The Importance of Cleaning Pug Wrinkles and How To Do It

Skin problems are so common in Pugs due to their deep wrinkles, which can hold food or other gunk. Today, we are going to be looking at the importance of cleaning Pug wrinkles. Here are some Pug wrinkle wipes to help you out.

Why Do Pugs Have Wrinkles?

A Pug’s wrinkles make them look cute and adorable and this is why so many people fall in love with them. These skin folds can lead to health issues and make your pet smell bad.

There are over 300+ different dog breeds and only a handful has natural wrinkles, this is what makes the Pug breed unique. But those cute folds can cause all kinds of havoc and that’s why we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about them and how to properly clean them.

pug wrinkles

Now let’s take a look at what you as a black Pug owner need to know about these skin folds. If you’ve been wondering why do Pugs smell so bad, it could be because you haven’t cleaned their wrinkles in a while.

Where Are the Wrinkles?

The wrinkles can be found on a Pugs forehead and around the muzzle. Every Pug is unique and the skin folds will vary in exact location, depth, and length.

Both black and non-black Pugs have wrinkles. The fawn colored ones have more distinctive markings than the black breed and their furrows are more noticeable.

Why You Need to Clean The Pug Wrinkles

Those adorable facial folds can lead to skin problems if they are not properly taken care of. If proper hygiene is not applied, Fido can suffer from sores and infections over time.

Now let’s take a look at how to properly maintain and clean those adorable skin folds.

How to Clean Pug Skin Folds

Before you can clean your pup, you need to decide what you’ll be using to wipe them. Many canine parents have used baby wipes, canine facial wipes, damp washcloth, or cotton balls.

Make sure that the wipe you use does not contain any alcohol or added scent, which can cause a negative reaction. You’ll also want to make sure that you have some coconut oil or Neosporin to apply to their nose after wiping their face.

Mindy used to get cracks in her nose and the Neosporin and coconut oil were great for keeping her nose moist and preventing it from cracking.

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Inspect the Wrinkles

Before you start cleaning make sure that you carefully inspect the skin folds. Make sure they are free from rashes and sores. You never want to clean them if they are irritated, as this can make the irritation worse.

If they are irritated, you may have to apply a topical medicated product and give them a day or two to see if the irritation goes away.

Gently Separate The Folds

Once you have all the cleaning supplies, it’s time to grab your pet and gently separate the folds and carefully wipe through the folds. Start at the top and wipe down.

You may have to do the motion more than once, depending on how often you have cleaned the skin folds. Once you have finished wiping with a damp product, you’ll want to make sure to remove as much of the moisture as possible with a dry washcloth.

Excess moisture from cleaning with a damp cloth or baby wipes can an irritation and lead to infection.

Nose Cracks

I’m not sure if nose cracks are common in all Pugs, but Mindy used to suffer from them a lot. Whenever we were done cleaning her wrinkles, we always had to add Neosporin or coconut oil to her nose.

We used to use Coconut oil because we didn’t want her to get sick if she licked her nose.

Of course, every time we were done grooming her, she expected a treat. So don’t forget to give your dog a treat if this is the first time you’ve cleaned their wrinkles.

It will get them into the habit of letting you wash their face without fighting you.

Watch This Video for Hands-On Tutorial

Here’s a video that will show you exactly how to clean the wrinkles properly to prevent skin problems and irritations later on down the road.


What to Do About Wrinkle Infections

As a pug owner, it’s possible to deal with Pug wrinkle infections, even if you do everything correctly. Some Pugs have deeper skin folds which are warm and dark and the perfect environment for yeast and bacteria to grow.

It’s important to know what to do and how to spot the infections so you can treat them as soon as possible.

Signs of Infections

If you notice that your dog is starting to paw at their face or rub their face up against furniture, it could be a sign that they are dealing with an infection.

You might also start to notice a stinky or musty odor coming from your dog’s face. Advanced signs of infections will be sores, bumps, swelling, and redness.

What Causes The Infections?

As I’ve mentioned above, the skin folds are warm and dark which are perfect for the growth of years and other bacteria. These folds are also perfect for food and debris to get stuck in.

Mindy used to get food stuck in her wrinkles whenever she ate. It stopped happening once we found a shallow bowl that her head fit in.

Types of Infections

One of the most common yeasts found around the ears and skin on dogs is known as Malassezia pachydermatis, which is a yeast that causes dermatitis or inflammation of the skin. Pug wrinkles can also cause Staphylococcus, or staph, infections.


Contacting a Vet

If you notice Fido is dealing with an infection, you should call your local veterinarian. They will be able to provide you with the proper antibiotic or topical steroid to help clear up the infection.

Home Treatment

Not every pet owner wants to run to the vet every time they have an issue with their pet, unless you have pet insurance. Well, you can treat an infection from home before deciding if you need to call your vet.

Many people have had success treating these infections using an anti-fungal and antibacterial medicated wipe.

Petpost Wrinkle Wipes for dogs are perfect for cleaning and soothing Pug skin folds. They do not contain any harsh chemicals, wax, or irritants.

The wipes contain plant-based ingredients and the highest quality of aloe vera and coconut oil. Which will not cause any discomfort or stinging in your pet while treating the infection or cleaning dirt and grime from their folds.

The most important thing to do if you’re dealing with an infection is to keep the wrinkles dry and clean.


As a pet parent, the only prevention steps you can take are to properly care for those wrinkles. If you have a Pug puppy, you’ll want to clean their wrinkles on a daily basis, especially, if they spend a lot of time outside playing in dirt and grime.

Older Pugs can be washed on a weekly basis, or more depending on how deep their skin folds are. Get into the habit of cleaning their crevices on a regular basis to make it a habit and prevent any issues later on down the road.

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