70+ Female Pug Names With Meaning You’ll Both Love

You’ve acquired a new Pug puppy and now’s the time to give her a name. You want one she won’t outgrow as they age. Chances are you’ve been searching all over the Internet for that perfect name.

Many pet owners say that coming up with the perfect name is one of the hardest things to do. That’s why I’ve put together a huge Pug names database to help you name your new Pug, regardless of age or gender.

In this article, I’m going to help you name your fe

female Pug names with meaning

You’ll find several names for boys and girls. Along with the name, you’ll find the meaning of that name, to help you know what it means.

Top 10 Female Pug Names and Meanings

Below are the top 10 female dog names I found on social media as well as other websites where people said they prefer their dogs. They are not listed in any particular order, all the names made the top 10 list.

BellaItalian for “beautiful”
LucyBorn at daylight or dawn
MaggieGreek origin and means pearl
MollyAnother name Mary means Sea or Bitter
DaisyBritish origin meaning “Day’s eye”
LolaA Spanish name meaning sorrows, a nickname for Dolores
Chloe“Green shoot” refers to new plant growth in the spring
ZoeGreek origin meaning “life”
GingerUsed as a spice but also means reddish-orange color

Female Pug Names

Below you’ll find all kinds of names for your Pug. Whether you’re looking for a unique name, funny, or just a name that matches their personality and appearance, you’ll find it below.

If not, then you’ll at least have a list of ideas to help you brainstorm for the perfect name. The goal is to help you find the perfect name for your female Pug. Be sure to check out this huge list of female Pug names for more inspiration.

AbbyShort for Abigail and it means “my father is a source of great joy.”
AdrianneFeminine form of Adrian
AldonaA 14th Century Polish queen, and the daughter of a Grand Duke of Lithuania
AvaA variant of Eve. It became a popular name for girls in the US, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. Means “voice, sound” in Persian.
AngelA messenger from God
CallieOrigin Greek Most beautiful
CharlottePetite or feminine
BambiDisney character but also means Little girl
FairyMystic and small creature
EudoraGreek origin means “good gift”
AppleA popular fruit people love eating
LucyEnglish and French feminine name that means daylight, born at dawn.
BonnieScottish name that means pretty.
Brandy Originated in Italy and means sword.
ChelseaEnglish origin meaning “Port For Chalk or Limestone”
AyraNoble Goodness
CarlyFree and pleasant
CoraGreek origin meaning “filled heart”
EvaHebrew meaning “Giver of life”
AudreeFrench origin meaning “Nobility, strength”
MackenzieScottish origin meaning “Child of the wise leader”
NoraGreek origin meaning “shining light”
SophiaGreek origin meaning “Wisdom”
Kaitlyn Greek origin meaning “Pure”
DellaGerman origin meaning “Noble, bright”
AmeliaGerman origin meaning “Striving, industrious”
Alexandra Greek origin meaning “helper, defender of mankind”
EllaEnglish origin meaning “Light, beautiful fairy woman”
AzaleaGreek origin meaning “Dry” and also is a name of a flower.
BelleFrench origin. Belle is short for Isabella and means “Beautiful”
CarmelHebrew origin means “Garden”. It is also the name of a mountain mentioned in the Old Testament.
Delilah Hebrew origin means “Delicate”
GraceEnglish origin means “God’s Favour”
IsabellaHebrew origin meaning “Devoted to God”
LaylaArabic origin meaning “Night”
LunaLatin origin meaning “Famous warrior”
QuinnIrish origin meaning “Reason, Intelligence, and Wisdom”
RuthHebrew origin eaning “the red gemstone”
ZoraA slavic origin that means “dawn”
KikiFrench origin means “double happiness”
KateGreek origin meaning “Pure”
GodivaOld English origin meaning “God’s gift”
CookieEnglish origin that means sweet biscuit.
RoseThe name derived from the Latin rosa and means “flower”.
SummerEnglish origin means the season “summer”. The name represents a carefree attitude.
LottieFrench origin meaning “Feminine and Tiny”
KatherineLatin origin meaning “Clear” and “Pure”
JaylaAfrican-American origin that means “One who is special”
IslaScottish origin meaning “Devoted to God”
TaliaHebrew origin meaning “gentle dew”

Names That Mean Love or Friend

Pugs love to cuddle. It’s normal to want to choose a name that means love. Below are names that mean love and will work perfectly for your canine friend.

AmoreItalian origin means “love”
MilaRussian origin means “dear one”
AshuraOriginated in Swahili and means “friend”
EsmeFrench origin and means “Esteemed, beloved”
MabelOriginated in Diminutive of Amabel and means “Loveable”
AmiasLatin origin means “loved”
AmyFrench origin means “beloved”
PriyaSanskrit origin means “beloved”
AmadeusLatin origin means “Lover of God”
SukiJapanese origin means “Loved one”

Strong Female Pug Names and Meanings

Just because you have a female Pug, doesn’t mean she can’t have a strong name. Females are strong in nature and deserve a name that suits their personality.

All the names below mean strong and powerful that you can choose for your canine friend.

AudreyAn Old English name that means noble strength
BalsindeAn Old Saxon name that means strong or destruction
BellatrixLatin name that manes strong female warrior
CarlaOriginated in Germany that means warrior
BedeliaPowerful, strong
CleopatraOriginated in Greek and means “Glory of the father”
ImaniSwahili meaning “faith”
MildredEnglish origin meaning “gentle strength”
NinaNative American origin meaning “strong”
EldaItalian origin meaning “warrior”
KarlaFrench origin means “strong”
MaudeGerman origin means “mighty battler”
FilomenaGreek origin means “friend of strength”
ValentinaLatin origin means “strong, healthy”
EnidMiddle Welsh origin means “spirit, life”
CassandraGreek origin means “man’s defender, warrior”
DianaGreek origin meaning divine. Diana is a Roman Goddess of the moon and hunt.
DreeGreek Origin meaning “strong and manly”
GertrudeDutch origin meaning “strength, spear”
LennaGerman origin meaning “lion-hearted” or “lion strong”
MichelleFrench origin meaning “Who Is Like God”
AmoryGerman origin meaning “Bravery and Power”
PhoenixGreek origin means “dark Red,” The New Age name symbolizes rebirth and immorality.
BirdieMeans bringing victory and has German and English origins.
TyraScandinavian origin means “God of Battle”
ThoraA feminine version of Thor. Thor originated in Scandinavia and means Thunder.
FreyaGoddess in Norse mythology
Tetsuoriginated in Japan and means “iron” or “Strong”
SerenaThe name has Greek and Latin origins meaning “clear, serene, and tranquil”
XenaGreek origin meaning “guest, stranger”. The name also evolved into a popular fictional character “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

Final Word

I understand how challenging it is to name your new pet. You want something that not only sounds good but means something special as well. Hopefully, you can use the name above to find a great name with that special meaning.

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