157 Black Pug Names and How to Name Your Dog

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You got a new member of the family, now it’s time to names that both of you will love. I know how hard it can be to name your pet, that’s why I’ve scoured the Internet and came up with 101 black Pug names that you’ll absolutely love.

Pugs are adorable and loyal pets. Today, they are considered to be the 32nd most popular breed according to AKC. When I purchased my black Pug, it took me forever to come up with a name.

I want to help you by sharing some popular names I found online. You can use any of these names from this list or find your own unique ideas.

Black Pug Names: Great Ideas for Naming Your Pet

Naming a brand new pet can be challenging for most new pet owners. You want to come up with a cool name that is easy for your dog to remember and sounds cool.

It’s also best to choose a name that makes it easy to come up with an easy nickname. One thing that I noticed with Mindy, was that I used to call her “Min” for short.

It’s not really cool and I probably could’ve chosen a cooler name like Samantha and called her Sam for short. But when I got Mindy as a present, I had no clue about naming a dog.

That’s why I wanted to share some tips and names to help you out. I’m hoping that I help make the process of naming your new member of the family.

Cute Pug Puppy Names


Girl Pug Names


Boy Pug Names

Popular Pug Names for Females

  1. Stella
  2. Daisy
  3. Maggie
  4. Bailey
  5. Molly
  6. Lucy
  7. Bella
  8. Luna
  9. Lola
  10. Sady

Popular Pug Names for Boys

  1. Charlie
  2. Cooper
  3. Max
  4. Oliver
  5. Tucker
  6. Rocky
  7. Jack
  8. Duke
  9. Bear
  10. Buddy

Celebrity Pug Names

Maybe you’ve seen a movie that has a famous Pug in it? Everyone knows Frank from the Men in Black movie, which was a huge hit. Yes, he was a fawn-colored Pug, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t name your black Pug the same. Here are a few other famous celebrity Pug names.

  1. Basco (Queen Victoria’s favorite Pug)
  2. Lolita (Pug owned by Gerard Butler)
  3. Pompey (1952 Pug owned byPrince William of Orange of The Netherlands )
  4. Percy (starred in the Pocahontas movie)

Finding The Best Pug Names

With over 89 million dogs in the United States, it’s virtually impossible to know which are the best names for Pugs. That’s why I put together this Pug names list to help you get started brainstorming and coming up with something amazing for your newest member of your family.

If you’re like most people, you’ll want to know if the name you chose actually has some time of meaning behind it.

How to Name A Pug?

Naming your Pug isn’t as straightforward as it seems. If you’ve been wanting a pet for a while, you may have some cool ideas in mind.

However, as soon as you tell your family members about the name, they may not like those names.

At least that’s how it happened for me. I had some cool names picked out, but when we sat down as a family to discuss our black Pug’s name, everyone thought it wasn’t a good match.

After throwing out different names, we finally agreed on Mindy. I’ve provided you with several black Pug names that you can consider.

Remember, any name will fit your pet and if you love it, so will they.

Tips for Choosing A Name

There is no such thing as the perfect dog name. Here are some tips to help you name Fido that will make training them a lot easier.

Keep it Short: Stick with one syllable or two syllable names. Dogs will have a better time recognizing and understanding their name if it is shorter.

Use Names With Sharp Constants: A Pug is stubborn and dogs have a tendency to hear high frequency sounds very well. Try sticking with names that start with s, sh, ch, k, and etc… Some examples would be, Charlie, Simba, Kassie

Avoid Names That Sound Like A Command: Dogs do not understand their actual name, instead they listen to the frequency of the word and your voice. Don’t confuse your Pug by naming them “Joe” which sounds like “No.”

Think Long-Term: It’s easy to want to call your new puppy an adorable name that fits them when they are a cute puppy. However, a Pug is considered an adult and you may not like the way that “Peanut” sounds when they are older.

Wait A Few Days: If your pup is brand new, you may want to wait to see what their behavior and personality is before you name them. If your pup is rowdy and always getting into everything, you may want to consider a name like “Rascal.”

Make It Easy to Call Out: Choose one that is easy to call out while in public. It will be less embarrassing to call out “Jack” or “Lucy” than it would be to call out “Sweet Cheeks”!

Think About The Nickname: One of the things that I didn’t consider was a short nickname for Mindy. Most people talk to their dogs like children, there’s a good chance you’ll use a nickname when talking to them. I have a friend who calls his Pug “Gator” which is short for Alligator.

He says it’s because his Pug is always showing his teeth, so he thought that the nickname fit very well.

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What Not To Do

Choose An Embarrassing or Offensive Name: Your friends and neighbors will eventually hear you call out your pooch’s name. You don’t want to choose a name that can be embarrassing or offensive to anyone around you.

Name After A Family Member Without Permission: If you’re considering your name after someone in your family or after someone’s pet that passed away, it’s best practice to ask them if they mind before you name them. I named Mindy after a friend’s pet that had passed, but I made sure that I asked them if it would be okay first.

Avoid Funny Pug Names: Something like “Sir Bitesalot” may sound funny to you, but other people may not find it funny. Remember, your Pug’s life expectancy is 10 – 15 years, so you can to choose a name that you will love.

Names for A Black Pug

When it comes to naming your pet, it all comes down to personal preference. Many people find themselves naming their dog according to something that inspired them. You can get inspiration from movies, celebrities, foods, books, and even your heritage.

The most important thing to consider before giving Fido their name is whether or not it will make training easy. When you’re teaching them to sit, come, stay, or any of the other commands, you want to make sure that their name isn’t a source of confusion.


Naming your Pug should be an exciting process. Don’t rush into the process and take your time to research other dog names online. Your pet is part of the family and their name should not be taken lightly.

Ask your friends and family for suggestions. Take your time and if you come up with something, test it out on your dog for a few days before getting it to stick.

If you like the way that it sounds and your dog is responding to it, then there’s a good possibility that you’ve found the perfect name for your new best friend.

Just make sure that you’re not changing their name too often, otherwise, you’ll confuse them and they won’t know when you’re calling them.

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Mindy my black Pug blessed our lives for 16 years. Now I am sharing my personal experience of living with a Pug. They can be great companions and I want to help you find out everything you need to know.

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