What Is A Pug Hybrid And 11 Of The Most Popular

Getting a new puppy or dog is one of the most exciting times. Should you get a Purebred or a mixed hybrid dog? Well, if you’re like most people, you may not really understand what a hybrid Pug is.

So what is a Pug hybrid? Basically, it is a dog that has been bred with a different breed dog and the result is a cute puppy that has the traits and personality of both parents with a cute name. We all know that there are different types and colors of Pugs.

This is why it’s important to know what to look for when you’re considering getting a new puppy or adopting an older dog.

what is a pug hybrid

Today, we’ll be looking at the various Pug mixes. I’ll also share some of the most popular hybrid Pugs that are on the market and which dogs have actually been bred with the Pug.

But first, let’s take a look at what a crossbreed dog is and what to expect when you opt to get a hybrid Pug.

What Is A Crossbreed Dog?

A crossbreed dog or “hybrid” is one that has parents from different breeds.

  • A horse bred with a donkey produces a hybrid called a “mule.”
  • When you breed a Saint Bernard with a Poodle you get a “Bernedoodle.”
  • A Pug bred with a Beagle creates a hybrid called a “Puggle.”
  • When a Husky is bred with a Pug you get a “Hug.”

In this example, the first generation Hug would be classed as a crossbreed. If you bred the Hug with another Hug, then the offspring would be classified as a pedigree Hug.

Some breeders will charge inflated prices for hybrids. They tend to charge high prices because many people prefer these types of dogs compared to mutts. You can even find breeders who sell teacup Pugs, which are different than the standard Pug.

Advantages of Crossbred Dogs

If bred properly, it’s possible to produce a hybrid that doesn’t can breathe easier than purebred Pugs. For example, if a Pug is crossed with a Beagle, they will most likely produce puppies with more natural-looking faces, which makes breathing so much easier.

With cross breeds, you also tend to get a dog that has the traits and genetic genes from both dogs. Unfortunately, you don’t really know which genetic traits get passed along to the puppy or dog you choose.

11 Pug Mixes You Should Know About

Okay, now that you understand what a Pug hybrid is, it’s time to take a look at some pictures of some amazing crossbreeds.

There are literally tons of different possibilities to choose from, but I’ve decided to cover 11 of our favorites.

#1 The Husky Pug Mix

This dog is nicknamed the Hug and is a cross between a Pug and Husky, which can be great for new dog owners, young families, or households with more other pets.

Pug and Husky Hybrid

Out of all the different Pug mixed breeds you can get, I just think that the Hug is adorable. The Hug is affectionate, friendly and playful. It is bred with a Siberian Husky so they can be a little stubborn and will require a firm leadership.

These two breeds are very different and you can read the Pug vs Husky article to find out what you need to know about these two dogs.

#2 The French Bulldog Pug Mix

Read the French Bulldog vs Pug article to find out everything you need to know about these two breeds. When mixed together you get an adorable puppy nicknamed the “Frug.”

pug french bulldog hybrid



Unfortunately, both dogs parents are Brachycephalic dogs and are susceptible to a condition known as Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome. (trouble breathing)

#3 The Chihuahua Pug Mix

The Chihuahua Pug Mix is known as the Chug is another popular hybrid that has tons of sass and attitude.

pug and chihuahua hybrid

Expect this small dog to get along with kids, babies, and basically anyone it comes into contact with. However, if your pup gets most of its genes from the Chihuahua side, they may have some aggressive tendencies.

Unfortunately, you never know what your dog will act like when you get a mixed breed.

#4 The Beagle Pug Mix

The Beagle Pug Mix is known as the Puggle is made when a Pug is crossbred with a Beagle.

We all know both Beagle puppies and Pug puppies are cute. Well, imagine what a Puggle looks like with his long ears, wide eyes, and squishy face.

pug beagle hybrid mix

This dog is known to be extremely loving with an energetic and playful drive. They usually do well in households with children and other pets.

#5 The Pug Poodle Mix

The PugaPoo is a cross between a Pug and a Poodle. This just might be the breed for you, if you’re looking for a smart Pug mix.

pug poodle hybrid mix

Even though this dog is bred with a Poodle, it is not considered a hypoallergenic crossbreed. So if you’re an allergy sufferer, you may still need to consider whether this is the right breed for you.

