My Pugs Nose Is Dry And Cracked How to Treat it

Help my Pug’s nose is dry and cracked! It looks painful, what can I do and what does it mean? Today, we’re going to be looking at the causes of the crusty nose, what it means and explore some options on treating the condition.

My Pugs Nose Is Dry and Cracked: Common Causes

There are many reasons why Fido has a dry or cracked nose, I’ll explain each of the possible reasons below:

Your Pug is too close to a heat source: Does your Pug tend to lie too close to the fireplace or warm heater during the winter months? If so, they leave themselves at risk for dry nose. If so, then the warm air will cause their nose to dry, which should return back to normal eventually. You only need be concerned if their nose starts to crack, but that can be remedied, we’ll discuss that shortly.

my pugs nose is dry and cracked

Allergies: Pugs are prone to both food and environmental allergies, which can cause skin irritations, and nose problems as well. It’s important to find out what’s causing irritation in your canine’s nose. I’d start by looking at their food bowl, most hounds are allergic to plastic. A majority of food and water bowls are made with cheap plastic, upgrade their bowl to this stainless steel bowl, to prevent crusty nose.

Not Licking Their Nose: One of the main reasons a dog has a wet nose is because they frequently lick their nose. You’ve probably seen your dog lick their nose and you may have thought they are licking the air? Pugs tend to sleep quite a bit and maybe your dog hasn’t licked their nose in a while.

The Sun Dries Their Nose: Your Pug’s coat protects them from both the sun and prevents them from getting sunburned. However, if they are spending too much time in the sun, their nose is exposed to the direct UV rays of the sun. This can cause your dog’s whiffer to become dry and cracked, especially, if they’re not drinking enough water.

It’s important to make sure that you keep your dog hydrated on a hot day.

In most cases your Pug’s dry nose is not a life-threatening condition, however, it doesn’t mean that it should be ignored. After all, a cracked nose can be painful for your dog and can get worse if not treated.

Does A Dry and Cracked Nose Mean My Dog Is Sick?

We’ve all heard the saying a “wet shiny nose” is a healthy canine nose. However, the truth is that just because your dog’s nose is dry or cracked, does not mean they are NOT healthy. It’s no different than a person dealing with chapped lips.

Now, that being said, if you notice Fido’s snout is starting to look brittle and cracked, it’s important to pay attention to take steps to treat it., I’ll share some things you can try at home to try to fix your Pug’s snout problems.

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you’ll want to make an appointment with your vet:

  • Constant scratching or licking their snout
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry, cracked paws
  • Loss of appetite
  • Notice their fur falling out
  • Lethargy
  • Yellow or green discharge from snout

Medical Conditions That Cause Dry Nose On Dogs

Most dogs will be fine if they have a dry crusty nose, you won’t need to rush them to the vet. However, let’s take a look at some of the medical conditions that are known to contribute to a dry and cracked nose as a symptom.

Nasal Hyperkeratosis

This condition is also referred to as “hairy dog feet.” Nasal Hyperkeratosis occurs when your canines hair on their paws and nose starts to thicken and harden.

It’s a painful experience and occurs when there is too much keratin. There are two types of hyperacusis:

  • Pad hyperkeratosis(causes callous looking paws)
  • Nasal hyperkeratosis (leads to a dry crusty nose)

This is a genetic condition that is more common in the following dog breeds:

  • Golden Retrievers
  • Labradors
  • Iris Terriers
  • Bedlington Terriers
  • and etc

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition, so you’ll have to make sure you take action to keep your dog’s nose moist.

Hyperkeratosis is often triggered by the following skin conditions:

Zinc Responsive Dermatosis: Skin disease that occurs when your dog is not absorbing the proper amount of zinc. This can normally be treated with zinc supplements.

Canine Distemper: This virus is rare, due to the fact that puppies are given the Canine Distemper vaccine.

Pemphigus Foliaceus: Autoimmune skin disease that is treatable with immunosuppressive drugs.

Leishmaniasis: Triggered by a parasite that is spread by sandflies. It is controlled with medicine.

What Can I Put On My Pugs Dry Nose?

If your Pug has a dry cracked nose, most likely it’s nothing serious. However, it’s important to take steps to help them overcome their discomfort. I’ll share some Pug dry nose remedies to help you treat your Pug’s dry, cracked nose.

Dog Nose Balms

You can find tons of different dog nose balm products online that are designed to help moisten crusty nose in dogs.

Coconut Oil Pug Nose

Coconut oil has many benefits for both canines and humans. It is great for hydrating and healing your dog’s snout. If your dog is like mine, you’ll need to reapply often, as your Pug will lick it off before it has a chance for the anti-microbial properties to work.

I’ve written this article that will show you how to add coconut oil to your Pug’s diet.

Can You Put Vaseline On Your Dog’s Dry Nose?

Vaseline is not the best thing to put on your Pug’s dry nose, as it can be toxic if consumed in large amounts.

However, if all you have is Vaseline, then you can use a Q-tip to put some on their cracked dry nose, just make sure that they do not lick it.

If they ingest too much, it can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea.

Olive Oil

You use it for cooking and it’s sitting in your pantry. This household product can be used to help moisten your dog’s paws, nose, and ears.

It can even be used to help promote healthy skin by adding a teaspoon to your dog’s meals.

Almond Oil

Almond oil is known to be an effective skin softener and conditioner. It contains beneficial vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are perfect for relieving painful dry dog snouts.

Shea Butter

There’s no doubt that you’ve probably used this for your dry skin because it works. Well, it works just as well on crusty dog noses. Apply directly to your Pug’s dry nose and in a week or so, you’ll start to notice their chapped dry, cracked nose looking much better.

Read this article to learn how to clean your Pug’s nose and prevent issues before they occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Pugs have wet noses? This breed is predisposed to having a dry or crusty nose. Most of the time, it is nothing serious and you can treat it at home.

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