215 of The Best Hawaiian Pug Names Perfect for Your Pup

Over 10 million people visited Hawaii in 2019. It enthrals everyone with the culture, stunning beaches, gorgeous scenery, aloha spirit and exciting activities.

The unique Hawaiian language offers several beautiful and interesting words that can make a great dog name. Whether you’re a repeat visitor or plan on visiting in the future, you likely admire the islanders’ philosophy of positivity. The rich heritage, fascinating culture, religion, etc. We think it’s the perfect place to draw inspiration for naming your Pug puppy.

Below you’ll find several Hawaiian-inspired dog names ranging from their favorite foods, tattoo meanings, cities, volcanos, and so much more. If you can’t find anything you like, check out our huge list of Pug names for more inspiration.

Hawaiian Pug names

Let’s help you find that perfect Hawaiian name for your new Pug puppy!

Best Hawaiian Dog Names for Pugs

AkamuMade by God
AlohaTE Amo
NaniBeautiful, Pretty
HiwaJet Black
LonoHawaiian God of agriculture and rain
MaliaOf the sea or bitter
MolokaiRough water or water spout
KalaMake up
MauiIsland in Hawaii

Hawaiian Pug Names

Whatever reason you’re searching for Hawaiian dog names, here are some of the most popular dog names in Hawaii with the meaning that we’ve found after searching online, social media sites, and online forums.

Hawaiian Girl Pug Names

Is your Pug a ʻīlio kaikamahine?

Not sure what “ʻīlio kaikamahine” means? If your Pug is female, it means she is “ʻīlio kaikamahine” (girl dog) in Hawaiian.

Your beautiful girl dog deserves a beautiful, feminine name to match her personality. Here are some of our favorite names for girl Pugs and the meaning.

  • Olina – Joyous
  • Ewalani – Heavenly woman
  • Kaila – Stylish
  • Alana – Awakening
  • Halia – Fond remembrance
  • Akela – Wisdom
  • Kaia – The sea
  • Kalani – The sky
  • Hanai – Lucky
  • Aolani – Heavenly cloud
  • Puanani – Beautiful flower
  • Roselani – Rose
  • Lelele – Friendly
  • Makenna – Gift of God
  • Hula – Hawaiian dance
  • Alikai – Queen of the Sea
  • Laki – Lucky
  • Kona – Lady
  • Mana – Power
  • Nalani – Calm skies
  • Wahine – Girl
  • Nani – Beautiful
  • Noelani – Girl from heaven
  • Akaw – Great
  • Kiele Precious blossom
  • Ipo – Sweetheart
  • Milani – Gentle caress
  • Neolani – Mist of heaven
  • Hula – Hawaiian dance
  • Hoku – Star
  • Hani – Happy
  • Kahili – Feather

Hawaiian Boy Pug Names

If you don’t have a īlio kaikamahine, you have a ʻīlio keiki kāne.

A ʻīlio keiki kāne is the Hawaiian word for boy dog. There are several great male Hawaiian dog names that represent masculinity that are perfect for your four-legged friend.

  • Eno – Wild
  • Etana – Strong
  • Malo – Victorious Man
  • Mano – Shark or lover
  • Lupo – Woulf
  • Kiki – Kiss
  • `Îlio – Dog
  • Kekipi – Rebel
  • Miki – Active
  • Noa – Freedom
  • Kale – Strength
  • Ohana – Family
  • Lakely – Lake in meadow
  • Inoki – Devoted
  • Keanu – Cool mountain breeze
  • Malo – Winner
  • Koa – Bold and brave
  • Bold and brave
  • Kapono – Goodness
  • Aka – Shadow
  • keiki kāne – Boy
  • Edega – Wealthy
  • Hae – Growl
  • Kapena – Captain
  • Keiki – Child, boy
  • Kaimi – The seeker
  • Koi – Implore
  • Pilipo – One who loves horses
  • Kelome – Holy
  • Kanani – Handsom
  • Kalani – Royalty
  • Liko – Bud

Funny Hawaiian Pug Dog Names

Maybe you’re looking for a hoʻomākeʻa Hawaiian dog name.

In case you don’t know it, hoʻomākeʻa means funny. Pugs have a clownish and hyper personality, which makes it normal to want to give them a funny Hawaiian dog name.

Here’s some of our favorites for boys and girls.

  • Lolo – Goofy or crazy
  • Leo Ole – Not smart
  • Pupule – Crazy
  • Tua – Behind
  • Da Kine – Whatchamacallit
  • Shaka – Hang ten
  • Ezera – Help
  • Kolohe – Rascal
  • Nui – Large
  • Waha Nui – Big mouth
  • Wiwi – Skinny
  • Polupolu – Flabby
  • Nahoa – Blood
  • Maui – The trickster
  • Mino’aka – Smile

Hawaiian Food Pug Dog Names

These Hawaiian dog foods are inspired by foods that are popular on the big island. Their perfect for Pug puppies because they are always begging for treats.

  • Poke – Chunky, raw-fish salad
  • Coco – Coconut
  • Ahi – Hawaiian tuna
  • Poi – Staple Hawaiian food
  • Lau Lau – Leaf (taro leaves wrapped around fish and pork)
  • Haupia – Coconut pudding
  • Pipi Kaula – Hawaiian style jerky
  • Kulolo – Baked desert
  • Opihi – Local edible shellfish
  • Laulau – Pork, chicken, beef wrapped in taro leaf
  • Saimin – Noodles that resemble Japanese ramen
  • Pupu – Hawaiian appetizer
  • Uala – Sweet potato
  • Meli – Honey
  • Ki – Tea
  • Kaloke – Carrot
  • Haukalima – Ice Cream
  • Alani – Orange
  • Waiu – Milk
  • Kope -Coffee

Cute Hawaiian Dog Names for Pugs

cute Hawaiian Pug names
We’ve rounded up some of the cutest Hawaiian dog names perfect for Pugs.

