Why Does My Pug Smell Like Fish And How To Get Rid Of It

Have you ever noticed your Pug scooting across the floor and then smelled something fishy? Well, if you’ve ever wondered “why does my Pug smell like fish,” you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at some possible reasons your Pug smells fishy.

Why Does My Pug Smell Like Fish?

The most common reasons that dogs smell fishy is due to their anal glands. One of the best ways to control this odor is through their diet. A firm stool will help express the fluid when they are going to the bathroom.

Instead, of secreting it randomly all over your house, and couch.

why does my pug smell like fish

Unfortunately, it will still discharge whenever they are scared.

A dog’s anal glands will discharge spontaneously, leaving behind an awful fishy odor.

Some people will say that it smells like rotten fish and others say it smells like a skunk. Either way, it’s a smell that you can’t ignore. Read this article to find out other possible reasons your Pug can stinks.

It’s not unusual for your dog to leave a clear or brown mucus-like discharge from their anus on the couch, carpet or whatever they happen to be sitting on.

The discharge does not leave a stain, and the smell is usually gone within 24 hours. However, this doesn’t mean that it goes unnoticed.

It’s always best to have some type of air freshener or Lysol if you have a Pug living indoors. They can be pretty smelly especially when they fart. You also want to make sure that you bathe them on a regular basis. Here are some shampoos that will work wonders for controlling that bad doggie smell.

Why Does My Male Pug Smell Like Fish?

If your male dog smells fishy, it’s most likely their anal glands. These are two anal glands that are found in the rectum.

Healthy anal glands should only discharge for two possible reasons, when your dog is pooping and when they are scared.

If the glands are not functioning properly, they can suddenly empty through no fault of the pooch.

Dogs anal glands tend to secrete when they are scared. Pugs are also known to be rather leaky when they are relaxed or napping.

When they become blocked and uncomfortable, they will drag their anus along the ground. It may look funny to see your dog dragging their butt on the ground, but it’s a sign that they are experiencing discomfort.

Why Does My Female Pug Smell Like Fish

Just like males females suffer from anal gland secretions that give off that nasty fishy smell.

However, it’s not unusual to sense other smells coming from a female, that you may not smell with a male.

For instance, female dogs will give off a smell when they are in heat and they tend to suffer from urinary tract infections more than males.

However, if your female Pug is smelling fishy, it most likely means that that they are having anal gland issues.

Are Blocked Anal Sacs In Dogs Dangerous?

While they are not life-threatening, it can be added to the discomfort and cause your pooch unnecessary physical pain. They will be more likely to scratch and bite their rear end to relieve the pressure.

It can also cause them emotional damage from the fear and stress of trying to understand what’s happening.

If left untreated, it can eventually lead to an infection in your dog. You should take the steps to get the anal glands squeezed.

If you notice blood or puss in your dog’s fecal matter, then don’t hesitate to contact your veterinarian.

Anal sac disease is very common, especially, among small dog breeds.

How to Get rid of Fishy Smell From Dog

You’ll most likely want to scold your dog for the smell, however, it’s not their fault that they smell fishy. Mindy my black Pug smelled fishy a few times and I had no clue why.

After reading tons of information online, I finally realized there were some things that I could do as an owner.

The main thing you can do for your pet is to ensure that they have healthy bowel movements.

This can help prevent the fishy smell whenever they poop. Your dog’s stool requires firmness and volume to help drain the glands properly.

Proper Diet and Exercise for Your Dog

Just like humans, the food we eat and lack of exercise can have a detriment effect on our lives. The same goes for your Pug.

Sufficient daily exercise, good hydration (check out these water bowls for your Pug), and a healthy well-balanced diet is the key to good bowel movements.

Choose foods that are rich in fiber that will help your pooch have more normal and healthy bowel movements. I’ve put together a list of some of the best foods for Pugs and this one is rich in fiber.

I have a friend who had a Pug and she added pumpkin to their food to help increase the fiber in the food.

Some Pugs can acquire allergies from food. If you’re unsure of what type of food you should feed your Pug, then consult with your veterinarian.

They will be able to guide you as to the best food for your Pug to ensure they have healthy bowel movements throughout the day.

The main thing is to ensure that your dog’s stool is not watery. Watery stool does not place enough pressure on the glands to help drain them.

Preventing Your Dog From Getting Scared

As I mentioned earlier, anal glands will secrete if your dog gets scared. If your Pug is scared of everything, even their own shadow, it’s time to start training them to remove the fear.

The underlying fear most likely deals with a behavioral issue that you need to resolve.

You will first need to understand what’s causing the fear in your dog. This means you will need to use a petcam or some type of video recorder to record your dog while you’re away to see what they are scared of.

Once you know why your Pug is always scared, you can start working on resolving the issue to remove the phobia.

Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell Like Fish?

If you notice your Pug’s breath smelling fishy, it most likely has to do with their anal sacs. When they are full and uncomfortable, it’s not unusual for your dog to lick their behind to try to make it feel better.

This is why you notice a fishy smell and not the chicken or the main ingredients in their kibble, the most likely culprit is they just licked their behind.

If you notice a fishy smell coming from their mouth on a regular basis, it could be that your Pug is suffering from a periodontal issue such as bad breath, an infected tooth or something else going on in the mouth.

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