best wrinkle wipes for pugs

3 Of The Best Wrinkle Wipes For Pugs That Work

A Pugs face needs to be cleaned on a regular basis because of all those adorable wrinkles that can lead to infection if not properly cared for. I’ve written a step-by-step article that will walk you through on how to clean your Pug’s wrinkles. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the best wrinkle wipes for Pugs.

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These are the ones that we used when we cleaned Mindy’s skin folds.

What Are The Best Wrinkle Wipes For My Pug?

The best wipes are the ones that make cleaning easy, help prevent or treat sore and irritated wrinkles, and contain hypoallergenic materials that won’t cause allergic reactions.

There are literally tons of different types of wrinkle wipes you can use that are:

  • Medicated
  • Scented
  • Unscented
  • Wrinkle balm
  • and etc

The list can go on and on when looking for the right face wipes for Pugs. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best ones that not only work but are affordable for your pooch.

I’ve done my best to share the ones that won’t sting your Pugs eyes or cause irritations.

Note: The wrinkle wipes I’ve shared are hypoallergenic and do not contain any harmful substances in their formula. It’s still wise to consult with your veterinarian before using any type of facial wipes for your Pug, especially, if you are dealing with infections.


3 Of The Best Wrinkle Wipes for Pugs

#1 Mal-a-ket Wipes For Dogs and Cats

The Mal-a-ket wet wipes are formulated for both dogs and cats. These are perfect for keeping your Pug’s skin healthy because they are pre-moistened wipes that are antiseptic wipes, antimicrobial, degreasing, and anti-fungal agents.

I used to use them on a regular basis to help freshen up my black Pug and get rid of those nasty smells that can build up inside of Pug wrinkles.

Note: These wipes do a great job of cleaning Pugs’ wrinkles, but they don’t smell very good, my Pug didn’t like them. I wiped her face with baby wipes on a daily basis. However, I still used these because they prevented those red bumps and pimples that Pugs are prone to getting.

These made the list because the price is reasonable and they just plain work.


Veterinarian Recommended: These wipes can help cure yeast infections in both cats and dogs.

Easy to Use: Can be used to freshen up your pet and clean up the between the skin folds, to prevent bacteria and fungus from building up in those hard to reach places.

Safe: Can be used on any area of your pet including their lips, face, and anal areas.

Antibacterial Properties: Perfect for soothing hot spots on Pugs.

Pricing: Extremely affordable and comes in a pack of 50-count wipes.


Ingestion: Can be harmful if ingested, prevent your pooch from licking the treated area.

Puppy: Personally, I wouldn’t recommend using these on a Puppy that is less than 12 weeks old. (that’s my personal opinion)


As a Pug parent, I know it’s important to know what’s in your Pug’s face wipes. Here is a list of the active ingredients:

  • 1% Ketoconazole USP
  • 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Inactive Ingredients are:


  • Acetic Acid
  • Water
  • Polysorbate 20,
  • Fragrance
  • Glycerine
  • Glycol
  • Nonoxynol-9
  • Propylene

Instructions for Use

If using for treating infections, apply directly to the infected areas. Can also be used to freshen up your Pug on a regular basis or for their scheduled grooming.

Store the product at room temperature of 59 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

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#2 PetPost Winkle Wipes for Dogs

PetPost wipes are perfect for Bulldogs and Pug wrinkles. These are cotton pads that are soaked with coconut oil and aloe vera wipes. These are the #1 choice for dog lovers because they are work and are perfect for:

  • Sore, irritated or infected skin and folds
  • Help your Pug from scratching or biting their wrinkles
  • Removing dirt, grime, and grease from skin folds
  • Prevent nasty odor from accumulating in their folds
  • Perfect for Pugs that have allergies.

Safe enough to use daily to clean their wrinkles.


Vet and Groomer Recommended: Safer to use than harsh chemical medications or creams that can cause irritation.

Cotton: Soft cotton wipes which make it easy to clean your Pug’s skin folds without causing them any pain or irritation.

Guarantee: 100% PetPost guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy, the company will replace your money with “no questions asked.”

Plant-Based: These wipes contain the highest-quality coconut oil and aloe vera, which make them safe to use on tear stains, anal, and any other parts of your pooch’s body.

Age: Safe to use on all dogs and Puppies that are older than 8 weeks of age.

Hypoallergenic: Safe and can be used for cleaning wrinkles and folds, even near the eyes.


