How To Control Pug Shedding In Your (Home, Furniture & You)

By now you’re aware just how much your cute Pug sheds. Before you got your pup, your house was always clean, now it looks like a mess with dog hair everywhere. Below you’ll find some tips on how to control Pug shedding and keep your home clean at the same time.

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How To Control Pug Shedding

Brush your Pug on a daily basis, do everything to reduce stress, train them to be vacuumed and clean your home on a daily basis to control the unwanted dog hair. Unfortunately, Pugs shed a lot, but these tips will help you control the amount of dog hair in your home.

how to control pug shedding

It’s easy to think that your Pug’s short hair won’t easily get on your floors, furniture, vehicle and everywhere your dog goes. However, it does and these tips will help you keep your home as clean as it can be.

But first, let’s look at some simple steps you can use to manage your dog’s shedding problems.

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Brush Your Pug’s Coat On A Daily Basis

brush your Pug daily
Daily brushing can help reduce your dog’s shedding problem

You can’t stop your Pug from shedding, but you can reduce the amount in your home by brushing your dog on a regular basis. Make sure you’re using a dog brush that is designed specifically for a Pug’s type of coat. I’ve put together some of the best brushes for Pugs to help you reduce the shedding problem.

I recommend brushing your dog outside if possible. If not, then lay a towel down and have your put sit on the towel so you can take it outside and shake the hair off the towel and throw it in the washer machine.

Allergy and Flea Control

If you notice that your Pug is shedding more than normal, it could be due to fleas, lice, mites, and ticks, especially if your pup has been spending time outdoors. An infestation can cause your dog to continually lick and groom themselves, which will only cause them to lose more hair in your home.

Consult your veterinary to find the best flea and tick medication for your Pug.

Reduce Stress In Your Dog

Yes, Pugs can stress just like people. Experts say that high-stressed or highly anxious dogs tend to shed more than those that are relaxed and carefree.

Do everything you can to make your Pug feel relaxed.

The above are just a few of the things you can do to manage your dog’s shedding to help keep your home clean. Read this article for a more in-depth guide on Pug shedding as well as some more tips on how to manage this problem.

Now let’s look at how to keep your personal environment clean of dog hair.

How To Control Dog Hair In The House?

Pug shedding solutions
Just because you have a home, doesn’t mean you have to let pet hair take over your life!

Maybe you already have a Pug or still want to get one because of how cute they are. Whether you have a dog or a cat, these tips can help you keep your home cleaner.

Keeping Your Kitchen Hair Free

Your one area is where your Pug will hang out, especially, if you let them eat human food. Wipe down all your counters and cooking areas with a damp cloth.

Keep Your Bedding Fresh and Clean

If you let your Pug sleep with you at night, then you may want to consider getting them to sleep in their own bed. If that’s not an option, then you may want to cover your bed with a sheet or folded towel in your dog’s favorite spot.

When your dog gets on the blankets, bedding or pillows, use a dryer sheet to remove any dog hair. The dryer sheet will pick up any loose hair from the bedding.

Scented dryer sheets will remove any pet odor that is lingering in your room. This is especially important, as Pugs tend to smell more than other breeds.

Washing your comforter, and bed sheets separately from other clothes. This will prevent getting any hair on other clothing.

Use Slip Covers To Keep Pet Hair Off Your Furniture

No one wants to sit on a sofa or couch that is covered with pet hair. Slipcovers can help you protect your furniture and keep. All you have to do is remove the pet slipcover and throw it in the washer machine.

You can even get slipcovers to protect your car seats.

Keeping Your Floors Free Of Pet Hair

Use a good dust mop, instead of a vacuum. The exhaust on a vacuum will cause the pet hair to fly back onto surfaces or hide in the corners of your floor. On tile flooring, use a damp mop to remove the Pugs hair from the floor.

Caring For Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors seem to attract dog hair, and it seems to accumulate in the corners. You’ll want to vacuum, sweep, and even mop your floors at least 3-4 times a week.

Instead of sweeping which can spread the dog hair everywhere, use a vacuum with a hardwood floor attachment. I recommend buying a lightweight cordless vacuum, so you don’t have to pull out the big vacuum every day. Robotic vacuums can also help you keep your floors clean without you having to work hard.

How To Keep Your Carpets Free From Dog Hair

You’ll want to vacuum 1-2 times per week to keep your carpet free of Pug hair. Believe it or not, some dog lovers have actually had carpet and flooring that matches their pets!

This helps their pet hair match their floors, so it doesn’t look dirty all the time.

If that’s not an option, then you may just want to invest in a Bissell vacuum that is designed specifically for pets.

A good vacuum is going to be your best friend to help you keep your carpet free of dog hair.

Use Professional House Cleaning Service

Some pet lovers have found it easier to use professional services such as house cleaning services. Having your home cleaned professionally every two weeks can make a huge difference.

The best part is you’ll have more time to spend with Fido!

If you can’t afford to use a house cleaning service every week, you should budget some money to have your floors cleaned professionally at least once a month.

Protecting Your Vehicle

control dog shedding house
A slip cover can protect your vehicle, couch, sofa, and recliner from dog hair

Before putting your dog in the car, cover the back seats with some old blankets or some nonslip pet car seat covers like these. They are universal car seat covers that work for cars, SUV’s and trucks.

The best part is they are nonslip, which means you don’t have to worry about your Pug slipping off the seat if you have to break suddenly. The waterproof material makes it perfect in case your pooch has an accident or gets in the car with wet paws.

Whenever your Pug gets out of the car, you can just wipe down the seat cover with a damp cloth or vacuum it. When it becomes too dirty, you can take it out and throw it in the washer machine.

This will help you protect your vehicle and keep it in great shape, in case you ever want to sell it in the future.

Protecting Your Clothing

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Avoid dark-colored clothing as fur tends to stand out on darker hues. If you have a black Pug, avoid wearing light-colored clothing. Tan and gray are great neutral colors that won’t reveal the dog hair, and they go great with virtually any other color.

Invest in some lint brushes or latex gloves to help you remove the pet hair. Latex gloves work similarly to lint brushes, you put on a pair and wipe your palm across your clothing. The fur will ball up and you can easily remove it from your clothing.

Make sure you keep your closet door closed, as Pugs are very curious creatures. If they find a way into your closet, you may find them lying down on your shoes, shirts, or other piece of clothing as they love lying on things. (at least mine did)

These Scotch-Brite Pet Hair Lint Rollers work really well and can help you clean up quickly before heading out the door for work looking like your dog slept on your clothing.

Minimizing The Appearance of Dog Hair

clean your floors
Use a good high quality filter and air purifier which can help you with the dog hair and dog smell

Even if you take all the steps above and clean your home every day, it will be impossible to remove every single dog hair strand from your home. A good quality air filter for your home and vacuum can help catch any missed hairs floating around your home.

The downside is that Pugs have course hair that doesn’t float around as much as other breeds. But an air filter can help minimize dust particles in your home, which will help decrease the amount of time you’ll need to spend dusting and cleaning.

Bottom Line

Having dog hair in your home is a pain, but your adorable Pug makes it worth it. Staying on top of grooming your Pug and cleaning your home will help keep the dog hair to a minimum.

No one said it was going to be easy to keep your home clean when you had pets. Frequent vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep your home hair free!

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