How Far Can Pugs Walk? [Distance and Timelines]

It’s normal to get a dog to join you on your daily walks. In fact, it’s no secret that dog owners get more exercise than people without dogs. That said, a small breed dog like a Pug won’t be able to walk as far as other dogs. So how far can Pugs walk?

How Far Can Pugs Walk?

A healthy Pug can walk 30 – 60 minutes per day, which equates to about 2-4 miles per day. A young Pug puppy can walk 10-20 minutes per day. Ensure you’re walking them on flat surfaces that won’t injure their paws and walking at a good pace.

Walking a Pug can be a great form of exercise for both of you. Not only does it get both of you out of the house, but it also builds a stronger bond. 

how far can Pugs walk

That said, it’s critical to remember that while Pugs love walking, their small bodies are geared more towards being lapdogs than marathon walkers or runners.

Don’t worry; I’ll share tips on how to increase their endurance and realistic timelines to help you enjoy those long walks with your furbaby!

How Much Exercise Can A Pug Handle?

As mentioned above, Pugs have small bodies and short legs, and because of this, they are not the best walkers. On top of that, they are brachycephalic, meaning their smooshed faces make it hard for them to breathe if they get too much exercise. 

Like humans, Pugs should get at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. Daily exercise can include:

  • Playing in the backyard.
  • Going on a walk.
  • Playing.
  • Socializing with other dogs at the dog park. 

Walks Improve Your Pugs Health

Why walk your Pug? Well, Pugs need to go outside for potty breaks, but longer walks can help keep your small pup healthy in several ways. 

  • Weight Control: Pugs by nature are prone to obesity. Regular walks and a good diet can help maintain your Pug’s healthy weight. 
  • Digestive Health: Regular daily walks help keep your pup’s digestive system regular. 
  • Joint Health: As your page ages, they become susceptible to stiff joints. Daily exercise can help keep their joints loose and limber. 
  • Socialization: Getting your Pug out of the house helps them socialize with other dogs, strange noises, and their overall environment.

Because of their brachycephalic nature, it’s vital to exercise them when it’s not too hot or too cold, as the temperature will affect their ability to breathe.

Can You Overwalk A Pug

It’s easy to overwalk a small dog like a Pug. Overwalking them can lead to joint problems, breathing problems, not to mention your Pug will start hating the walks. 

How to Build Up A Pugs Endurance 

So is it possible to build up your Pug’s endurance so they can go from walking 30 minutes to an hour? 

Yes, it is, and the best way to do it is to start slowly. Similar to when a person trains to run a marathon, they start out slowly. They’ll start off running 3 miles and work their way up until they reach their goal.

The same goes with building up your Pugs endurance. If your Pug can only walk half a mile right now, that’s okay. Every day you walk them a little further. 

Building Up A Pugs Endurance

Start slowly by increasing their walking distance by 5-10 minutes each day. If your Pug isn’t showing any signs of fatigue or having trouble breathing, you continue to increase the walking distance by 5-10 minutes every day. 

If your Pug struggles to keep up or refuses to walk, you’ll need to slow your pace and stop increasing the distance. Pay attention to how your Pug is behaving during the walk. 

Your dog’s body language will let you know whether they can go another 5-10 minutes or if they’ve had enough. If they show any signs of tiredness, such as lagging behind you on your walk, breathing heavily, or stopping often, don’t push them to go further. 

Their body language will let you know whether or not they can walk further or if they have walked as far as they can. That said, some dogs will keep walking without showing any signs of discomfort. 

How Far Your Pug Walks Compared to You

The distance you walk and the distance covered may not be the same. When you’re walking your pup on a short leash, they will cover the same distance. For instance, if you walk one mile, your Pug will walk one mile. 

If you’re using a retractable leash, and your dog walks in front of you, they will walk further than you. It will also depend on whether your dog is leash trained or runs in circles or back and forth, not beside you. 

Long leash walking is often referred to as compression walking. Dog experts recommend it sometimes because it allows your dog to decompress and destress by exploring their surroundings while being under your control. 

Timeline and Walking Distance

Now that you know how to increase your Pug’s walking distance. You’re likely wondering how fast will it take you to walk your Pug a mile or further?

Well, according to Tailster the average dog walk lasts anywhere between 30-60 minutes, at a rate of 4mph. At this rate, both you and your Pug will cover about 2-4 miles in distance, depending on the walking pace.

The times and distances will vary based on the age, endurance level, and health of your Pug. 

Check Your Pug After Walking Long Distances

After your walk, be sure to check their paws. Walking for long periods can cause your pup’s paws to become sore and even bleed. This is why it’s important to walk your Pug on level surfaces such as sidewalks, walking paths, and grass. 

If you live in an area that requires your dog to walk on hard surfaces such as roads, you’ll want to consider investing in some dog booties. They can protect them from sharp rocks and hot surfaces in summer.

Final Word

It’s not unusual for a healthy Pug to be able to walk 3 miles or more. The distance a Pug can walk will depend on how they’re trained, current health, and age. 

A young puppy or senior Pug won’t be able to walk as far as a Pug that is 1-3 years old. 

As the parent, you should pay attention to your Pug during and after the walk to ensure they are fine and ready to go the next day.

Next time you take your Pug on a walk, use the stopwatch feature on your phone; you’ll be surprised how far your Pug can walk. You can even download some GPS apps so you can measure how far you walk with your Pug.

If your Pug shows any signs of being tired, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a day off!

Related Questions

Can a Pug Walk 10 miles?

A Pug will not be able to walk 10 miles, as most people don’t walk that much in a day. Realistically, a Pug can walk an hour, without issues. If you’ve built up their endurance, they may be able to walk further. According to this walking calculator, it can take 3.5 hours to walk a mile, which is too much for your pup.

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