A Look At The Best Muzzle For Pugs Money Can Buy

It’s unusual to see a dog, especially, a Pug wearing a muzzle. However, there may be times when your flat-faced dog may need to wear one, especially, if you want them to be the perfect family dog. In this article, we’re going to look at the best muzzle for Pugs and when you might want to consider using one.

Best Muzzle For Pugs

The best Pug muzzle is one that is comfortable enough for them to wear and does not inhibit their ability to breathe, pant, or drink. If your Pug has never used a muzzle, you may want to take them to a pet store and have them try on different types to ensure you get the right size.

Regardless of how you feel about canine muzzles, dogs should only wear them no longer than 20 minutes at a time, depending on the temperature and how active they are.

best muzzle for pugs

Whenever your dog wears a muzzle they should NEVER be left unsupervised.

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Four Paws Quick Fit Adjustable Dog Muzzle for Pugs

The Four Paws muzzle will help keep your wild Pug from excessively barking, chewing, and other behavioral problems.

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When A Pug Shouldn’t Wear A Muzzle

If your Pug barks or chews uncontrollably, you should not use a muzzle to help stop this behavior. According to American Kennel Club, you should NEVER use a canine muzzle for these types of behavioral problems. (source)

Instead of using a muzzle for excessive chewing or biting, you will want to consider looking into obedience training. If your Pug is chewing or barking excessively, there’s a good chance there is a deeper issue that a muzzle won’t be able to solve.

Should A Pug Wear A Muzzle?

should a Pug wear a muzzle
Yes, Pugs can wear muzzles, if you want better control of them.

Most people associate dog muzzles with aggressive dogs that will bite people. Others associate dogs wearing muzzles as inhumane treatment. I personally think it looks like Hannibal Lecter from the Silence of the Lambs movie.

However, there are other reasons you may want to consider putting a muzzle on your Pug to keep them and others around you safe and comfortable.


Pugs don’t normally bite, especially, once they outgrow their puppy stage. However, if your Pug loves biting when you’re in public, a muzzle can keep them from hurting other people or animals.

Grooming Sessions or Trips to The Vet

Maybe the only time your Pug bites are when they know it’s time to go to the vet or groomers. It’s funny how dogs can sense these types of things.

If you already know that your Pug acts aggressively at the vet’s office or at the groomers, you can use a muzzle as a precaution to keep others around you safe.

Most vets and groomers will ask you to muzzle your dog, especially, if they are prone to aggressive behavior when in their office.

Walking In Crowded Areas

If your Pug has a habit of snapping at people when you’re out in public, you may want to consider using a muzzle. This can prevent them from biting people who come too close or bend down to pet them.

Some states also have laws that require dogs, especially, “dangerous breeds” to wear a muzzle when walking in public spaces. While Pugs are not classified as a dangerous breed if they do bite someone you open yourself up to lawsuits.

Emergencies or Injuries

Even docile dogs will bite if they are in pain or extremely fearful. A muzzle can help keep your dog from biting if they have experienced a traumatic experience.

Features Of A Great Muzzle: What To Look For

When shopping for a muzzle for your Pug, it’s important to understand that they cannot wear all types of muzzles.

Brachycephalic or Short-Snout: As long as it clearly states that it is made for flat-faced, brachycephalic, or short-snout dogs you are fine. Pugs have an odd head shape and using the wrong type of muzzle will lead to breathing problems.

Sturdy: Your dog will most likely paw and scratch at the muzzle, especially, if they’ve never worn one before. It needs to be tough enough to withstand the pawing and movement of your dog without falling off.

Fits Well: You need to make sure you carefully measure your dog’s snout to get one that fits your four-legged friend properly. Don’t be surprised if you have to get a custom made muzzle, for your Pug.

Spacious: A good muzzle should NOT hinder your dog from drinking and sometimes even eating snacks or treats through the bars. If you get one that doesn’t allow your Pug to pant or drink, it should only be worn for a short period of time.

Style: While this isn’t as important as the other factors, I totally understand why you don’t want your dog to look like Hanibal Lector. Many people think it’s inhumane for dogs to wear muzzles, so something colorful or funny muzzles can make your dog look less scary.

Types Of Pug Muzzles

dog muzzles
Look for short-snout dog muzzles for Pugs.

There are literally several types of muzzles for all types of breeds. The biggest issue to finding the right muzzle for your Pug is finding one that is designed for brachycephalic or flat-faced dogs.

Using the wrong type of dog muzzle can cause several health issues. So it’s going to take some time to find a good muzzle but always keep their comfort in mind.

4 Of The Best Muzzles For Short-Nosed Dogs

I’ve compiled some of the best muzzles for Pugs that are designed specifically for flat-faced dogs, so make sure you scroll down below to find out where to buy a muzzle for your Pug.

Leather Dog Muzzle For Flat-Faced Dogs

While this isn’t the best type of muzzle for Pugs, they are available on the market. The leather muzzles can make it difficult for flat-faced dogs to breathe and pant.

Many people opt for these types because of their durability and design. Leather muzzles are usually less restrive and do not allow for panting or drinking water.

If you do opt for a leather muzzle for your Pug, make sure you only use it for a very short period.

