Do Pugs Love Their Owners? And How You Can Tell

Dogs are our best friends. They make perfect companions because they are loyal, non-judgemental, dependable, genuine, trustworthy, and a great listener. It’s pretty obvious why we love our canine friends, but do Pugs love their owners?

Do Pugs Love Their Owners?

Yes, Pugs love their owners. According to a study from Emory University, scientists learned that dogs not only love their owners, but they actually see us as their family.  According to the study, your dog relies on you for their protection, affection and everything in between.

They used an fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to help measure the neural responses of canines, after teaching the dogs to lie still in an MRI. 

do pugs love their owners

The research revealed that the dog’s “reward prioritized the smell of humans over anything else.

Additionally, the “reward center” lit up like crazy whenever they caught the aroma of their owner.

You might be wondering, so why do dogs love us? You may also want to know how do Pugs show affection to their owners?

Why Do Pugs Love Their Owners?

Pug love
Pugs are companion dogs and love their owners for more than just food.

Pugs were bred to be companion dogs, these dogs thrive when they are allowed to be a part of their human family. There are several reasons that dogs love their owners and we’ll look at some of them. But first, read this to find out why Pugs stare at their owners.

Is It Because They’re Hungry?

Pugs love to eat and it’s easy to think that your Pug just loves you because they know you feed them. Gregory Berns a neuroscientist at Emory University in Atlanta was by his Pug Newton who had passed to find out if their relationship had been based on food. 

The study tracked dogs’ neurological responses to eating hot dogs some of the time and getting praise some of the time. What they found was the dogs’ reward center of the brain responded to both the food and the praise equally.

Twenty percent of the dogs had stronger responses to praise than the actual food. The study revealed that dogs don’t love food more than us. 

Even though it may look like your Pug loves food more, they secretly love you as much as their favorite dog food!

Is It Because You Give Them Attention?

Pugs love attention and there’s no doubt that they love it when you pet them and cuddle with them.

If you have a Pug, it’s easy to think that your dog just wants to borrow your hand to rub their belly, back or just touch them when they sit beside you on the couch.

However, according to the studies, dogs love their owners for more than just the attention you give them.

Giving our dog attention is a great way to show them that you care and love them.

Does My Pug Love Me And What To Look For?

While your dog won’t come out and tell you that they love you unless you’ve taught them how to say I love you. However, dogs have several ways of communicating their feelings, and here are some signs that your Pug has bonded with you.

Signs that your Pug loves you:

  • Leans Up Against You.
  • Body Language (tail wagging, barks and etc.)
  • Yawns When You Yawn
  • Loves Cuddling With You.
  • Makes Eye Contact With You.
  • Is Excited When You Come Home.
  • They Bring You Their Favorite Toy.
  • Steals your Clothing.
  • They Will Follow You Everywhere.
  • Sleep In Your Bedroom.
  • They Check Up On You.
  • Seeks Physical Contact.
  • They Give You A Doggie Smile

I Love My Pug Does She Know It?

Yes, your dog knows how much you love her! According to several studies, dogs and humans share a human oxytocin bonding pathway that is normally reserved for social relationships between individuals.

Both you and your Pug’s oxytocin levels rise, when you stare, pet or play with them. If you ever notice your Pug staring at you, they are most likely just saying they love you or “giving you a hug” with their eyes.

Do Pugs Bond With One Person?

I’ve personally never met a Pug that didn’t love people. These dogs love everyone they meet, however, they usually bond with one person.

If you just got a Pug or are thinking about adopting one, you need to understand how to bond with a Pug. Once you form that unbreakable bond, you will have no doubt if your Pug loves you.

Is My Pug’s Love Unconditional?

Most people think that dogs love unconditionally because they forgive us quickly. 

For instance, if you yell at your Pug, she’ll become sad and put her tail between her legs and go lie down. However, if you call her to you and start petting her, she’ll act as if nothing happened.

There have been some studies that show there is proof of some unconditional love, it doesn’t prove that dogs will love their owners forever.

This may be a sign of survival for your dog. Imagine if all the dogs in shelters couldn’t love any other person because they couldn’t get over their first human family.

It would make it impossible to find them good homes with families that are ready to love and care for them.  

So while it’s nice to know that your Pug’s reward center lights up when they see or smell you. It’s also nice to know that dogs live in the moment and don’t regret the past or worry about the future, which makes it possible to adopt a new dog that will happily bond with you.

Final Word On Does My Pug Love Me?

Pugs are great family dogs and once they bond with you, they’ll be great companions that will give you years of enjoyment. 

Puppy love is real and dogs are man’s and woman’s best friend. It’s no wonder that there are 89.7 million domesticated dogs in the United States.  

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