Pug Personality Traits Is It The Right Dog for You

Pugs are extremely cute because of their flat face and floppy ears. However, there are some Pug personality traits you need to be aware of to see if this is the right breed for you.

Pugs have a dry sense of humor and can be as stubborn as a rock. They are considered a “toy breed” and quickly become “velcro dogs” that follow you everywhere. Once they gain your trust, you’ll have a loyal companionship for several years.

I’ve seen so many people decide to get a family pet only to realize it wasn’t the right one for their family. That’s why I wanted to share some facts that I’ve learned from living with a black Pug for 16 years.

pug personality traits

Pug Dog Breed Characteristics

Pugs are small stalky dogs that do well in pretty much environment. Whether you live in a small apartment or large home, they can adapt to any environment.

Here’s a list of some of the other traits you can expect from this breed:

  • Perfect for first-time pet owners. (read this to see a list of 15 things you should know about Pugs)
  • They do well alone (as long as you don’t leave them for extremely long periods of time)
  • Don’t do very well in extremely cold or hot temperatures.
  • Extremely affectionate and love attention.
  • Kid-friendly and does well with other animals. (even cats).
  • Friendly with strangers (as long as they rub their belly or pet them).
  • Shed a lot (you’ll need a great brush and groom them regularly)
  • Are generally known to have several health issues.
  • Prone to being overweight. (proper nutrition and exercise is vital).
  • Don’t get very big. (It’s important to maintain a good weight to avoid joint problems).
  • Easy to train (it takes time and patience and plenty of snacks).
  • Loud sleepers (have a tendency to snore or snort loudly)
  • Don’t have a lot of energy (perfect for anyone who doesn’t want an active dog)
  • Stubborn and want to get their own way. (you’ll want to start training them quickly)
  • Extremely loyal and great companions for anyone.

I’m sure that there are a ton of benefits of owning a Pug. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the Pug dog traits you need to consider before deciding to bring one home.

5 Pug Personality Traits You Need to Consider

If you’ve never had a dog before, you may not have any idea of what you’re looking for in one. That’s why I think every new pet owner should take this breed selector test. It will help you decide whether a Pug is a right choice.

I’m going to share some of the things that I found out after owning Mindy my black Pug. I got Mindy when she was a baby, someone gave her to me as a birthday present.

It was love at first sight, who doesn’t love puppies? Well, you need to keep in mind that your Pug is only considered a puppy for the first year. Here’s a growth chart of how fast your pet will grow.

It’s important to know because those traits you think are cute while they are puppies, won’t be cute when they are an adult or senior.


At one point or another, your Pug will test your patience. Maybe it’s while you are training them or just calling them and they ignore you because they’re not ready to come to you?

Pugs can be stubborn and if they don’t want to do something, they are just going to flat out refuse to do it.

While they do have a stubborn streak, they are NOT aggressive. Mindy never once growled at nor did she ever try to bite me.

Once they gain your loyalty, you’ll have a friend for life. They will follow you everywhere and quickly become your shadow.

You might even find your Pug wanting to stand under your legs. I am very lucky that I never broke any bones from tripping over Mindy several times.

They love to eat and if you’re willing to get down and play with them anytime. This breed will do best in homes that provide them plenty of attention and are treated like a member of the family.

Activity Requirements

Pugs can be happy as a couch potato and have a lazy nature. They do not require a lot of physical activity or exercise to stay in shape. They’ll be fine with a daily walk around the neighborhood or playing with their toys in the backyard.

This daily activity will be enough to provide them with their daily exercise requirements. They love playing, especially with other dogs or children.

It’s vital to prevent them from jumping off high places which could cause them to suffer from joint damage. If they are allowed to get on the furniture or sleep on the bed, you will want to get dog steps to prevent accidents from falls.


As I mentioned above, this breed can be stubborn and get bored quickly. Because of this, they are not the easiest breed to train.

There will be some days when you think that it’s impossible to train them. However, they are smart dogs and they have a strong desire to please the leaders. (that’s you)

You’ll do best when you provide them with positive reinforcement training. Make sure that you have plenty of snacks and treats when training them.

It’s easier to train Pugs that are six months or younger. It’s harder to train an adult or senior dog, although it can be done, you’ll just need a lot more patience.

Some people think that it takes a long time to house-train Pugs. Just like other breeds, you’ll do best if you put them on a regular routine and take them outside at the same time daily.

You need to realize that they won’t have the muscles to control their bowels and bladder until they are around 6 months old. Just like any other training, you’ll do best to potty train them by using plenty of positive reinforcements that come in the form of their favorite food and treats.

Behavioral Traits

Pugs have a tendency to make noises like barking, snorting, yapping, or even grunting. It’s not impossible to train them to discourage unnecessary barking or “yappiness.” Start early with training and let them know that you don’t appreciate those excessive noises.

When I brought Mindy home, I was working 3rd shift. I didn’t want Mindy barking excessively, so we trained her not to bark. Instead, whenever she got so excited, she would make a “dove sound” instead of barking.

It was cute and it was so nice to have a dog that didn’t bark. She still found a way to communicate with us. They don’t make the best guard dogs, so don’t expect them to protect you.

They love food and this can lead to them begging for food while you are eating. All human food isn’t good for your Pug, that’s why you should avoid feeding your dog scraps.

If they learn that you’re not going to give them food, you won’t have to worry about them constantly begging.

You’ll also be able to avoid those begging issues if you’re feeding them on a regular basis. Create a feeding schedule so they understand when their food time is, they do best when they know when they are able to eat.


Dogs, in general, are sociable creatures and Pugs are no different. They do well with other dogs and even cats. It’s best to start socializing them early so they can get used to being around other animals.

If you already have a dog at home, you’ll want to make sure that you introduce them properly. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re giving your Pug plenty of attention so they don’t become jealous, yes, Pugs do get jealous.

Pugs are known to get attached to one person, even if there are multiple people living in the house. I had Mindy for 16 years and there were other people living in the house.

Yet, she always chose to follow me around everywhere I went. I called her my “shadow” because wherever I was she was right there beside me.

Pug Dogs As Pets

Every breed has different personalities and characteristics. Some require more attention and exercise than others. Before you run out and get any type of dog, take a look at yourself.

Are you the type of person who likes going for daily runs? If so, then a Pug may not be the right pet for you. Do you enjoy traveling the world? You can either take your Pug with you or avoid getting one, they won’t do well if they are left unattended for long periods of time.

Overall, Pugs are great companions and will fill your household with tons of love and affection. You can’t go wrong with this breed and Mindy changed my life during her 16 years with me.

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