How To Clean A Pugs Eyes In 7 Simple Steps

If you’ve just gotten a Pug, then you know how adorable and loving they are. But did you realize that you have to learn how to clean a Pugs eyes out daily to avoid any eye problems? Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through the entire process below. You’ll also learn why Pug eye care is important.

How To Clean A Pugs Eyes

In order to clean your Pug’s eyes, you’ll need some hypoallergenic toilet paper, unscented baby wipes, warm washcloth, commercially available eye cleaning pads. Use something that your dog is going to be comfortable with.

Avoid using toilet paper that crumbles easily and can break apart and get caught in your dog’s eyes.

how to clean a pugs eyes

Once you have a damp washcloth or some pieces of toilet paper, it’s time to get started. Don’t forget some of their favorite treats, so you can reward them afterward!

How to Clean Your Pugs Eyes In 7 Simple Steps

These steps are written in accordance with right-handed people. If you’re a lefty, you would just want to reverse the steps.

Step #1 Be Confident

Sit your Pug puppy on your lap. If your dog is an adult, then you can just have them sit down in front of you. I always used to sit cross-legged on the floor with my black Pug whenever I cleaned her eyes out.

If you have an adult Pug, just tell them to sit in front of you. They will have no problem coming to you and sitting, after all, they think they are going to get a treat or be petted.

Step #2 Get Your Pug Close To You

You may need to put your left arm around your pooch to hold them close to you, especially, if you don’t have anyone helping you out. Don’t worry, as your dog gets used to you cleaning their eyes, it will get easier.

With your left hand, under his/her jaw, you’ll want to gently hold your dog’s head.

Step #3 Start At The Corner Of Eye

Grab your washcloth and start at the corner of the first eye and work outward, making sure that you do not push any dirt or bacteria into their eyes.

You’ll want to be gentle, but firm.

Use only as much force as necessary to soften up and dislodge the discharge and dirt.

If you’re doing it correctly, you should be able to see some mucus or boogers on the cloth or toilet paper after the first rub.

If your Pug has spent any time outdoors, it’s not unusual to see some dust or pollen from your Pug being outside.

Step #4 Use A Different Part of The Cloth

Always use a different part of the cloth or a new piece of toilet paper for each eye. Also, never touch your own eyes while cleaning your Pugs eyes, as this could lead to you getting some type of eye infection.

Again, start at the corner of the other eye and gently work your way from the inside of the eye outward.

Step #5 Inspect Your Pug’s Eyes

This is the perfect time to carefully inspect your Pug’s eyes. Pay special attention to the cloudiness level, eye color, discharge (if any), or any other abnormalities that you may notice.

Keep an eye on any type of debris that may be stuck in your dog’s eyes.

If you notice any unusual abnormalities, you’ll want to consult with your veterinarian. They will be able to perform an eye exam to see if your Pug has developed any eye infections or their eyes are just irritated.

Step #6 Repeat The Process

If you haven’t cleaned your Pug’s eyes in a while, you may need to repeat the process for each eye more than once.

It’s okay to clean each eye more than once, just don’t overdo it.

Step #7 Praise Your Dog

After you are done, you can give them a treat and plenty of praise to let them know they did a good job.

This will help build trust with your pooch and will make it easier to get them used to the eye cleaning routine.

Once they get used to you cleaning their eyes and they understand it’s a part of the grooming process, it will become easier each time.

Why Pug Eye Care Is Important?

pug eye care

Both Pugs and Puggles eyes are magnets for eye problems. If you neglect those big beautiful bulging eyes, it can lead to infections, cataracts, and some Pugs have even had their eyes fall out.

With proper routine maintenance, you can ensure that your Pug’s eyes stay in the best shape as possible. This means that as they age, they’ll hopefully have fewer issues and can continue using their eyes to see!

Now let’s better help you understand why cleaning your Pugs eyes is so important as well as some other information you may find useful.

How Often Should You Clean A Pug’s Eyes?

This brachycephalic dog breed will require their eyes to be cleaned at least once or twice per day. It’s no different than setting some time aside to clean their wrinkles.

If your pooch spends a lot of time outside, it wouldn’t hurt to clean their eyes when they come inside. After all, their eyes are magnets for dust and pollen.

Cleaning Hard To Get Eye Boogers

Eye discharge is extremely common among this breed. According to WebMD, eye discharge in dogs can be a sign of an infection, allergies, or even glaucoma in dogs.

My black Pug used to get eye boogers so badly, it was kind of disgusting. However, it’s no different than humans waking up with sleep on our eyes.

I have to admit, I didn’t clean Mindy’s eyes religiously. In fact, there were a few times when her mucus got so bad, it would get on my hand whenever she rubbed up against me.

Cleaning their eye boogers is no different than your regular daily eye cleaning routine. This is a common problem among this breed, find out why Pugs get eye boogers.

Whenever you see an eye booger, you’ll want to use a clean warm washcloth, hypoallergenic toilet paper, eye cleaning pads, or baby wipes to wipe their eyes.

Cleaning Tear Stains

Some dogs are prone to dark brown or reddish marks that appear underneath the dog’s eyes. These will usually be more noticeable on lighter-colored Pugs.

Tear stains in dogs also known as Epiphora occur when there is an excessive tear production or the inability to properly drain tears.

There are several tear stain remover products available online that can help your pooch with their tear stain problem.

Removing Something From The Eye

If your Pug has something in their eye, you’ll want to flush it out as soon as possible.

You’ll want to use a sterile canine eye cleaning solution and some gauze.

Use your fingers to gently open the eye, by pushing down on the upper and lower lids. Basically, think of it like putting eye drops in your eyes.

Squeeze 4-5 drops of the canine eyewash solution into the cup of the lower eyelid.

Now let your pooch go and allow them to blink their eyes normally. Some of the solutions will seep through the corners of their eyes and may even cause some tear stains on their fur.

Once that is complete, you can wipe up the excess solution with the gauze or washcloth.

Note: If your Pug has something protruding from their eyes like a stick or twig, you will want to consult your veterinarian to have it removed. They will also be able to inspect the eyes to make sure that no damage was done.


Visual Exams

Besides daily cleaning and inspection, your pooch should have their eyes examined on a regular basis. Wellness exams should start when your dog is around 7 years of age or older.

Just like humans, dogs can develop certain diseases as they age such as diabetes, vision problems, gum disease, arthritis, dementia, blindness and etc.

Many pet insurances will cover these types of wellness exams. If you have an older Pug, you’ll want to speak with your veterinarian to find out when asking when you should schedule your dog’s first wellness exam.

Final Word On Cleaning Your Pugs Eyes

Your Pug’s eyes are important, after all, they say the windows are the window to your soul. With proper care and upkeep, your Pug will be able to use their eyes for years.

Once your Pug trusts you, it will be so easy to clean your Pug’s eyes out yourself. I know many people are uncomfortable and think they need to hire a groomer. The truth is that you need to learn how to do it yourself, and if you follow these steps, it won’t be hard.

It only takes a few minutes each day to properly clean your Pug’s eyes. Hopefully, this article has helped you realize the importance of taking care of your Pug’s eyes on a daily basis.

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