What Do Pugs Like to Play With? Picking The Right Toys

Getting a new puppy can be an exciting thing. But if you’ve never had a dog, then you’re probably wondering what do Pugs like to play with? How do you keep them entertained, so they don’t get bored? We’ll share some tips on toys they like to play with and how to find the right pet toys. 

What Do Pugs Like to Play With? 

Pugs are hyper dogs with big personalities. The best toys are the ones that stimulate your dog and keep them safe, such as puzzles, balls, chew toys, and the ones that squeak. 

Like children’s toys, dog toys are designed for different stages in a dog’s life. Not all dog toys are created equally, and it’s important to know how to shop for the right ones.  

what do pugs like to play with

However, it’s important to keep toys and treats in moderation until your pup is properly socialized and trained. 

Finding the right toy can be complicating. If you’ve ever been to Petsmart, it can be hard to find the right toy for your dog. Do you go for a squishy toy, or a Kong Ball? 

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Nothing is worse than buying a new toy and giving it to your pup, only to realize they prefer their old chewy. It feels like you’ve just wasted your money on a toy your dog hates. Well, don’t worry, we’ll show you what to look for and what to avoid based on age, playing style, safety and what to avoid. 

What Type of Toys Do Pugs Like?

Pugs are small companion dogs, which means they will prefer toys they can play with while you’re sitting on the couch. While it’s possible to teach your Pug to play fetch, most will prefer chew toys; they can play with while sitting beside you. 

Pugs are hyper dogs, and they will also love a good squeaky toy that makes a lot of noise. Mindy, our Pug, had a chew toy like this, and whenever we pulled it out, she would go crazy. 

Toys that provide stimulation are vital for all dogs, even Pugs. Interactive toys can help alleviate boredom and prevent your pup from developing behavioral problems such as excessive chewing or barking. 

How Do I Choose The Right Toy for My Pug?

There are many factors to consider when you’re buying a toy for your new pup. The most important considerations to consider are safety, durability, and whether your dog will find it fun. 

It will depend on many factors such as:

Choose Toys According to Age

You wouldn’t get your toddler a toy that is made for a teenager. The same thing goes for your pup. Dog toys are designed to keep your pet stimulated and active. Ensure you’re getting a toy that are specifically geared for different stages of development.

7 to 12 Weeks

Pug puppies are hyper, curious, and excited about the world around them. During this stage, challenging puzzle games will help your dog learn and develop the brain. Challenging toys will help her gain the skills she will need as an adult. 

A good plush toy will keep them company in the crate, especially since they were recently separated from their mother and siblings. Squeaky toys are good as they will become excited when they hear the noises. 

3 to 9 Months

At this stage of your puppy’s life, she has started teething and will be chewing everything. To prevent them from chewing your furniture, you’ll want to invest in some durable chew toys. The right chew toy will help satisfy the chewing instinct and make the teething process easier. Here are some of our favorite chew toys for Pugs.

Socialization is a big factor to consider at this stage in your puppy’s life. Consider taking your puppy to the dog park so they can start playing with other dogs. Just remember, they are still a puppy and should only play with small puppies that won’t hurt them.

9 Months to 1 Year

 A fully grown Pug will be energetic and playful and will require toys to keep them stimulated. Your dog’s teeth are well developed at this stage, so they’ve stopped the uncontrollable chewing. 

However, all dogs like to chew and will want a good chew toy to keep them entertained. Rope toys and balls will help keep them entertained and tire them out, so they don’t get bored when you leave them alone. 

According to Preventative Vet, tug a war is a good way to bond with your pet, as long as you do it properly, so it doesn’t cause aggression. 

Geriatric Pugs

At nine years of age, a Pug is considered a senior. At this point in life, your dog will be less active, and have less strength. A senior dog will appreciate soft chew toys, senior dog puzzles, and plush toys during this stage. 

Your senior Pug still needs some exercise, but not as much as she did when she was younger.

Your Pugs Instincts – Determining The Types of Toys

Like humans, dogs have different ways of playing. Watch your Pug closely to see how they like to play. 4 primary play patterns will help you determine the type of toys to consider for your pooch. 

Toss & Retrieve

Dogs are descendants of the gray wolf, Canis lupus. Although, domesticated dogs have different behaviors, most dogs still have the natural canine behavior is called “prey-carrying.” This is why when dogs catch a squirrel, they will bring it back and show it to you. 

If your Pug enjoys playing fetch, they have this instinct and will enjoy toys that allow them to fetch and retrieve. Consider soft and lightweight balls, launchers, disc, etc. To keep your Pug busy for hours, consider a scented fetch toy that smells like bacon. 

