Pug Refuses to Walk in The Rain And What to Do About It

Being a Pug owner, you learn pretty quick about their reluctance to walk in the rain. Who can blame them? It’s cold, wet, and on those really torrential downpours can even sting a little. It can also make you both catch a cold. If your Pug doesn’t want to go out for a walk in the rain, it’s completely understandable but also unavoidable for bathroom breaks.

Pug Refuses to Walk In The Rain What Do I Do?

By giving your Pug some protection against the elements and keeping outdoor time to a minimum, your Pug will be more inclined to brave the rain without compromising its health.

If you’ve been experiencing challenges walking a Pug in the rain, then you know it’s not always easy to get them to go. After reading this article, you’ll understand why they don’t enjoy it, and how you can make the process easier on both of you.

Pug refuses to walk in the rain

Why do Pugs Dislike the Rain?

Pugs are a breed that is even less tolerant of the rain than other dogs because of their thin and short hair. Their thin fur offers no protection against the rain, wind, or the cold it brings along with it. 

They are also more likely to splash the rain on their belly, getting wetter than they’d like because of how close they are to the ground.

Like humans, Pugs are also susceptible to catching a cold from being out in the poor weather. Your Pug getting a cold just from having to go to the bathroom is less than ideal, especially with Pugs being a breed that experiences breathing difficulties related to their short, smooshed snouts.

Even when rain occurs on a hot summer day where your Pug won’t feel as cold, the humidity that ensues from the moisture and heat can compromise your Pug’s breathing and prevent them from wanting to go out.

Whether it is hot or cold out when it’s raining, your Pug may not want to walk in the rain because it reduces their ability to see clearly as they squint against the raindrops. Not being able to see where your walking is enough of a reason not to want to go outside.

What Can You do About It?

Instead of sticking to your regular schedule, limit outdoor time. When it’s raining, reducing how long or often they need to walk in the rain can save you both a lot of frustration and reduce the likelihood of your Pug catching a cold.

Exercise is important, even for that little imperial lap dog at your feet. One of the bright sides to their centuries of breeding that has made them such fantastic lapdogs is that they don’t require a lot of exercise. 

A healthy adult Pug requires 20-30 minutes of exercise a day, however that exercise doesn’t need not to be outside.

Limit outdoor time to necessary bathroom breaks. And keep in mind that no matter how frustrating it may be to get them to go outside in the rain, holding their pee or poo in for too long can lead to medical concerns, UTIs, incontinence, and more. 

Getting them to go outside is just as important to their health as limiting their time in the rain. 

At a minimum, you should walk your Pug anywhere from three to five times a day to provide him or her with enough opportunities to use the bathroom.

What Are Some Tips on How to Get Your Pug To Walk in the Rain and Further Limit Outdoor Time?

There are a few things you can try before walking out of the house to help get your Pug to go out in the rain and further limit time outside. Below are but a few suggestions:

Wait for a Little Longer

If your Pug has a schedule for when you typically walk them, say thirty minutes after eating. Then their digestive tract is on a pretty consistent schedule and will likely be beckoning them to go outside like clockwork. 

Waiting a little longer before going out can help speed things up once outside. For the most part, any dog with an aversion to the rain won’t want to go out in the rain until they are bursting at the seams to go, which we don’t want for the reasons mentioned above. 

Instead, try waiting for an extra thirty to sixty minutes. So their need to go is a little more pressing (but nowhere near harmfully urgent), and they will be more likely to both walk in the rain and go to the bathroom faster when you take them out, further limiting outdoor time and chances of catching a cold.

Get the Exercise Out of the Way-

Just because it is raining outside and they don’t need an excessive amount of exercise. It doesn’t mean you should forgo exercise altogether until pleasant weather comes along. 

Exercising your Pug indoors before going outside can help them go to the bathroom faster when they get out in the rain. If your Pug happens to be one of those dogs who needs a good walk or run before being able to go to the bathroom, then you may already know that when they get the body moving, they get their digestive tract moving. 

Physical exercise increases your dog’s blood flow, which increases the amount of movement occurring in their digestive tract and helps them go faster.

Before you take your Pug for a walk in the rain, knock out two birds with one stone by getting their daily exercise in and encouraging faster bowel movements. 

Some indoor activities you can do with your canine companion recommended by the American Kennel Club are to play games of tug-o-war, use a treadmill, going up and down the stairs, or even playing a game of hide-and-seek.

Protect Them from the Rain- 

Your Pug will be more inclined to go out into the rain to do their business if they have some extra protection against the rain. Investing in a warm rain jacket and rain boots can make a walk in the rain more appealing to your furry friend. 

If your Pug isn’t used to wearing clothes and won’t move when you put clothes on them, don’t be discouraged. Introducing it to them by having them wear it a few minutes here and there (and maybe a few treats and words of encouragement to get them to walk in their new attire). 

Before long, they will learn the advantages of wearing clothes out in the rain.  

Also, don’t forget that sharing your umbrella would also be a welcomed addition to rain protection that your Pug will be happy for.

Final Word

It’s normal for this breed to want to avoid walking in the rain. Hopefully, these tips will help you avoid having to go outside when it’s pouring down rain, or at least make the process easier of taking them out when it isn’t sunny.

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