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5 Of The Best Best Dog Door For Pugs And Choosing The Best

As a dog owner, you may want to give your pooch more freedom for when nature calls. Shopping for the best dog door for Pugs can be confusing, that’s why I’ve rounded up some of the best ones you should consider.

What Is A Dog Door For Pugs?

It is a way to provide much-appreciated freedom for your four-legged friend. Whether you have a patio door, sliding glass door, or a screen door, you can find the perfect dog door.

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Different Types Of Dog Door Styles

Before buying a pet door and cutting into your wall, it’s important to find the right one for your pooch. There is no such thing as one size fits all. As a pet owner, you need to know how to puppy proof your home to keep your Pug safe.

Electronic Dog Doors

An electronic pet door allows you to decide the times your pooch can go in and out of the house. Companies such as PetSafe have made it easy to customize and create exit times for your pooch, which can also help keep unwanted animals out.

Your Pug can only use the door at the programmed times and the door remains locked at all the other times. Some of the doors will work in conjunction with your dog’s microchip.

Dog Mount Dog Doors

These dog doors are designed for moderate to extreme climates. These are the most popular types as they are not only budget-friendly but can be adapted to fit interior or exterior walls.

You have the option to put the pet door wherever you want. You’ll most likely have to cut a hole in the wall to install the pet door frame, flap, and even a tunnel for deeper walls.

Sliding Door Dog Doors

These panels do not require you to cut any holes in your wall. The full-length section of the pet door works with most sliding doors.

They are often a little more expensive than the door-mounted units. The best part is that your glass door is still operable for humans.

Door Mounted Pet Door

This is one of the most common dog doors that is used by pet owners. These are designed to be mounted into the lower section of the door.

The door mounted pet doors are usually the cheapest and easiest to install. They come in either a single flap or dual flaps, which will cost a little bit more.

Custom Made Dog Doors

You can put a conversion kit that allows you to put a pet door wherever you desire. These work best if you have a bigger dog and they require more space.

You will most likely be required to drill a hole in your wall or cut your door in preparation for the installation.

Features To Consider When Shopping for A Pet Door

safest dog door
What to look for when shopping for a dog door.

There is no shortage of pet doors you can use for either your cat or dog. According to the experienced U.S. veterinarians, pet doors can help help save both you and your dog headaches and stress.

Here are some important features to consider before buying a dog door for your Pug.

Energy Efficiency: Even the door mounted pet doors have energy-saving options. However, the dual flaps will work better than the single flap doors.

Always consider your climate and home requirements to help you keep your warm air in and the cold air outside.

Security: Pet doors provide an additional entryway into your home, so it’s important to consider the security features before buying.

Most high-quality units will have some type of locking mechanism to keep criminals and unwanted critters outside. Manufacturers have addressed this problem by using smart pet doors that work with your dog’s microchip or a programmable keypad you can customize.

These allow you to deny your pet entry or exit at certain times of the day or night.

Installation: Some doors require more installation experience than others. There are some doors that can be installed quickly and easily, without any tools or drilling.

Opting for a door or wall-mounted unit will require you to cut a hole in the door or wall. Many homeowners will have to hire a professional to cut a hole in their house.

Something as simple as a sliding door mounted pet door will NOT require you to make any drastic changes to your home.

Children: Unfortunately, more than a hundred children have been killed or injured by squeezing through pet doors. (source) The best way to keep your children safe is to opt for an electronic smart pet door.

Outdoor Animals: Pet doors can be an open invitation to outdoor animals such as raccoons, skunks, and alligators.

Handyman Skill Level: If you’re handy, you shouldn’t have a problem installing any type of dog door. Most pet doors come with easy to follow detailed instructions.

If you’re not a handyman or woman, you may have to consider paying a contractor to install it for you. So make sure you fact that into your budget when shopping for a pet door.

Budget: There are literally several types of dog doors from the old-school flap doors to the fully automatic dog doors. Prices can range anywhere from $35 – $500 or more.