Comfort & Security

Does your Pug hate being alone? If your pup likes snuggling with their toys or playing with them while sitting next to you, consider some comfort toys. Ensure the toys are made of durable material that won’t tear easily, especially if they have a squeaky toy. 

Plush toys make an excellent toy for velcro dogs and come in various sizes. It is easy for them to carry around the house and can help them sleep better. If your pup has a hard time sleeping or suffers from separation anxiety, consider investing in the Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppy


toys for Pugs
There are several toys for Pugs, and it’s important to find one they enjoy and is safe.

Chewing is a natural instinct for dogs. It’s how they learn about their surroundings. If your dog loves chewing everything, it’s vital to provide them with chew toys to deter destructive behavior. 

All dogs should have a few good chew toys. There are many benefits to chew toys and promotes emotional well being as well as dental hygiene.


Playing tug is a healthy display of a dog’s predatory nature, which is why so many enjoy playing tug of war. It’s also a great way to reinforce the bond with your four-legged friend. 

If you find your dog enjoys playing tug, consider durable pull toys and tug of war games for dogs. Consider toys made of fleece, soft rope, and bungee material that is comfortable for you to hold and puts less stress on your dog’s teeth. 

Your Pug’s Safety Things to Consider

Your Pugs safety is the most important things to consider when choosing a toy. Here are some of the things to consider when shopping for a dog toy online or offline.

Fillings and Material

Soft toys can be dangerous because they are destructible overtime. They usually last longer for smaller dogs than more giant breeds. However, eventually, the seems will come undone. 

If your dog is a chewer and seems to tear through plush toys quickly, avoid toys with dangerous fillings, such as polypropylene beads. However, keep in mind, all parts of the inside of a toy can be hazardous to your dogs. Button eyes and other small pieces on the outside can also be a choking hazard. 


Always choose a toy designed for your dog’s size. You don’t want your dog playing with a too small toy and can be lodged in the throat. A toy too big will be complicated will leave them frustrated. 


Rawhides and other edible chews can be a choking hazard for your dog. However, these chews have been known to cause some digestive issues in some dogs. If feeding your Pug rawhide, always supervise them and take it away once it becomes too small, so they don’t swallow it. 

If your dog swallows an enormous piece, it can cause an intestinal blockage.

Dog Bones

Pugs, like other breeds, love chewing on bones. Ensure the bone is big enough and can’t be swallowed whole. Never give your Pug chicken bones as cooked bones can splinter and break. 

Instead, opt for a natural dog bones dental treats or other specially treated bones safe for dogs. Never give your dog unless you can monitor them, as it can splinter and break, causing your dog to choke or cut the inside of their mouth. 

If a bone does break in your dog’s mouth or becomes blocked, seek medical attention immediately as it can be fatal. 

Ball Toys

Smal balls like golf balls, and ping pong balls are choking hazards to all dogs. As your dog chews and carries the ball, it will become slimy, and if too small can be swallowed easily. 

If your dog loves playing with balls, consider something the size of a tennis ball. A Pug can still hold it in its mouth, but it is too big for them to swallow. 

Types of Toys for Pugs to Avoid

When shopping for toys, here are some pet toys to avoid:

  • Stay away from toys with small parts that can be swallowed easily.
  • Avoid toys with sharp edges or corners, as it can cut your dog’s mouth and cause bleeding.
  • Never give your dog anything smaller than a ping pong ball, as they will try to swallow it and can choke.
  • Avoid toys with ribbons, strings, buttons for eyes, or other small parts that can be chewed or eaten. 
  • Never give your dog a toy that can easily be swallowed. 
  • Avoid toys that are too hard that can damage your pet’s teeth.  

When shopping for a doggy toy, always read the labels. Figure out what’s on the inside that can pose a hazard to your dog if exposed. Most people look at the exterior and decide if it’s safe for their pup. 

However, it’s usually what’s on the inside that can cause havoc to your dog. 

So What Are The Best Toys for Pugs?

The best toys for Pugs are the ones that are safe, and designed for their size, and developmental stage in life. As long as your pooch enjoys it, and it meets the safety requirements, there are no right or wrong answers to the toy. I’ve put together a list of some of the best toys for Pugs that kept my black Pug busy for hours.


When it comes to their treats and toys, Pugs are not picky. These dogs will play with pretty much anything, especially, if you’re playing with them.

Don’t be upset if you give them a new toy and they prefer playing with the old toy. Just like us, they have their favorite toys, but it doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the one you bought for them.

Ensure you check your pet’s toys often and replace any chewed up toys or torn apart often. 

As you get to know your Pug, you will know what type of toys they enjoy playing with. You can even make it a day and take them to PetsMart and let them choose their own.

The hardest part will be having them decide on just one toy. 

They will likely find one toy, carry it around for a while and then drop it as soon as something else catches their eye!

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