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best chew toys for pugs

5 Of The Best Chew Toys For Pugs And Why You Need Them

Every Pug needs toys that keep them busy, motivated, healthy and from tearing up your home. Toys are a necessity to help fight boredom when you leave them home alone or don’t have time to play with them. In this article, we’re looking at some of the best chew toys for Pugs that your pooch will love.

What Is The Best Chew Toy For A Pug?

The type of chew toy you get will depend on the age of your Pug and the type of chewer they are. Every dog is a different type of chewer and this will determine the right type of chew toy to purchase.

Below you’ll find the different categories of chewers dogs will fit into. Which one describes your Pug?

Nibblers: They are slow eaters that chew their food completely and savor every bite.

Inhalers: Aka gulpers are known to eat quickly and swallowing without properly chewing their food.

Destroyers: These dogs love to destroy everything they chew. They can tear a plush toy in no time and you’ll see the insides all over your home.

Most Pugs are NOT aggressive chewers and will fall into the “inhalers” or “nibblers” category. That being said, every dog is different.

Get The Right Chew Toy For Your Pug

Once you determine what type of chewer your dog is, now it’s time to chew the best toy that will not only last but is safest for your pooch. Check out these other toys for Pugs they will love.

The following are the best toys for the different types of chewers:


Rope Toys

Stuffed Toys

Edible Chew Treats

Tennis Balls


Tennis Balls

Stuffed Toys

Squeaky Toys

Rope Chew Toys

Rubber Chew Toys


Indestructible Rubber Chew Toys

Edible Chew Treats

Use the list above to pick the best chew toy for Pugs. Below you will find some of the best dog chew toys for Pugs. But first, let’s take a look at some important safety features to help keep your pet safe.

Recommended Top Product

Dog Toys - Puppy Chew Toys - Rope Toys for Small Dogs - Safe Puppy Teething Toys - Small Dog Chew Toys Set - Teething Puppy Toys - Dog Rope Toys - Dog Toys Pack of 9 - Washable Cotton Rope Dog Toy
  • EASY WAY TO KEEP YOUR PUPPY BUSY - puppy dog chew toys set lets your little pet forget about boredom
  • SAFE AND STURDY - safe puppy teething toys are made of non-toxic, washable multi-colored cotton rope

Does My Pug Really Need Chew Toys?

A Pug requires more than just basic needs such as food and water. Toys are a great way to keep your Pug from getting bored and help release all their energy onto the toy instead of your furniture.

For younger pups, it can help relieve pain that is caused by incoming teeth. Chew toys can be an effective tool for teaching your puppy not to bite.

In addition, Some chew toys have the ability to help keep your dog’s teeth clean while they chew.

Even if you don’t think that your dog likes to chew, you’ll be surprised at how much they love their new chew toys, especially, if you get one that allows you to stuff treats in it.

Important Features to Consider

pug chew toys
Make sure you get the right Pug dog chew toy.

Not all chew toys are created equally. As a pet parent, it’s important to find the right toy for your dog to ensure their safety. Below are some things to consider before buying.

Recommended Size

You wouldn’t buy a baby a toy that is made for a teenager. Pugs are a small breed dog, therefore, you don’t want to purchase a toy that is made for big dog breeds.

Never give your adult dog a toy that is designed for a puppy. Puppy toys are too small for adult dogs and can easily be swallowed or can cause a blockage in your dog’s throat.

Designed for Chewing

Avoid any toys that aren’t designed specifically for canine chewing. Never give your dog any type of toy that has sharp angles, strings that can come off easily, ribbons or anything that can be chewed off and ingested.

Material or Coating

The material or coating that is used should be toxin-free and NOT pose any risk to Fido. Most chew toys will specifically say that they do not contain any harmful toxic substances and are safe for dogs.


Avoid toys that fall apart or break easily when chewed on for hours. If the toy falls apart, your dog may end up swallowing particles that are not safe to consume.


While you want a toy that is durable and won’t fall apart easily, you want to avoid one that is too hard and can damage our dog’s teeth. To test the firmness, press down on the surface of the toy, if it bends slightly then it is good for your pooch.


Last but not least, you should get a toy that is able to entertain your dog for long periods of time. Opt for toys that squeak, make jiggly sounds, or contain pockets to hide treats in them.

5 Of The Best Chew Toys For Pugs

We’ve rounded up every small dog’s dream (or chew toys). These toys are sure to keep them buys, happier, healthier, and help clean their teeth while alleviating anxiety.


KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch- for Small Dogs
  • Instinctual Needs: The KONG Classic red rubber toy helps satisfy dogs' instinctual needs while providing mental stimulation. Healthy play is important for dogs' physical and mental development,...
  • Fetch Toy: The KONG Classic's unpredictable bounce makes for exciting games of fetch and other interactive play with your pet. This is a fun way for average chewers to get the exercise they need.
Hartz Chew 'n Clean Dental Duo Bacon Flavored Dental Dog Chew Toy and Treat - Extra Small, 2 Pack
  • A chew toy and treat all in one! Satisfy your dog's natural urge to chew while promoting the dental benefits of clean teeth and general oral health
  • Includes 2 extra small versions of our signature Dental Duo for tiny dogs 10 pounds and under
Nylabone FlexiChew Moderate Dog Toys Triple Pack Bacon, Peanut Butter & Beef Flavor X-Small/Petite - Up to 15 lbs.
  • Flexible chew toys keep your small dog busy and entertained while satisfying the natural urge to chew
  • Chew toys help clean teeth and reduce plaque and tartar buildup
Petstages Mini Chew Pack
  • PUPPY CHEW TOY TRIO: This mini chew toy set comes with 3 different types of toys to address all aspects of your puppy's dental health—1 Mini Orka Pinecone, 1 Mini Cool Chew, & 1 Mini Dental Rope
  • MINI ORKA PINECONE MASSAGES GUMS: The Mini Orka Pinecone is made of durable Orka TPE rubber and a ridged texture to massage your pup's gums as they chew, bite, and play. This fun toy can also bounce...
goDog Checkers Elephant with Chew Guard Technology Tough Plush Dog Toy, Grey, Small, Gray (076983)
  • goDog Checkers Elephant Dog Toy is covered in soft, textured, gray bubble plush, and has little limbs that dangle, making it perfect for your dog's next round of playtime.
  • GRUNTER squeaker in the body and high-quality plush, your dog will absolutely adore our super soft toys.


#1 Kong Natural Dog Toy Your Dog Can Chase and Chew

You can’t go wrong with the classic KONG dog toy for small breeds. They’ll enjoy chewing it and chasing it around the house. It is designed with an erratic bounce that will fulfill your dog’s needs to run, and play.

The best part is that you can stuff this toy with Kong’s Stuff’N Easy Treat, Ziggies, or Snacks of your choice. (not included with toy). Keep your Pug busy for hours by stuffing it with a small amount of peanut butter.

The Kong chew toy is a great way to relieve separation anxiety and relieve boredom.



#2 Hartz Bacon Flavored Dog Chew Toy

If you have a hard time brushing your Pugs teeth, then you can give them this Hartz Chew N Clean Bacon Flavored Dental Chew Toy. Your pooch will love the taste and it’ll quickly become their favorite chew toy.

You’ll love the fact that it helps reduce tartar buildup while freshening their teeth. The spiky balls on each end motivate your pooch to gnaw and will help strengthen their teeth.

This chew toys is best for moderate chewers and should not be given to an aggressive chewer.



#3 Nylabone FlexiChew Toys For Small Breed Dogs

Your tiny chewer will love these Nlyabone Flexichew Triple Pack Dental toys that are flavored with bacon and allergen-free peanut butter flavors.

Pugs love to eat and these bones will keep them entertained for several hours. They are great for small dogs up to 15 pounds, so they are not just great for teething puppies, but can be great for juvenile Pugs.


#4 Petstages Dental Cleaning Chew Toy For Small Dogs

Petstages Dental Cleaning Chews will not only help keep your Pug’s clean, but it will also help reduce stress, barking, digging, and other destructive behavior.

This trio pack contains one mini dental rope, one mini okra pinecone, and one mini cool chew. They are perfect for a small puppy that has sore gums from teething.


#5 goDog Checkers Durable Plush Chew Toy With Chew Guard Technology

GoDog Checkers Chew Guard Elephant Dog Toy is perfect for keeping your dog from becoming bored. It is a soft toy with chew guard technology that makes it more durable than other soft, plush dog toys.

When your dog chews they’ll activate a squeaker that will keep them busy. It will quickly become their favorite toy they love to cuddle with on their doggie bed.



The Worst Chew Toys For Pugs?

Not all chew toys are safe for Pugs, especially, since they have small teeth with overbites. Giving your dog the wrong type of chew toy can lead to an emergency trip to the veterinarian.

I’ve put together a list of the worst chew toys to give your pooch:

  • Ice
  • Pig Ears
  • Bully Sticks (can break apart and cause blockages)
  • Antlers
  • Natural Bones (this includes processed bones, raw bones, and cooked bones)
  • Antler Chews
  • Tennis balls (make sure your dog doesn’t destroy it and swallow pieces of the ball)

How To Keep Your Pug Safe With Chew Toys?

Whenever you give your Pug a new chew toy, always monitor them the first few times they are playing with a new chew toy or eating a new type of chew. You never want to give them access to a chew toy and leave them alone with it.

If you leave the house, take the toy away and when you get home you can give it back to them again.

Monitor your pooch and if you notice any of the following, it’s time to take the toy away and call our vet.

  • Vomiting
  • Blood on the toy or their gums
  • Diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Disinterest in playing after chewing on a particular toy or eating a chew treat
  • Less energy

As a pet owner, the easiest way to keep your pet safe is to monitor your dog, regardless of age whenever they have access to their chew toy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pugs chew furniture?

All dogs like to chew things, even Pugs. Without proper training or enough toys, they may start chewing on your shoes, carpet, and etc. The most likely won’t chew on your furniture, but like any dog, they can cause damage to some of your home decor.

Can I give my Pug rawhide instead?

There has been a huge debate on whether rawhides are safe for dogs or not. Rawhides have been known to cause choking hazards for dogs.

Personally, I would rather buy a cheap chew toy that can’t pose any harmful risks for your pooch.

Final Word On Pug Chew Toys

Even if your Pug has never shown any interest in chewing, they can benefit from a good chew toy. We’ve put together some of the best ones for small dogs.

Hopefully, you find something that your dog loves and will not put down.

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