Can Pugs Drink Milk And The Best Milk to Give Your Puppy

Have you ever wondered “can Pugs drink milk?” After all, these little adorable dogs love to eat and drink everything. Well, after doing some research I have found everything you need to know about whether or not all milk is bad for dogs. If you have a brand new puppy, then you need to know what type of milk to give them.

Can Pugs Drink Milk

It depends, some dogs have no problems digesting milk and dairy products. However, others may experience acute intestinal distress such as vomiting or diarrhea, or gas whenever they consume these types of foods.

Newborn puppies should be getting their milk from their mother, or you may need to bottle feed them some milk for puppies, which usually consists of a formula for puppies also known as Puppy Replacement milk.

can pugs drink milk

The way your dog reacts will depend on how your dog can handle a specific nutrient found in milk, which is known as lactose.

Is Milk Good for Pugs?

We’ve all heard the saying that milk does a body good. However, this is NOT true for your four-legged friend. In fact, there are no benefits of milk for dogs.

In humans, milk is known to strengthen bones, improve cardiovascular and oral health, prevent cancer and relieve PMS. Most dogs that consume milk, may suffer from intestinal distress, gas, vomiting, or diarrhea.

In fact, it can do more harm to your four-legged friend than good. We’ll talk more about this problem later on below.

If you do give your canine some milk, it should only be done so in moderation. Like many human foods, it should never be a big part of their diet.

You will also need to understand that many canines are lactose intolerance. This doesn’t necessarily mean that your dog is allergic to milk, it just means that they may develop a lactose intolerance to it.

We’ll take a look at some of the signs and symptoms that will help you tell whether or not your dog is lactose intolerant. Plus, we’ll take a look at what type of milk you should be giving puppies that don’t have lactose in it.

What Is Lactose

can dogs drink goats milk
Cows and goats milk has no benefits for dogs.

Lactose is basically sugar and it is found in human milk. This requires an enzyme called lactase for proper digestion. Puppies are known to have this enzyme because it helps them breakdown their mother’s milk while nursing.

While puppies can drink their mother’s milk, they should NEVER be given cow’s or goat’s milk. You should never give milk to an adult Pug because they do not carry that enzyme.

Other Foods Your Pug Should Never Eat:

Can Pugs Eat Chocolate?

Why Popcorn Is Bad for Pugs?

Can Pugs Drink Cow Milk?

can pugs drink cow milk
You should NEVER let your Pug drink cow milk.

While dog milk is essential in the development of puppies, they should only drink the milk that is fed by their mother. Of course, if the mother is NOT around, you will need to bottle feed them. I had to do this with Mindy my black Pug because the breeder sold her too early.

If you have to bottle feed your Pug, you need to give your puppy specially formulated milk, but not cow milk. Cow milk is not essential for a dog’s diet and they can live without it and should not consume any type of dairy products.

What Happens If A Dog Drinks Milk?

If an adult dog drinks milk, they will have a difficult time digesting it. Puppies can start to develop lactose intolerance around the age of three to six months.

Symptoms of Lactose Intolerance

The symptoms of lactose in dogs is not life-threatening unless they continue for extended periods of time. They are, however, uncomfortable for your pooch. Symptoms can start showing as early as thirty minutes after consuming the dairy product and as late as two hours.

Signs your pug can exhibit:

  • Weight loss
  • Weakness
  • Bloating
  • Peeing or pooping in the house
  • Abdominal pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration

Types of Dairy Products That Are Bad for Your Pug

Butter – contains about .8% to 1% lactose

Yogurt – Greek yogurt contains 4 grams of lactose per 6-ounce container. Here are 7 of the best dairy-free yogurts that may be better for your Pug. Source

Ice Cream – When milk is changed into ice cream, the amount of lactose is altered. However, it still contains a high amount of sugar and fat, which are not good for your Pug.

Cow’s Milk – It contains about 5% of lactose and should never be given to adult Pugs or puppies.

