How Much Does It Cost To Get A Pug Potty Trained? [Classes, Aids..]

Getting a dog comes with a lot of responsibilities as well as its own set of challenges—some of which you may need to seek professional help for. One of the biggest and most urgent challenges of any dog owner is ensuring that their dog or puppy is properly potty trained before soiling the house solidifies itself as bad behavior. 

How Much Does It Cost to Get A Put Potty Trained?

With the many different options out there, getting your Pug trained can range from $30 a day to roughly $180 a day. Potty training supplies will range from $7.00 – $50.00 or more, depending on what type of products your Pug requires.

An older Pug will require diapers, while a puppy may need pee pads or an indoor litter box.

how much does it cost to get a Pug potty trained

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Enrolling your Pug in puppy classes or obedience classes can greatly improve potty training success by teaching both you and your Pug essential training do’s and don’ts. 

Why is it Such a Wide Price Range to Get Your Pug Potty Trained?

Getting your Pug potty trained can range in cost depending on the facility they receive their training. Breeders, for instance, that offer puppy training classes may be more expensive than having your Pug trained at Petco. 

If a trainer specializes in Pug training specifically, their expertise will likely come with a heftier price than the two just mentioned. 

Other factors can affect the cost of having your Pug potty trained.

Some of these factors include your Pug’s age, health, and the main factors needing to be addressed along with potty training (i.e., chewing or barking excessively). 

Most training classes will go over more than just potty training, so depending on where you go and what they offer in training topics, the price can vary. 

However, if you want to focus more on potty training rather than chewing or barking, you need to inform the trainer of what you are looking to get out of the lessons.  

Another reason why the price varies is because of bundle packages. Consistency is key with training, meaning that you and your Pug will need to attend puppy or obedience classes multiple times in order for the training to be effective. 

Because of this, many training facilities will sell classes individually or as a bulk package. Purchasing a bulk package for six to eight weeks of training can often save you a good chunk of change. 

Other factors that can influence the price is whether you do group classes, individual class, or boarding school classes.

Cost of Potty Training Supplies

Enrolling your Pug in Pug training classes usually doesn’t require the purchasing of potty training aids. Instead, training aids are for pet owners who opt to train their dogs. 

Potty training aids won’t cost as much as you think. If you’re able to give your Pug the proper attention and take them out regularly, they will pick up quickly on the training. 

For those owners who can’t dedicate a lot of time, you may have to buy pee pads or an indoor litter box to help keep your home clean. 

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Like other dogs, Pugs can be potty trained, it just takes persistence and training.

What Are the Different Potty Training Options To Enroll Your Pug In?

Choosing the right training option for you and your Pug to embark on can make all the difference in how successful potty training goes. For instance, if you have a puppy, you won’t want to enroll them in adult canine classes and vice versa. 

The goal of puppy classes is to teach your Pug early on about potty training. It will often cover both potty training and leash walking while teaching you and your Pug commands and keywords to let them know what you need from them. 

Obedience Classes

Individual classes are for Pugs over five months old who are experiencing behavioral problems associated with potty training and other household behavioral issues. 

Around five months of age, your puppy might be a little more defiant or much more easily distracted as they enter a new period of development that shifts their focus. 

These advanced classes will teach your Pug good behavior and how to respect and listen to you. They also help you understand and address the challenges that come with this period in your Pugs life. 

What Do Canine Training Classes Look Like?

Different types of training classes offer you and your Pug several options in the type of atmosphere they learn. With Pugs, who can be distracted quite easily, choosing the right atmosphere and training approach could potentially affect the ease in which your Pug learns. 

Take a look below for the type of training atmosphere most trainers offer.

What Are Group Classes?

Group classes are exactly as they sound, a training class that is done in a group of other dogs and owners. This happens to be one of the cheaper training options, ranging anywhere from $30 to $50 dollars per class. 

For owners able and willing to take a couple of days a week and dedicate it to puppy training classes, this is an affordable and effective training option. 

Group classes also have the added benefit of teaching your puppy socialization skills with other dogs present. 

What Are Individual Classes?

Individual classes give you and your Pug one-on-one time with the trainer. It is a bit more expensive than group training, ranging from $45 to $120 per class. 

Even though it is more expensive, the benefits of one-on-one training can make all the difference. The trainer can focus on you and your Pug’s specific needs and challenges for the duration of the entire class.

Depending on the trainer, they may even be willing to go to your house or apartment for the individual classes. In some cases, they may even take your Pug for the day and return them at night. 

For Pug owners unable to tend to the persistent demand of potty training or are unable to enroll in training classes where the owner is present due to scheduling conflict, this could be a lifesaver. 

Your Pug will have the individual attention of the trainer.

While simultaneously being looked after and brought out for walks while you’re away at work or school. 

What is Canine Boarding School?

If scheduling happens to be a hurdle, you can opt to send them away for training to a kennel or boarding facility that offers this service. 

Boarding your Pug to have them potty trained is one of the more expensive options, at times costing upwards of $500 to $1,250 for a week stay, with the high end costing nearly $128 a day. 

With 24/7 consistent care and training, this option can be well worth the money.

Final Word

No matter what class you decide to take, getting help with potty training, your Pug doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as you choose what is best for you and your Pug. You won’t be disappointed by what the classes offer and how well they work.

The amount of money you spend on training, won’t be a waste. Your Pug will understand what’s right and wrong and you will likely have less accidents in your home.

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