This dog should be really easy to train, which makes it the perfect pet for new dog owners, young families with children or anything with multiple pets.

#6 The Pug Rottweiler Mix

The Pug Rottweiler Mix is an unusual combination, but when crossbred you get a puppy called Rottweiler Pug dog.

pug and rottweiler hybrid

I know it’s not as cutesy of a name as some of the other designer dogs. But these dogs usually have a very good temperament and this is why so many people decide to make them their house pet.

This mixed breed will make a great addition to any family, even if you have other pets.

#7 The Pug Schnauzer Mix

When you cross the Pug with a Schnauzer, you get an adorable puppy nicknamed the Schnug. This dog is affection, social, and loves his human family.

pug schnauzer hybrid mix

In fact, you can kiss your personal space goodbye as this little dog will act as your personal shadow.

This dog will do best in households where you’re not gone for long periods of time. This dog becomes extremely bonded with their human companion and may experience separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.

#8 The Pug English Bulldog Mix

The Bull-pug is a cross between the Pug and English Bulldog. Both parents are prone to breathing problems, and intolerance to heat and are brachycephalic dogs.

pug and english bulldog hybrid

This means that the Bull-Pug will inherit health problems from both parents. However, the Miniature Bulldog is a stocky, small breed dog that is great for families with children, seniors, and even those that live in apartments.

#9 The Pug Shih Tzu Mix

The Pug Shih Tzu crossbreed is nicknamed the Pug-Zu. This dog has a natural sweet temperament and an outgoing personality.

pug and shi tzu hybrid

Like both parents, it will crave human attention. So expect to give out tons of belly rubs and in return, you’ll get plenty of doggie kisses!

They make excellent pets for families with kids and other pets. Just don’t expect them to act as a guard dog.

#10 The Pug Maltese Mix

What do you get with you breed a Pug with a Maltese? You get a cute puppy called a Malti-Pug. You can expect a canine that is playful, clever, and occasionally clownish.

pug and maltese hybrid

This dog should do well with dog parents that hold regular jobs and are gone for up to 8 hours per day. As long as you have a doggy door and fenced in backyard, they will be fine while you are away.

#11 The Pug Daschund Mix

What do you get when you cross the tiny sausage dog, Dachshund with a Pug? You get a Daug with its own physical characteristics, temperament, and health concerns.

pug and dachshund hybrid

This is a playful, smart, and loving dog with some stubbornness tossed in. Most Daugs crave a lot of attention and are very playful with children.

They are extremely loyal and protective of their owner, but you shouldn’t have to worry about aggression. This dog should be fairly easy to train and housebreak, which can make them a great house pet.

Why Are Pug Mixes Considered Unhealthy?

As you know, Pugs are prone to health problems due to their short skulls. This makes them vulnerable to the heat, breathing problems, and a number of other complications. Don’t even get me started on their bulging eyes and wrinkles.

Yet, this breed is very popular and many people are seeking out these dogs. It’s no wonder because they are extremely loyal and affectionate. This dog will be happy cuddling with you on the couch or taking a short walk.

When a Pug is crossbred with another dog, the health problems that are prone to Pugs can be inherited or passed on to the hybrid.

That being said, the crossbreed can inherit the health problems of both dogs. Every dog breed has its own health problems, so this makes the puppy susceptible to all kinds of problems.

Some people like Michele Welton believe that crossbreeds tend to be healthier. After all, a crossbred dog is inheriting a variety of genes from both parents. If one parent has a stronger immune system, better physical health, and mental health, it minimizes the puppies risk of getting two copies of the same bad genes.

This is also known as genetic diversity and it can be a great thing, considering what two breeds are being bred.

Of course, if you breed to brachycephalic dogs together, then you can expect a Pug hybrid with more health problems than a purebred Pug.

Final Word On Pug Hybrid Dogs

Getting a new dog for the family can be extremely confusing. Regardless of whether you choose a purebred Pug or a mixed Pug, it’s important to look for reputable breeders and avoid the puppy mills.

Unfortunately, when you get a hybrid Pug, you never know what you’re getting. This is why it’s so important to do plenty of research before you commit.

These are just a few of the Pug hybrids you’ll read about. I have no doubt that there are plenty of others that I just didn’t add to the list.

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