Cheese – With many different types of cheeses, the amount of lactose will vary. Cheddar cheese has 0.2 grams versus 6 grams in Feta. Muenster and Limburger both contain around 1% or less of lactose. Read this if you want to know is cheese good for Pugs?

Are Pugs Lactose Intolerant?

Like humans, any dog regardless of breed can develop lactose intolerance to dairy products. Once pug Puppies have been weaned, they will produce less lactose and this is when they will become lactose intolerant.

Dogs will experience the same symptoms as people that suffer from this condition. This is why it’s so important to avoid giving your Pug milk and dairy products that can trigger food allergies in dogs.

What Can Puppies Drink?

During the first few weeks of a puppy’s life, your poop will get all their nourishment and sustenance from their mother’s milk. You shouldn’t try giving them any water until they are completely weaned.

And you never want to give your Pug beer, regardless of the age of your pup.

What Kind Of Milk Can Puppies Drink?

If for some reason you are responsible for bottle feeding your puppy due to unforeseen issues such as the mother dying or developing an illness that prevents them from producing and delivering milk to their offspring.

Maybe you have a runt like I did, then they may have trouble competing with their siblings. Therefore, you’ll have to step in to ensure they get some alternative nourishments.

If you bottle-feed your pup (like I had to do) then you will want to use powdered puppy formula using milk replacer.

Never feed your puppy goats or cow milk as it can lead to serious complications. You’ll want to opt for a dehydrated/powdered form of milk replacement products.

There are plenty of milk replacers online such as Pet Ag Esbilac, PetLac and etc. Never feed your puppy human milk!

Pro Tip: Not all milk replacers are created equally, so make sure you do your due diligence to find the best one for your puppy,

At 8 weeks old, your pup should be weaned from their mother or bottle feeding. At this point, their diet should consist of a well-balanced puppy diet and should only be drinking water. I’ve put together a list of the best puppy food for Pugs to ensure proper growth and development.

Read this article if you need help getting your dog to drink more water.

Can Puppies Drink Baby Formula?

It’s easy to think that your Pug puppy can drink the same baby formula as your child. However, human babies and human formula are very different.

The human baby formula is made with cow’s milk and contains lactose, which is bad for your pooch.

Puppies are unable to digest lactose and this can cause diarrhea. Diarrhea in puppies can cause dehydration and may even lead to death.

Your pooch requires its own products that are designed specifically for them. This includes shampoos, toys, car seats and etc. I’ve put together a list of the best shampoos for your pooch that won’t cause them any harm when they’re ready for their first bath.

What To Do If Your Dog Drinks Milk?

If your pooch has an occasional lick of your ice cream or takes a lap of milk from your cereal bowl, it’s no big deal. Unless your Pug suffers from food allergies.

The best thing to do is to avoid letting your Pug consume any type of dairy product. If they do happen to drink a large amount, you’ll need to watch for the signs and symptoms of lactose intolerance.

If they start showing signs, you will need to contact your veterinarian and inform them how much milk they drank as well as the type they drank.

At the most, you should contact the Animal Poison Control (APCC), which is a great resource for any animal poison-related emergency. You can contact them 24 hours a day at (888) 426-4435.

Related Questions

Is Milk Bad For Pugs? A dog should never be given cow milk. However, some dogs may be able to drink soy, goat or oat milk without any issues. Milk should be avoided if your Pug has any type of food allergies.

Can Pugs Have Milk? While most dogs will be fine if they drink very small amounts of cow’s milk or goat’s milk. That being said, you never want to give your pooch more than a tablespoon on very rare occasions.

Can Dogs Drink Almond Milk? Almond milk is made from processing almonds, which are known to be safe for pets in moderation. While Pugs can eat almonds, there are many things a pet parent should know before feeding it to them.

The biggest problem with adding almond milk to your Pug’s diet is can cause them to gain weight.

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