Infections: Some people said that these wipes won’t work for treating irritated folds. If your Pug has infected wrinkles, check with your veterinarian for medicated prescription wipes.


Instructions for Use

Use 1-2 wipes to clean your Pug’s wrinkles on a daily basis, especially, if your Pug is experiencing itchiness or redness.

Gently wipe each skin fold on your Pug’s body and face on a daily basis for 5-7 days. Dry any excess moisture with a dry cloth.

Regular and daily use can help prevent skin infections.

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#3 DermaPet MalAcetic Wet Wipes for Dogs and Cats

The DermaPet MalAcetic Wet wipes come in a 100-count and are perfect for cleaning on our around your Pug’s skin folds. If your Pug has a smelly face, these are designed for this problem.

These are perfect for Pug’s Bulldogs, English Bulldogs or any other breed that has skin folds and wrinkles. The wipes are large enough to give your dog a “dry bath” to help freshen them up. These Dechra brand products are perfect for both cat and dog lovers.


Safe to Use: On or around your dog’s skin folds, lips, feet, hot spots, ears, feet, and any other part of their body.

Cost: Affordable product that will help you keep your Pug groomed on a daily basis.

Prevents Fungus and Yeast Growth: By balancing the skin surface pH to prevent unwanted growths.

Travel Packs: Easy to carry with you when you’re on the go.

Easy to Use: The wipes make it easy to do a quick cleaning and facial degreasing.

Sensitive Skin: Beneficial for pets that have sensitive skin and removes allergens and other pathogens that are known to cause allergies.


Avoid Ingestion: Ensure your pooch does not lick the treated area.

Eye Contact: If it comes into contact with your pet’s eyes, rinse with water for at least 15 minutes and if irritation persists, seek medical attention.


The active ingredients are:

  • 2% Boric Acid
  • 2% Acetic Acid

Instructions for Use

Remove wipe from the cap opening and apply directly to affected areas. Wipe your Pug’s skin folds on a regular basis.

Store the opened container at room temperatures between 68 -77 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Alternative For Allergic Pugs

Some people have complained that they couldn’t use these on their Pug’s. If your Pug is sensitive skin or allergies, you will want to consult with your veterinarian before using. I’ve also found some alternative facial and body wipes that are totally natural and hypoallergenic.

EarthBath Facial Wipes for Dogs and Cats

These hypoallergenic wipes are safe to use for grooming and wiping away dirt and odors between your Pugs baths. Read this article to learn how to groom your Pug.

Can be used to clean skin folds, dirty paws, removing dander, tear stains, drool and so much more.

Each wipe contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to help moisturize and protect your Pug’s skin and coat.


These ingredients can be found on Earthbath’s website and consist of:

  • Natural Melon Essence
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Gel
  • Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract
  • Water
  • Sodium Lauryl Glucose
  • Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E)
  • Citric Acid
  • Althaea Officinalis (Marshmallow) Root Extract

These are safe enough to use around the eye area, although you should consider using eye wipes for cleaning your Pug’s eyes.

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Where to Buy Pug Wrinkle Wipes?

You can buy these products online from Amazon, Chewy or any other pet products website. It won’t be hard to find any of these products at your local Petsmart, PetCo or any other pet store in your area.

Personally, I always purchased Mindy’s pet products online because it helped me save money.

How to Find The Right Wipes for Pugs?

Finding the right wipes for your baby can be challenging, especially, if you’ve never used any before. The best thing you can do is read all the ingredients in the wipes. I’d recommend using unfragmented wipes that are hypoallergenic.

Pugs are prone to allergies and using the wrong wipes can trigger allergic reactions or skin irritations. Read all the reviews online and find out which ones people say are pet-friendly and work well.

If you’re not sure about using medicated wipes or regular wipes. Start out using baby wipes, that’s what I used until I found the right wipes that helped keep Mindy clean and odor free.

Regardless of whether you use any of the wipes on this page, it’s important to keep your Pug’s wrinkles clean. This breed is prone to skin issues such as dermatitis, sores and so much more. Read this article if you want to know what skin disorders Pugs are prone to.

Final Word On Pug Wrinkle Wipes

There are literally tons of different products such as balm sticks, cotton wipes and etc for cleaning your Pug’s wrinkles.

I’ve done my best to provide you with the safest wipes for Pugs. Every dog is different and if you’re not sure which one to use, I’d highly recommend checking with your veterinarian before using a certain type of product.

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