train your puppy is inhumane or not. What most new pet parents don’t realize is that a dog’s kennel can quickly become your dog’s second home and can provide them a sense of security. Let’s take a look at the benefits of kennel training your four-legged friend.

Should I Crate Train My Pug?

If done correctly, crate training can keep your curious puppy safe, provide a safe place, prevent doggie stress, help with house-training, and help your dog rest and relax without being bothered.

Crate training is NOT inhumane if done properly. In fact, there are literally tons of benefits every pet owner should be aware of. Before you make the decision to kennel train your pooch, you will need to find the best crate for Pugs and make sure it’s the right size.

should I crate train my Pug

Let’s take a look at some of the main benefits for your pooch. We’ll also discuss some things you should avoid doing to make training a pleasant experience for your four-legged friend. If you’re ready to start, here’s how to crate train a Pug puppy.

Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Crate Train Your Pug

#1 Provides A Safe Space

Pug crate
Dogs ancestors and den animals and a crate will help make your dog feel safe and secure

Dogs have a natural “denning instinct” and a properly sized crate can provide a safe haven for your pooch when they want to sleep, relax, or just want some quiet time.

Your dog’s crate is their safe haven and everyone in your household even children need to learn to respect it. This means when your dog is in the kennel, they shouldn’t be bothered.

It’s a great way to provide a time out for your puppy, when they need one.

#2 Makes House Training So Much Easier

A crate can make potty training Pugs so much easier and quicker. Dogs won’t pee or poop in a small confined space, which makes kennel training so popular among experts.

#3 Keeps Your Pug Safe

Dogs are curious creatures, especially puppies. Even if you’ve properly puppy-proofed your home, like children, puppies can find things to get into.

Keeping your puppy in a crate can help protect them from household cleaners, and prevent them from chewing on your favorite books, video game controllers, shoes, and etc.

Using a crate can keep your dog from getting into unwanted mischief when you’re busy doing other things and can’t supervise them directly.

#4 Less Damage In Your Home

Pug puppy playing with garbage
A crate can prevent your Pug from causing damage in your home while you’re away

We’ve all seen those “dog shaming” videos on social media and YouTube, where the pet parent comes home only to find the trash knocked over or their home in shambles. As funny as those videos are, a crate can easily prevent these types of scenarios when you leave your pup at home alone.

Just put your Pug in the crate with their favorite chew toy, and they will spend the day gnawing and playing instead of destroying your home.

#5 Help With Anxiety And Stress

Some Pugs suffer with stress and anxiety more than others. A crate will make it easy for you to give Fido some time-out when they’re acting out. Isolating your pooch in a quiet space can help calm their nerves.

If your pooch suffers from phobias such as separation, storm, loud noises and etc, you may want to consider investing in the ZenCrate. The special sensors will play soft specialized music that will help decrease the anxiety in your dog.

Once your dog leaves the crate, the music turns off automatically.

#6 Easier Transport

Crates make it easier to transport your dog in your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about your pooch damaging your car or climbing on seats, especially, if they are not used to traveling.

If your Pug loves going on trips with you, make sure you secure them safely in a kennel or use a dog seatbelt and never let them climb all over your lap while you’re driving.

#7 Emergency Evacuation

evacuating a Pug
A crate makes it easier to carry your Pug out in case of an emergency

Heaven forbid you ever have to evacuate your home due to a disaster or emergency, it will be so much easier if you’ve crate trained dog.

It’ll be so much easier caring the crate instead and not worrying about your dog running away in fear. This will make the stressful situation easier on both you and your dog!

#8 Noise Refuge

The crate is a great alternative than locking your dog in the basement or other room when you have a family gathering, party, thunderstorms, wild kids, or other event that can trigger stress in your pet.

#9 Post Surgery Convalascence

injured Pug
A crate can help your dog heal faster and avoid stress after an injury

The dog kennel will make your dog feel safer, happier, and less stressed after a surgery such as (spay, fracture, bone fractures, and etc). The crate will prevent your dog from overexerting themselves, especially, when the vet wants you to restrict any type of exercise.

It can also protect them from other dogs or animals in your home if you have more than one pet and are recovering from surgery.

Cons of Crate Training

Is it better to train your dog
Crate training can help you raise a well-mannered dog if done correctly

If done incorrectly, crate training can be a negative experience for your pooch. Here are some of the things to avoid doing when training your four-legged friend.

  • Never use the crate as a punishment for your pup. Otherwise, your dog will grow to despise it and may even fear the kennel.
  • Avoid using the crate as a place to keep your dog locked up because he/she doesn’t know the house rules. It’s up to you to properly train your Pug and teach them the rules, not lock them in their kennel for a number of unforeseen hours.
  • Adult Pugs should not be left in a crate for more than 6-8 hours, and a 17-week old puppy should not be left any longer than 4 hours at a time. If you’re working, you need to hire a pet sitter or have a friend or family member come and let them out. Leaving them home alone in a crate for longer than this can hurt your dog’s mental and physical health.
  • Make sure you invest in the right size crate for your pup. If your dog doesn’t have enough room to lie down, stand up, and turn around, it can cause unwanted health problems. Never leave your pup in a cramped crate for an extended period of time.

Final Word

If done properly, crate training can help your pooch become a well-mannered member of your family. Once your dog becomes accustomed to their kennel, it will become their safe haven place they love to retreat to when they want some downtime.

It’s important to start crate training right away, and give your Pug plenty of time to get used to it!

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