Pug Cell Phone Case Covers for iPhone & Samsung

Every Pug owner knows how special the Pug breed is. You love your dog and want to show off your love for them. Whether you’re looking for a Christmas, birthday, Father’s Day gift or etc.

These Pug cell phone case covers make the perfect gift for any Pug owner.

They not only show off your love for Pugs but also keep your prize phone protected.

Pug cell phone case covers

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In this guide, I will be reviewing the best Pug phone case or covers that are compatible with Apple iPhone, Samsung, and more. I have no doubt you’ll find a cute Pug case you’ll love!

These phone covers can be found on both Etsy and Amazon. I’ve linked to some of my favorite below as well as which phones they are designed for.

I am going to start with the best iPhone cases. If you have a Samsung, scroll down to see the ones that will fit your device.

Pug Cell iPhone Cases

The following cover designs are designed to fit most iPhone phones. However, do you due diligence to ensure it fits your specific phone.

Slim Clear Pug Case for iPhone Xs Max

Slim Clear Lovely Pug Case for iPhone Xs Max Customized Design Soft TPU and Rubber Flexible Durable Shockproof iPhone Xs Max Protective Case-Anti-Slippery

Protect your new iPhone with a cover of your favorite breed. Show off your love for Pugs!

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Show off your love for Pugs with the Slim Clear Lovely Pug Case designed for the iPhone Xs Max. It features a shockproof anti-slip, an anti-scratch design that will help protect your iPhone from cracks or damage.

The unique exterior design consists of an HD vivid print that shows off your love for Pugs. That said, it’s not as durable and shockproof as some of the other cases on this page.

Many people have said it’s a great case to use around the house but may require a more durable case like the LifeProof case when you leave the house.

Cute Pug Apple iPhone Cover

This cute iPhone cover can be purchased on Etsy. It is a custom-made-to-order phone case that works for both the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

It consists of a rubber body to protect your phone in case of a drop and makes it easier to hold the phone. The case has a printable insert that holds a high-quality image that won’t fade, peel or crack.

If your phone model is not listed, reach out to the seller. They may be able to help you get one for your specific phone.

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3D Hipster Cartoon Pug Silicone Dog Cover for iPhone 6S

Cute 3D iPhone Cover for Pug Lovers

This silicone Pug dog phone cover is designed for the 6Plus/6S Plus iPhone Makes a great gift for teenagers, or any Pug lover!

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If you’re looking for a gift for a younger Pug lover, this could be the perfect one. The cartoon silicone cover provides a dirt-resistant and shockproof helps keep the phone protected.

It’s the perfect gift for teenagers, of all ages. If you know someone who loves wearing Pug t-Shirts, or other Pug fashion, they will likely love this cover.

Samsung Galaxy Fun Stylish Cute Pug Dogs Case With Credit Card Slot

Asdsinfor Galaxy A01 Case Full Stylish Advanced Colorful Painted Wallet Case Credit Cards Slot with Stand for PU Leather Shockproof Flip Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy A01 Pug TX-CH

High-quality Samsung Pug dog phone cover. It's the perfect git for men, women, and teens.

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02/18/2024 03:33 pm GMT

This magnetic Samsung case is designed for the Samsung Galaxy A01. It made the list because of the full body paint design that looks amazing.

The credit card slot makes it easy to carry your credit cards, without adding a lot of bulk. It has a built-in stand that makes it easy to play games, watch movies, read your favorite books, or just browse the Internet.

Funny Pug Dog Leather Phone Cover With Wallet

Galaxy S21 Ultra Case,Bcov Funny Pug Dog Leather Flip Phone Case Wallet Cover with Card Slot Holder Kickstand for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

This phone case features a beautiful Pug design that helps you stand out. The multi-functional design makes it easy...

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This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, or just because. Any woman will love the sleek leather feel along with the beautiful Pug pattern on the cover.

It protects your Samsung phone from scratches, dirt, drops, or everyday wear and tear. The wallet cover provides added protection for the phone’s screen.

You can continue using the camera, speakers, buttons, and functional ports without having to remove the case.

How to Choose the Best Pug Phone Case

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite Pug dog phone cases available on the market. That said, what if you didn’t like any of the covers above?

Well, don’t worry, I’m going to share some tips on how to choose the right phone cover for yourself or that special Pug lover in your life.

Here are some things you need to consider before you buy your next cellphone cover.

Decide on a Phone Style or Type

At the time of this writing, there are currently five types of phone covers/cases available for Samsung and iPhones.

  • Fashionable and functional covers: These cases are usually made of leather and feather card and cash slots. They are perfect for women who wear dresses or pants without pockets.
  • Wallet phone cases: A wallet phone case functions as both a phone cover and a wallet.
  • Phone case with built-in battery: This case has a built-in battery to charge your phone while on the go. The juice pack access is compatible with most wireless chargers.
  • Flexible: These are slim phone covers, which are perfect for anyone who wants to protect their cellphone but doesn’t like covers.
  • Slim: If you hate those bulky cases, but want to protect your phone from scratches these are the best designs.
  • Waterproof: Are you worried about dropping your phone in the pool? If so then you’ll want a waterproof cover to protect your phone from water, dirt, and snow.
  • Folio: These resemble a book or Kindle cover. It consists of an opening fold where your phone sits protected. To access your phone, you open it like a book.

Decide on Materials

Once you’ve decided on what type of Pug-themed phone case you want, you need to decide which materials and level of protection you need. Here’s a quick look at the different options available.

  • Plastic or Polycarbonate: These are the most common iPhone and Samsung cases. They are lightweight and more affordable. The downside is they may not be as durable as other materials.
  • Leather and Synthetic: Stylish and elegant cases that are easy to grip. However, they can be more expensive, especially, if it’s designed with real leather.
  • Silicone, gel, or rubber: A soft flexible material that is affordable and easy to grip. The downside is the material is hard to keep clean and difficult to slip in and out of the pocket.
  • Carbon fiber phone cases: This material is used in the aircraft and automotive industry. It provides a cool futuristic look that is stronger than steel but is very lightweight. It’s one of the most expensive cellphone covers on the market but is perfect for people who need a rugged cover.
  • Wood and Metal: More and more cellphone covers are being designed with bamboo or other green materials. These cases are more sustainable than plastic and are more attractive and easy to grip. That said, they may not offer as much protection as some of the other materials.

Decide on Features

And lastly, what features do you need for your new Pug-themed phone cover? Here’s a list of some of the most common features available.

  • Car mount: so you can easily mount it in your car.
  • Kickstand: makes it easy to stand while you watch movies.
  • Folio or Wallet: keep your cash, cards, and phone in one spot.
  • Selfie set up: The forward-facing lights make it easy to take selfies.
  • Screen protector: Tempered screen protectors deflects scratches and cracks.

Final Word

If there’s a Pug lover in your life, be sure to check out the recommended products page. You’ll find other gifts for that special someone as well as other Pug products for your pup!

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