Tips for Walking A Pug Puppy for The First Time

Walking a dog is one of the most beautiful parts of dog ownership. You get to spend time with your four-legged friend, to bond and to show him off. But as a responsible pet owner, you need to make sure that your pug puppy is always safe and that you are doing everything in your power to make the outside enjoyable to avoid future issues. 

The best tips for walking a pug puppy for the first time are not very different from those that relate to any other dog breed, but there are some particularities that refer to the breed’s endurance and health problems that we need to address. 

Walking A Pug Puppy for The First Time

To walk a pug puppy safely, you must first make sure that the vaccination scheme is complete, that the dog will be comfortable at all times and that you adjust your pace to the dog’s abilities. 

walking a Pug puppy for the first time

Some people are attracted to this breed because they are considered lazy dogs. However, like us, all dogs require some physical activity. If you’re considering getting a Pug but want to know how much or how often to walk your puppy, you’re in the right place. 

We’ll share everything you need to know about walking your new Pug puppy for the first time.

Pugs and walking

how do you walk a Pug puppy for the first time
Pugs love to walk, but you need to give them time to build up their endurance.

This is not the type of breed that would enjoy running a marathon with its owner. They seem highly energetic and wild, but the truth is that their legs are small. They are chubby-looking dogs and don’t breathe that well either. 

However, walking them is often very important because they are exposed to obesity, and daily exercise offers a lot of benefits such as: 

  • Prevents obesity;
  • Maintains a good level of fitness;
  • Prevents heart disease;
  • It Will help a bit with shedding;
  • Can Promote socialization.

Walking Your Puppy for The First Time

It is crucial to create good habits early on, and since pugs must exercise to remain healthy, introducing a routine is essential. 

The tips below will ensure your puppy stays safe and gets the best possible experience from their walks, so they’ll be begging you for another one.


When you first take your puppy for a walk, the entire vaccination scheme must be complete, and enough time should have passed for the antibodies to be formed. It is best to ask your vet when it’s safe to take your puppy for a walk. 

This is especially important because puppies are exposed to parvovirus, a virus that can be picked up from other dogs both directly and indirectly. 

This means that if your puppy smells the grass where an infected dog was, they can get the virus.

Parvo is often deadly and entirely preventable by vaccination. Most dog breeders make sure only to sell puppies after the scheme is complete, but some don’t, and it’s up to you to make sure that your puppy never goes outside without this particular vaccine. 

This being said, how do you go about to actually walk the puppy?

If you have an enclosed garden, you can start there. Take a toy with you and allow the puppy to explore. You will be surprised by how much interest they have in simple things like grass and leaves. 

If you don’t have a back garden, you will need to have some gear, which brings us to the next part of walking your pup.

Accessories for Walking a Pug Puppy

Most dogs that you see outside probably have a leash and a collar. With a pug, you will want to avoid the leash because their neck is short, and they have the tendency to pull on the leash constantly. 

A harness is much more suitable for this type of dog. In fact, it is mostly suitable for all dogs since it’s so much more humane. Here are some of the best harnesses for brachycephalic dog breeds like your Pug. 

Another great addition is a water bottle, the type that can allow your dog to drink water from it. 

Pugs are Brachycephalic dogs, which means that they have a few issues with breathing, meaning that they often get overheated while walking.

When they need to cool down, the pugs open their mouth and pant because the evaporation that happens on their tongue cools them down. But, they need hydration to control the body temperature, and that is why it’s useful to carry some water with you.

You will also need scoop bags a well, the outside will become your Pug’s bathroom, and your neighbors might (will) not tolerate that very well. 

How Much Can I Walk A Pug Puppy?

You mustn’t overwalk your Pug. But you can start to build its endurance so that they will be comfortable walking for longer distances over time. Read this article on how long should I walk a Pug puppy if this is your first time owning a Pug.

Pugs aren’t the best walking dogs if you’re planning on going for a power walk, but they do make good companions for a slow stroll.

Like other breeds, Pugs can walk long distances, but it takes time to work up to that distance. Mindy, my Pug, was able to walk 2-3 miles when she was younger.

For your first walk, you’ll want to take your puppy for a quick walk around the block. It’s a good enough distance to see how your puppy can acts. Walking a small dog can be challenging, as they have shorter legs and will struggle more than big dogs. 

Exercise is proven to be essential to the Pug’s health, so it is crucial to go out every day.

It is best to teach them to heal because this will be of great benefit if you are to walk them on busy streets and prevent accidents. 

Each dog has its threshold, and you need to learn how your dog acts when it’s tired. Start with a short 10 minutes walk, and then progressively increase the time spent outside by adding 5 minutes every day.

Make sure to offer your dog one long walk or two short walks every day, but also keep in mind your needs and desires. 

If you wish to take your Pug for long walks, train him until he can walk for an hour comfortably. 

Avoid overwalking your puppy. Pugs are brachycephalic breeds and tend to become overexerted easier than other breeds. 

No matter how long your walks will be, make sure that your pug puppy will always be safe.

Pug Puppies and Safety While Walking

Because pugs risk overheating (due to their short nose) and joint problems, you need to maintain a moderate pace in which they are walking rather than running and never walk them when it’s very hot outside.

This means that in the Summer you may have to walk them early in the morning or later in the evening and that you will not encourage them to run up and down the stairs. 

Avoiding high stairs could help protect their back and joints, so if you have to climb stairs for your walk, it might be best if you pick the Pug up, even if they don’t seem to have a problem with it. 

Another critical factor to keep in mind while out on a walk with your Pug is their personality.

Pugs are small dogs. We all know that they could fit in a bag. But they do not know this, and they have a brave bone that they enjoy showing off. 

This is why it is crucial to keep your dog on a leash and be careful around large dogs. If you think that your Pug will run off if a large dog growls at it, you might be wrong.

Final Word

When you take your pug puppy for a walk, remember to enjoy yourself. Dogs can often feel our emotions, and the more you will like your walks, the happier your Pug will be. 

If your puppy is pulling on its leash, check out this leash training guide that will teach your puppy how to behave. It will make a world of difference, especially if you don’t enjoy those walks with your furry friend.

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