There are many cute and adorable wonders in Hawaii, that make it impossible not to give your Pug a name inspired from something as cute as hula dancers, dolphins, seals, etc.

  • Alamea – Precious
  • Keiki – Child
  • Awapuhi – Ginger
  • Nohea – Handsome
  • Aloha – Hello and goodbye
  • Okaoka – Tiny bit
  • Piki – Peaches
  • Ukulele – Smaller version of a guitar
  • Mahalo – Thank you in Hawaiian
  • Poluna – Chubby (perfect for overweight pups)

If these aren’t enough cute names, check out this huge list of cute Pug dog names that will make you smile.

Cool Hawaiian Names for Pugs With Meaning

There are plenty of English words that sound even cooler when translated to the Hawaiian language. Below are some cool names inspired from cool things in Hawaii.

  • Anu – Cool
  • Mauka – Towards the mountain
  • Makai – Towards the ocean
  • Howzit – Colloquial term for friend or brother
  • Honu – Green sea turtle
  • Kalani – Musical
  • Kana – Demigod
  • A’ole Pilikia – No problem
  • Shaka – Symbolizes the “aloha spirit”
  • Ohana – Family

If nothing above is cool enough for your four-legged friend, check out these cool names for Pugs.

Hawaiian Baby Names for Pugs

According to this poll, almost half of American pet owners prefer to give their dogs a human-sounding name. There are several great human baby names that will be perfect for your four-legged friend.

We’ve rounded up some of the best ones along with their meanings for both boys and girls.

Boy Names

  • Ano – Immaculate
  • Hikialani – Looking at heaven
  • Iokua – God delivers
  • Kahuna – A secret
  • Kahuiau – Extremely generous
  • Kalua – The second child
  • Pauahi – Fire is over
  • Moani – Breeze of scent
  • Cadoc – War
  • Hagen – The highest son

Girl Names

  • Wendy – Unclear
  • Anuhea – Mist of coolness
  • Kalea – Filled with joy
  • Lokelani – Divine rose
  • Puaniani – Georgeous flower
  • Ailana – Means island in Hawaiian
  • Palila – Bird
  • Kamea – the one and only
  • Kona – Means “lady”
  • Lilinoe

Hawaiian Flower Inspired Names for Pugs

If you’re a nature lover, check out these Hawaiian flower-inspired dog names that make great names for male and female canines.

  • Pikake
  • Plumeria
  • Naupaka
  • Seabean – Decorative vines that comprise green plants and flowers
  • Hibiscus – The official state flower of Hawaii

Element Inspired Hawaiian Pug Dog Names

Hawaii is known for its glamourous picturesque landscape. Below you’ll find some adorable dog names inspired by beautiful mountains, waterfalls, colorful flowers, rich aquatic life, birds, etc.

  • Honohono – Leaves
  • Koali’awa – Ocean blue morning glory
  • Nahele – Forest
  • Kalani – The sky
  • Akamu – Earth
  • Kahakai – Beaches
  • Ohe’o – Seven Sacred Pools
  • Anuenue – Rainbow
  • Pua – Flower
  • Manu – Bird
  • Kumu – Tree

Hawaiian Islands for Pug Dog Names

Why not consider a name after some of the most beautiful islands? Here are some of the most popular islands that can make a great name for your four-legged friend.

  • Maui – Known for its beautiful beaches and Haleakala volcano
  • Kauai – Hawaiian island with dense forests
  • Oahu – The third largest island in Hawaii
  • Lanai – Was nicknamed the “Pineapple Island,” it was once a pineapple plantation
  • Kahoolawe – Is a small island and access is prohibited
  • Pearl – Named after Pearl City, near Pearl Harbor
  • Hawaii – Known as the “Big Island” the largest island in the United States
  • Niihau – A privately owned island that is used for raising livestock
  • Molokai – Great get away with no traffic lights and gorgeous views

Unique Hawaiian Pug Dog Names

Hawaii is a unique and outstanding place that many people don’t get to see in their lifetime, which makes it one of a kind.

This makes it a one of a kind of island. Your dog is one of a kind and therefore deserves a unique Hawaiian name you don’t hear of often at dog parks.

  • Kani – Sound
  • Kalena – Brightest star
  • Naia – Dolphin
  • Lui – Well-known warrior
  • Mano – Shark
  • Kahale – House
  • Haukea – Snow
  • Kalama – Flaming torch
  • Kekepania – Crown
  • Meka – Eye

Spirituality & Religion Inspired Hawaiian Dog Names

Hawaiians are very spiritual beings, and they call the spiritual energy mana. Spiritual energies are present in plants, rocks, people, and animals.

Below you’ll find names inspired from the Hawaiian Gods or Goddesses and the myths and legends they represent.

  • Hina – Goddess of the moon.
  • Laka – Goddess of the hula.
  • Kane – Father of living creatures.
  • Pa’ao – Conquer and a priest.
  • Kāne – The God of creation and the sky.
  • Kū – God of war.
  • Lono – The God of fertility, peace, and rain.
  • Kapu – Ancient Hawaiian laws
  • `âina – Love of the land
  • `aumâkua – Family or personal spiritual guide or “God.”

Final Word

If. you’re still not feeling inspired after reviewing this list, browse our huge list of Pug names that will draw more inspiration.

We hope you enjoyed this huge list of Hawaiian dog names and it helps you come up with the perfect name for your cute Pug!

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