Why Do Pugs Smell Like Corn Chips What You Need to Know

If you’ve owned a Pug for a while, you’ve probably asked yourself “why do pugs smell like corn chips?” You’re not the only one, in fact, many Pug owners say that their Pugs feet smell like Fritos. Today, we’re going to take a look at why dog’s feet smell like a snack.

Why Do Pugs Smell Like Corn Chips?

That corn chips smell you’re smelling, could be your dog’s natural smell or it could be a result of a bacteria known as Proteus or Pseudomonas. All canine’s feet smell like Fritos aka corn chips, because they sweat through their foot pads.

Some people interpret the swear the tortilla smell resembles popcorn, which is a result of yeast and bacteria on your pooch. If your Pug is stinking bad, these dog shampoos will help your house smell better.

why do pugs smell like corn chips

You’ll also notice that Pugs smell like corn chips while they are sleeping. I always liked that about Mindy my black Pug. In fact, we called her Frito Feet sometimes as a joke.

Check out this article on why Pugs smell and are considered some of the stinkiest dogs.

Bacteria That Smells Like Corn Chips

Pseudomonas and Proteus are the two types of natural bacteria that can be found in both soil and water. When your dog walks around on the ground, this bacteria gets stuck in the crevices of their paw.

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors playing, then they are stepping on grounds that most likely have this natural type of bacteria.

Once the bacteria work their way up to the fur surrounding the toe pads. These bacteria emit a scent that resembles corn chips to some and a popcorn smell to other people.

This is why your Pug smells like your favorite snack food. Your dog isn’t likely stealing corn chips from your pantry nor is the tortilla smell coming from their favorite dog food.

It’s actually very normal for all dogs to suffer from Frito Feet. If you don’t want your dog to smell like tortilla snacks, you can find some tips below to help minimize the odor.

How To Prevent Dog Feet From Smelling Like Corn Chips?

Most people love the Pug Frito feet smell, but if it’s constantly making you hungry or nauseous, then here are some things you can to help control that Frito paws smell.

Trim their Nails: By keeping your Pug’s nails nicely trimmed, you can prevent this bacteria from getting caught in their long nails.

These nail clippers make it so easy to keep your Pug’s nails nice and trimmed.

Trim The Hair Around The Nails: One of the best ways to prevent bacteria from hanging around your dog’s paws is to keep the hair in between the crevices nice and trimmed.

If these tips don’t help solve that itchy smelly smell for your Pug, you should contact your veterinarian. They will be able to tell you whether it’s just their normal natural smell or if it’s an actual infection.

Don’t forget to ask them for a foot soak recommendation to help control the corn chip smell.

Pugs feet do normally smell like corn chips, however, their whole body should not.

Remedies to Getting Rid of Frito Feet

Is there really a remedy for stinky dog feet? Well, based on my research, there are several home remedies and treatments for this condition, but you can’t get rid of it completely.

Diet – Some people claim that by switching their Pugs diet to a higher quality dog food can help control these types of odors. Here’s a list of some of the best dogs foods for Pugs.

Yeast requires sugar as a source of energy. Carbohydrates break down into sugar, this is why it’s important to give your dogs the right treats and food to control the yeast levels in your dog’s body.

Bath – Like your Pugs wrinkles, the crevices between your dog’s foot pads are the perfect moist environment for yeast and bacteria to grow.

Wiping your dog’s paws won’t necessarily get the job done. The best thing you can do is soak their paws using a foot soak with:

  • Gallon of water
  • One cup of hydrogen peroxide
  • 1-4 cups of white vinegar

Soak your Pug’s feet in the solution and pat dry without rinsing. Not rinsing the solution acts as an anti-fungal and should reduce the digging and licking.

If your Pug continues to lick the solution, then you may want to rinse the solution off their paws.

According to veterinarian Dawn Ruben, hydrogen peroxide can be safe for dogs, if not consumed in large amounts.

Baking Soda – Fill your bathtub with enough water to cover your dog’s paws and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Let your Pug’s feet soak in the tub for several 5 – 10 minutes and then wash each paw with vinegar. Many people online claim that this home remedy will help minimize this smell.

Feed Your Dog Yogurt – Avoid using sugary yogurts and opt for Greek Yogurt. Give them 1/2 a cup daily for two weeks then cut back to 3 days per week.

Wash Their Paws On A Regular Basis – If you don’t feel comfortable using hydrogen peroxide on your Pug’s feet, you can wash them twice daily with a gentle soap.

When Mindy suffered from allergies, we had to wash her feet on a daily basis, this is what we used. After we washed her feet, we would pat dry them with a towel and then rub some coconut oil on them.

Bottom Line

Your Pug’s feet are going to smell like corn chips and there’s not a lot you can do about it. As long as your dog is not constantly licking or biting their feet, it’s natural for your Pug’s feet to stink.

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