Do Pugs Get Along With Other Pugs? Should You Get A Second One

You’ve recently adopted a new Pug puppy and now you’re thinking about getting another to give them a little playmate. However, you’re the biggest concern is will they get along peacefully or will you create chaos? So do pugs get along with other Pugs and should you get the same sex or not?

Do Pugs Get Along With Other Pugs?

Yes. Having two pugs is better than having one. They are companion pugs and will understand each other better than with other breeds. Therefore, keeping two pets will reduce your pug’s health, loneliness, stress, and overall anxiety.

But it really depends, on your puppy’s personality and if they are socialized from an early age. Some people say that it’s easier to have dogs get along when they are of the opposite sex.

do Pugs get along with other Pugs

Personally, I think two males can get along as they are neutered and have been properly socialized. After all, Pugs get along with cats and other animals, so having two should be no problem.

Before you make the decision on getting a second Pug, let’s take a closer look at this breed.

A Little Bit About The Pug Dog

are Pugs better in pairs
These brachycephalic dogs make a great pet and it is possible to have more than one

Pugs are some of the oldest breeds and originated in China. The breed gained popularity in the 1860s when the British took over the Chinese Imperial Palace.

They are toy dogs with short-muzzled faces. Another unique characteristic of the breed is that their tail curls tightly over the hip. Traditionally, pugs were used as watchdogs and performing tricks.

Generally, the animals are intelligent, keen, and affectionate. Unlike some breeds, they are rarely aggressive but can be docile. Although the pups are inactive indoors, you can keep them even without a yard, which makes them ideal pets in apartments.

Pugs are sensitive to hot or cold weather. Therefore, ensure you keep them at comfortable temperatures in your home. The pups will let you know when you have a visitor and will not bark unnecessarily.

Ensure you socialize them while still young to prevent them from becoming jealous. If that happens, they will start guarding various items, including furniture and toys in your home. Although pugs don’t need a lot of physical exercise, they will become healthier after regular activities.

However, avoid overdoing it. Since they have a short nose, the dogs can overheat and experience breathing difficulties after over-exercising. Therefore, they should engage in minimal physical activity when it’s hot.

Is It Normal for Pugs to Feel Lonely?

Yes. dogs are social animals that don’t do well on their own like cats. It’s okay to leave your dog alone for a few hours throughout the day, but they will want attention from you when you get home.

If you need to go out and leave the pets alone, ensure you provide their favorite toys and a comfortable bed for them to lie on when you’re not around. If your first pet is well-trained, it will set an example for the others to follow.

The first pug will set the acceptable behavior for the other pet in your home. Professional dog care can be expensive and is not an option for many pet lovers.

Having two pugs will save you a significant amount of money in the long run. By having a companion, your pup will run around and play more than when alone.

This means they will get extra exercise for physical health without your involvement. Every exercise counts.

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Can Two Male Pugs Get Along?

will two male pugs get along
It depends on your dog’s personality but it usually isn’t an issue

If you intend to keep another dog as a companion for your current pug, consider getting them as puppies from the same litter. Pugs that grow up together tend to get along better than when introduced after maturity. The drawback is that training the two puppies can be difficult.

Research shows that puppies of the opposite sex tend to be better together. Usually, male pups tend to be laid back after their juvenile age, which is 12 months. You will not experience major issues if your male pets are neutered.

Can Two Female Pugs Get Along?

It depends on the dog’s personality, but if they are socialized properly, it shouldn’t be an issue. Same-sex adoptions can be either a hit or miss.

Some people have never had issues raising two same-sex dogs from the same litter. While others have experienced nightmares when the dogs mature.

According to Dr. Gary Richter, founder of the Montclair Veterinary Hospital, a dog’s sex has very little bearing on whether or not they will make a suitable pet.

Instead, choose a dog based on their personify, energy level, and demeanor. You’re looking for a dog that fits into your lifestyle, not trying to fit into their lifestyle.

Once you make the decision to get a second dog, whether it’s male or female, you’ll want to train them properly. This is how you have a well-behaved dog that gets along with other animals regardless of sex.

Should I Get A Male or Female Pug?

That’s really up to you, there are some differences between a male and female Pug. Some people prefer female dogs because they are less likely to mark in the house if they are spayed.

Some say that females are easier to train than males? There’s a saying online that “A female dog will love you, but a male dog will be in love with you” So, it really just comes down to a personal choice of whether you want your second Pug to be male or female.

If you’re going to have to Pugs, experts recommend having one female and one male. This way, the male gets to be alpha for the boys and the female is the alpha for the girls.

How Do You Introduce Two Male Pets?

introducing a second pug

Here is the best way to introduce two male Pugs or any other type of male dog to your first Pug.

Use a harness on both dogs: This will give you complete control in case one of the dogs tries to start a fight.

Take them to a neutral park, such as a public park: This way there are no scents of the other dog.

Take the dogs for a walk together: Walk the dogs in a single file and don’t allow them to sniff each other. When dogs approach each other for the first time, their emotional intensity is extremely high.

You can let them start sniffing each other while they are walking. You’ll notice that they will start sniffing each other in the rear. You and I might think that’s disgusting, but

Use positive reinforcement: All dogs, including Pugs, do great with positive reinforcement. If you remain calm and supportive about the situation, there’s a good chance that both Pugs will get along fine.

If one pees, let the other dog sniff it after the dog is done: Dogs sniff urine and poop as a way to exchange information and energy between the two dogs. Once the dogs are comfortable to urinate in front of each other, that’s a good sign that they are starting to get used to each other.

Let them off the leash: Once they have sniffed each other and are feeling comfortable, and calm. Let them off the leash if you’re in a park, this will allow you to observe their behavior.

Show them the same amount of love: If you’ve had a Pug since they were a puppy, and bring home a second Pug. There can be feelings of jealousy if you favor one dog over another.

It’s no different than spoiling one kid over another.

Separate toys, food, and water bowls: If you notice any aggressive behavior, you may want to keep food bowls, crates, toys, and etc separate.

Don’t leave them alone together: At least until you know they won’t get into fights or hurt each other.

Introducing A Female Pug To A Male Pug

The process of introducing a male to a female is the same as introducing two males. It’s best to introduce two new Pugs on a weekend when the entire family is going to be home.

This way, if a fight breaks out, someone will be there to break it up before it escalates.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Second Pug?

will two female Pugs get along
Your Pug is more likely to get along with another Pug of the same demeanor

It may not be easy for you to find the perfect match for your current pet. You need to perform due diligence, so both of them get along. Many people find rescue pugs to be better as they are likely to be trained.

Additionally, this means you will not buy pups from farms with unethical practices. Although this is not the case for all pet stores, it happens from time to time. You can seek professional help to choose a pup with the traits that you want.

Ensure you visit several dealers before you make a decision and bring your current pug along. Allow your pug to socialize with the others and observe which ones get along. You need to have patience while doing this.

Final Word

Two Pugs may require a little more work at the beginning. However, once you have them trained properly, you’ll get twice the love and have two shadows following you around everywhere you go for years to come!

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