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3 Of The Best Collars for Pugs You’ll Love

As a new Pug owner, it’s important to understand you should use a harness when walking your Pug. However, if you’re looking for the best collars for Pugs, you’re in the right place.

Best Collars for Pugs

The best types of collars for Pugs are the ones that have a flat collar with a quick release or the flat collar, break away. I’ll cover more on these types of collars later.

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If you’ve already done your research and are ready to buy, I highly recommend this KeepSafe Break-Away Collar. Even though it’s compatible to use with a leash, I don’t recommend it. If you have a Pug that needs a muzzle, check out these short-snout muzzles for Pugs.

But first, let’s talk about why collars are not always safe for Pugs.

Why Can’t Pugs Wear Collars With A Leash?

For most dog breeds, you can attach a leash to the collar without experiencing any issues. However, the Pug dog is a part of the brachycephalic breed.

This means that they have a flat face with a short snout. This compresses their nasal airways and the soft palate which is located at the back of the throat is often elongated and the result is difficulty breathing.

Their flat face and short neck can be hazardous, especially if they pull while on a leash and collar. In fact, it can lead to the following issues:

  • Injury to their windpipe if they jerk their head to the side, it can cause a collapsed trachea. This is the cartilage that surrounds the windpipe.
  • Increased neurological problems or risk of disc injury

This is why you should never use a collar as an apparatus to attach a leash. I’ve put together an article that will help you find the right harness for your Pug.

Can My Pug Wear A Collar?

Yes, Pugs can wear collars, but it should not be used for training or exercise. However, there are several reasons you may want your dog to wear a collar.

  • Why dogs wear collars:
  • Fashion (spiked, leather, prong collar and etc)
  • ID
  • Rabies Vaccinations and/or registration information

However, there are several types of collars available for all the different breeds of dogs. Your Pug won’t be able to wear just any type of collar. (more ahead on the best types of collars for your pugs below)

Best Pug Collar Size and Choosing A Collar for Your Pug

Now that you know you should never attach a leash with your Pug’s collar, let’s take a look at how to find the right collar for your Pug. Before you buy a collar on Amazon, Chewy or any pet store, you’ll want to measure the circumference of your dog’s neck and add 2″.

You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and your dog’s neck. The collars I’ve reviewed below are adjustable which are perfect for a custom fit or a growing puppy.

Dog Collar Size Chart By Weight

Here is a guide that I found online to help you get the right size before buying:

Xsmall Dogs (5-10 lbs)

Common breeds: Yorkshire Terrier, Toy Poodle, Maltese

Neck Size: 8-12″

Small Dogs (10-25 lbs)

Common breeds: Pekingese, Cavalier King Charles, Pug

Neck Size: 10-14″

Medium Dogs: (up to 55 lbs)

Common breeds: French Bulldog, Boston Terrier, Beagle, Border Collie

Neck Size: 14-20″

Large Dogs (up to 75 lbs)

Common Breeds: Labrador Retriever, Boxer, Dalmatian, Weimaraner

Neck Size: 16-26″

What Size Collar For A Pug?

A Pug is classified as a toy dog, but they are fall into the small dog bracket for collars. That being said, every dog is different and you still need to measure your dog to ensure you get the right size.

This video will walk you through step-by-step on measuring your dog’s neck for a dog collar ID.

Types of Pug Collars to Avoid

There are so many cool designer collars that are available for dogs. However, these are the types that should NEVER be used for your Pug!

Prong Collar: These are the types of collars that help control a dog from pulling. They work by pinching the dog’s neck whenever they pull on the leash. Many people consider this to be an inhumane method for any dog because the metal spikes on the links collar can be hurtful for the pooch.

Flat Buckle Collars: These types resemble a belt you would wear to hold up your jeans. It is adjusted with prongs that fit into punched holes on the collar. This makes it difficult to remove the leash quickly if your Pug starts having breathing issues.

You want to find a collar that can be removed almost instantly.

Choke Collars: These can be extremely dangerous for any brachycephalic breed dog. The choke and prong collars are designed to inflict pain as a form of punishment for pulling.

It has two loops on both sides and to use you loop one end through the inside of one loop, this creates the collar. This type of collar automatically slips tighter around their neck when they pull, which can cause a massive jerk to their neck.

Best Collars For A Pug Puppy Or Older Pug

These are the two best types of collars to use for your Pug or any brachycephalic dog breed. You’ll find some links to some of the best collars I highly recommend for your Pug.

Flat Collar, Quick Release: It is a flat collar with an adjustable strap that fits comfortably around their neck. The clasp makes it put on and remove quickly.

Our Favorite Choice

#1 Rogz Reflective Stitching Snake Dog Collar

This collar is perfect for Pugs and it is even reflective to help you see your pooch at night. It comes in several different colors such as Blue, Black, Lime Green, Chocolate, Pink and etc. Suitable for the Jack Russell, Pug, Scotty and other similar small dog breeds.

Designed with a high-quality webbing that is ideal for any type of weather. The rust, the tarnish-free finish will prevent it from becoming rusty over time.

The stitching is visible at night and will help your pooch be seen by cars and street lamps at night.

Flat Collar Break Away: It too is a flat and adjustable collar, however, the clasping mechanism breaks away when excessive force is placed upon it in emergency situations. The excessive force would come from situations such as; your dog got caught on an object such as fencing, furniture, or a safety gate in your home. This prevents your dog from being strangled.

Our Favorite Choice

#2 PetSafe KeepSafe Break-Away Collar

This is perfect because it is designed to let your dog play and explore safely without you worry about them getting strangled if they get snagged on something. The patented buckle was designed for the quick release to prevent tragic collar accidents.

It even comes with easy replacements, if it becomes damaged from chewing or excessive scratching. It’s sturdy and will be fine if your dog plays outside in different weather elements.

The best part is that it can save your Pug’s life and will prevent them from choking to death.

Any of the above collars will be safe to use for a Pug. Just remember, you NEVER want to use a leash in conjunction with one. Always use a harness, in fact, this harness is perfect for Pugs that pull.

#3 PetSafe Martingale Quick Snap Buckle Dog Collar

Recommended by both veterinarians and dog trainers. It’s perfect for daily wear and the quick snap buckle makes it extremely easy to put on and take off.
Constructed of high-quality nylon and it is a durable collar that will be fine in the different weather elements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should a Pug Wear A Collar?

We never used a collar for Mindy, unless we took a trip or went on vacation. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a collar for your Pug.

However, they should only be used under supervision, especially, if you’re not using the break-away type. You should take your dog’s collar off whenever they are being left in a crate, playing with other dogs or just left unsupervised at home.

The most important thing is to always keep your dog’s mind in safety whenever using a collar.

Are Collars Bad For Pugs?

No, as long as it is fitted properly to your dog’s neck and you don’t use it to walk them on a leash. These brachycephalic dogs should wear a harness when they go for a walk, as it makes it much easier for them to breathe.

Should I Use A Shock Collar For My Pug?

No, shock collars are cruel and can cause your dog to become scared of the leash, which will make it much more difficult to train your Pug.

Final Word

Getting the right collar for your Pug can help keep your Pug safe. Make sure you find the right fit to keep your pup safe and comfortable.

We’ve done our best to help you find the right size pug collar. If you’re still not sure, then talk to your veterinarian as they will be able to tell you what size and kind to get.

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