Plastic Basket Muzzle

The plastic basket muzzle looks the like the least humane chose, however, it is the one that allows your dog to drink and pant easier than some of the other muzzles on the market.

If you have a larger breed dog, you’ll want to consider a wire basket muzzle to prevent biting. For a smaller breed dog like a Pug, opt for the plastic basket muzzle.

Once your Pug gets used to wearing it, they won’t mind it because it won’t hinder their eating, drinking, panting or barking. Keep that in mind, if you are going to be in a public area where you want your dog to be quiet.

Short Snout Soft Muzzles

The soft muzzle is made from durable nylon and mesh material. Most of them will have adjustable straps and buckles to secure it properly in place.

This muzzle will cover your Pug’s entire face, leaving an opening around their eyes and nose so they can see and breathe. It’s a great way to prevent biting, chewing, yet spacious enough for your dog to breathe normally.

Short Snout Mesh Muzzles

These mesh muzzles are specially designed for small breed dogs with odd head shapes. The mesh muzzles are similar to the soft muzzles in that they cover the entire face, leaving their nose and eyes exposed.

The biggest difference is that the mesh material is breathable and the nylon mesh will make it easier to breathe. This is a great option if you live in a hot climate and want to prevent overheating.

3 Of The Best Short Snout Muzzles On The Market

The muzzles I’ve compiled for you are made to fit dogs that have odd head shapes or very flat faces like the Pug and French Bulldogs.

Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Canine Muzzle (Highly Recommended)

The Four Paws Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle is the perfect muzzle for flat-faced dogs and can help with the biting, chewing, and barking problems. It is highly recommended and used by pet professionals.

Get more control over your Pug to control their barking, chewing, while still allowing them to breathe, pant, and even drink.

Comes highly recommended because it works on several dog breeds such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Beagles, and yes even Pugs!


  • Machine Washable: Easily clean it by tossing it in the washer machine.
  • Durability: Constructed of durable nylon which won’t tear easily. The inside is waterproof.
  • Straps: Adjust it to fit your dog perfectly.
  • Sizes: Comes in 7 different sizes, which shouldn’t be hard to find one for your Pug!


  • Sizing: Some people have complained that it runs small, so make sure you measure correctly.


Chewy has a measurement chart that will help you find the right measurements for your pup. When wearing this muzzle, your dog should still be able to open his/her mouth.

JYHY Adjustable Breathable Short Snout Muzzle

The JYHY short snout dog muzzle is the ideal muzzle for dogs with short snouts or odd-shaped heads.

While still letting your dog breathe!


  • Breathable Material: JYHY is designed of breathable mesh material.
  • Comfort: It designed to prevent the material from rubbing your dog’s eyes and nose.
  • Adjustable: Comes with an adjustable nylon strap to help fit it comfortably on your Pug.
  • Easy to Put On/Take Off: The quick-release buckle makes it easy to take off/put on.
  • Easy to Clean: Machine washable and easy to clean.


  • Takes Time To Get Used To It: Some people complained that their dog didn’t like it. You will need to train your dog to get used to wearing a muzzle.


Comes in all sizes from small to x-large.

When measuring your dog for a muzzle, start measuring from under the chin to right behind their ears. Make sure you measure more than once to ensure you have the right measurements.

Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

The Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle is made by The Company Of Animals. The thermal plastic rubber allows you to custom fit it to your Pug’s snout. Just heat it with hot water and create a customized fit for your flat-faced dog.

Great for calming down Pugs with a lot of pent up energy or behavioral problems.


  • Humane Design: Allows your dog the ability to eat, drink, and pant while wearing a muzzle.
  • Custom Fit: Thermal plastic allows you to customize to fit your dog’s unique size and shape.
  • Attachments: Comes with a loop for your dog’s collar and a removable over the head safety strap.
  • Lining: Neoprene padded lining makes it comfortable to wear.
  • Brachycephalic Muzzle: Great muzzle for Pugs and other brachycephalic breeds.


  • Biting: Some people have said that this muzzle won’t prevent your dog from biting.


The length and circumference of the muzzles come in various sizes for different breeds. Even though you don’t think it will fit your Pug, it can be customized to fit them.

Related Questions Regarding Muzzles for Pugs

How Long Should A Dog Wear A Muzzle?

A muzzle should be worn no more than 20 minutes at a time and you always want to supervise your dog while they are wearing it.

Can Pugs Wear Muzzles?

Yes, although they won’t be able to wear any type of muzzle. It’s important to look for the ones that say designed specifically for short-faced, short-snout, brachycephalic breeds or customizable muzzles.

How Long Will It Take My Pug To Get Used To The Muzzle?

Every dog is different, however, with proper training, your dog should be fine wearing the muzzle in a day or two.

Should I Use A Muzzle On My Pug Puppy?

As long as your pup is 16 weeks or older, there’s nothing wrong with training them to wear a muzzle. After all, it’s much easier to train a puppy than it is an older dog set in their ways.

Where To Buy A Muzzle?

Short nosed dog muzzles can be found at your local pet stores and online. I recommend taking your dog to the store and trying one on to see how it fits before you order one online.

Final Word On Pug Muzzles

Even though all these muzzles are designed for the Pug snout, they can still cause injury if not used properly. A muzzle is just a temporary solution and you should always spend time training your Pug to ensure they know how to behave.


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