How Fast Can A Pug Run? What Is The Fastest Pug In The World

Everyone is obsessed with a winning team, so it’s no wonder we all want to own the fastest dog at the dog park. So how fast can a Pug run and what is it possible to train them to be faster?

How Fast Can A Pug Run?

Most Pugs will average 5-10 mph, which is faster than most humans. A Pug’s running speed will depend on your dog’s health, legs, legs, body composition, genes, and whether or not they actually enjoy running

We’ll cover this in more detail to help you better understand what type of runner a Pug is.

how fast can a pug run

Top Reasons A Pug Can Run Fast

Pug running
All dogs have the ability to run, just don’t expect your Pug to run too fast.

The ability of a dog to run fast will depend on their body composition, legs, and breed. That being said, all dogs regardless of breed share similar qualities that give them the ability to run.

According to the Merck Manual Veterinary Manual, both dogs and humans have almost the same ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles, which makes them able to run.

Aerodynamic Body

While Pugs don’t have the same body composition of a Greyhound, all dogs have a flexible spine with 13 ribs and low-volume intestine, which gives them lots of power and forward drive thanks to the flexible spine, strong abdominal muscles, and long loins.

All dogs have flexible spines which can potentially make them good runners.

Paws, Pads and Nails

A dogs paws have a specialized structure that enables them to accelerate faster during a race. Their paws are are protected by thick, resilient pads that help them grip almost any type of surface, while their toenails help provide traction.

Your dog’s paws are one of the reasons that a Pug can run faster than a human.


Unlike humans that have a collar bone, canines have disconnected shoulder bones that enable them to have a greater stride that makes running easier and faster.

Why Pugs Are Not The Fastest Dogs

are Pugs good running dogs
These brachycephalic dogs that are not made to be great runners.

Even if your Pug loves to run, there’s a good chance they don’t run as fast as some of the other breeds. This is because Pugs have some qualities that don’t allow them to be a great running dog.

Here are some of the reasons Pugs are not meant to be running dogs.

Short Legs

Pugs are toy dogs with short, stubby legs that prevent them from being fast or avid running dogs. Yes, it’s possible for Pugs to run around your backyard or the dog park with other dogs, their short legs will hinder them from being the fastest dogs.

Unlike larger dogs, Pugs will have smaller strides which will take them a lot longer to travel greater distances.

Brachycephalic Breed

Pugs have smushed faces like bulldogs, boxers, Shih Tzu, and etc. These dogs are not well-suited for vigorous aerobic exercises, especially, in warm wheather.

Their short snouts compromise can quickly compromise their ability to breathe. If your Pug loves running, it’s important you don’t overdo it. Make sure you give them plenty of rest and access to cold water. You also don’t want to take them on a run with you during the hottest part of the day.

Why Some Pugs Run Faster?

You may have seen some videos on social media where some Pugs look really fast while others look like they are running on a treadmill. What causes the difference in speed from the same breed?

How fast your dog runs will depend on the following factors.


Your dog’s age will play a huge role in how fast your dog runs. A younger dog will be able to run faster than an older dog. Like humans, as a dog ages, they lose their ability to do the same things they did when they were younger.

An older dog may be dealing with arthritis which can cause their joints to ache whenever they run.


A young healthy Pug will be able to run faster and longer than a young Pug that is dealing with health issues. If your Pug is dealing with health issues, you should avoid trying to make them run.

They Love It

Just like humans, some Pugs will love running while others can’t stand it. Dogs that love running will usually be faster because they are doing something they enjoy.

If your Pug hates running, they may prance or jog after a toy you toss. However, you’ll never get them to run 40 meters, no matter how hard you try.


Many people love Pugs because they are laid back dogs that don’t require a lot of physical activity. However, some Pug owners have conditioned their dogs to enjoy running, hiking, and doing other vigorous activities.

A Pug that spends a lot of time doing outdoor activities with their owners will be faster than the average Pug that sits in front of the TV with their owner. The one that gets the most activity will usually be in better overall health.

Mixed Breed

If you have a mixed Pug, you may notice they run faster than purebred Pugs. A mixed breed Pug may have acquired the genes from the non Pug parent which can make them faster than a Pug that has two Pug parents.

Do Pugs Run Fast Compared To Other Breeds?

If you look closely at a Pug, you’ll know they are not meant to be fast runners. If you’re looking for a dog that is fast and has built-in endurance you can take on a run with you, you may want to consider some of these other breeds.

Meet some of the fastest breeds that will give you a run for your money:

BreedTop Speed
Greyhound42 MPH
Saluki42 MPH
Afghan Hound40 MPH
Dalmatian37 MPH
Whippet35 MPH
Doberman Pinscher32 MPH
German Shepherd30 MPH

As mentioned above, most Pugs can average 5-10 MPH. As you can see, they don’t measure up to the fastest dog breeds.

A Look At The Fastest Pug In The World

At the time of this writing, the fastest Pug is 4-year old Emma who was crowned “Berlin’s Fastest Pug.” She runs a 50 meter track in less than 5.866 seconds.

This video will show you just how differently every Pug runs. Some prance, while others just enjoy the attention from the crowd.

Can You Train Your Pug To Run Faster?

Like humans, you can build up the fitness of your dog. That being said, you will never get your dog to be as fast as a Greyhound. But if it currently takes your dog 20.00 seconds to run 50 meters.

You can train them and get them down to 8.65 seconds. The important thing is to not overdo the training and make sure Fido actually enjoys running before you try to train them to run faster.

Not all Pugs like running, some would rather go for a long walk than a short run. Here are some tips to train your Pug to run, if they enjoy it.

Signs your Pug Can Run Fast

Here are some of signs that you may have a fast Pug.

  • You can’t catch her because she’s too fast.
  • She can outrun you easily.

How To Determine How Fast Your Pug Can Run?

training a Pug to run
You’ll need a good stopwatch and some math skills to determine your Pug’s running speed.

After reading this article, you’re probably wondering, “how fast does my Pug run.” Determining how fast your Pug runs can be challenging, but if you have a good stop watch and some math skills, you can determine an approximate speed your Pug can hit.

Take your dog to the racing track or local track to put their running skills to the test. Set a starting and finish line to time their runs.

You may have to start running first to get your Pug to run. Make sure you have someone with you so they can time the start and stop the stopwatch while you’re running with your pooch.

Final Word On Pugs Running Fast

Pugs were not bred to be running dogs, instead, they were bred to be lap dogs. If your pooch enjoys running alongside you, then you should be happy.

If your Pug doesn’t enjoy running, they still need at least 30 minutes of daily exercise. The great thing is there are several types of activities you can do with your Pug to ensure they are not underexercised such as hiking, walking, jogging, and bike riding.

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