Make sure you take this into consideration when shopping for a pet door.

5 Of The Best Dog Door For Pugs

#1 PetSafe Freedom Patio Aluminum Pet Door

The PetSafe Patio door comes in small, medium, large, and X-large sizes for any size dog. It fits easily in your sliding glass door which provides your Pug with the freedom to go as he pleases.

Perfect for both homeowners and renters. The best part is that you just insert it into your sliding door without making any holes.


  • DIY: Simple and easy to install without having to hire a professional.
  • Sizes: Available in several different sizes for your best friend.
  • Colors: Comes in white, bronze or satin colors.
  • Detachable: If you ever need to move, you can remove the panel frame and take it with you.
  • Energy Efficient: The magnetic closure, flexible flaps, and tinted color keep both the cold and heat outside.
  • Durable: Designed with shatter-resistant tempered glass and weather-resistant aluminum.
  • Guarantee: The PetSafe brand is a trusted and global leader for over 30 years. They stand behind their products, so you can rest assured you’re buying a great product.


  • Sliding Door: Some people have said that they have gaps in their sliding door they have had to seel off. You’ll need to invest in some weather strips to keep both the heat and cold outside.

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#2 PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor for Cat or Dog

Electronic Smartdoor not only allows your pooch to have the freedom to go as he/she pleases. This radio technology is perfect for keeping your children safe from possible injuries.

You can program the unit with four different locking controls. Once it is installed, you just need 4-D cell batteries to start using it. It comes in either a small door with SmartKey or a large pet door with SmartKey features.


  • Locking Controls: Easily and quickly set the program entry and exit options with automatic settings.
  • Multiple Pets: Up to 5 different SmartKeys to help you customize for different pets in your household.
  • Sizes: The flap opening on the small door is designed for pets up to 15 pounds.
  • Easy to Install: installs quickly and easily into a standard size wood, metal and PVC doors.
  • Multiple Uses: Can be installed on both interior and exterior doors, and sliding glass doors.
  • SmartKey: Only allows pets wearing the SmartKey in and out of the flap.
  • Sturdy: Designed with strong materials that will last for years.


  • Long Tails: Some people have said that it isn’t suitable for dogs with long tails like Greyhounds.
  • Battery Life: Some people have complained that it eats batteries quickly.

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#3 High Tech PX-1 Power Pet Fully Automatic Pet Door

The High Tech Pet Power door is perfect for both medium and large-sized dogs. It is activated by your pet’s ultrasonic collar. Three different power modes; batteries, AC, and 110 volt AC wall outlet.

The medium door can accommodate dogs up to 30 pounds and the large door is perfect for dogs up to 100 pounds.


  • Security: Automatic deadbolt to keep your home safe when not in use.
  • Sensing: The directional sensing system opens the door when your dog wants out, not just when he/she is lying or sleeping by the door. It only opens when your pet is approaching at a range of 10 feet.
  • 4 Way Access Control: You have the option to choose, Out Only, Closed & Locked, Full Access, In Only. (keeps unwanted critters out)
  • Energy Efficient: The airtight seal helps keep it weatherproof.
  • Installation: You can install it on any door or wall surface.
  • MS-4 Collar: Comes with one collar that works with the door. You can purchase more collars on Amazon.
  • Safety: Won’t close on your dog.


  • Battery: Some people have complained the battery charge doesn’t last very long. You’ll have to recharge it often.

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#4 PetSafe 3 Flap Extreme Weather Pet Door

Let your dog in and outside, not the weather. The 3-flap system is rated 3.5 times more energy-efficient than the single flap dog doors. Perfect for dog owners whether you reside in hot or cold climates.


  • 3 Flap Door: Proven to be 3.5 times more energy-efficient than the single flap dog doors.
  • Closing Snap: Prevent your dog from using the pet door, by using the snap-on closing panel.
  • Sizes: Comes in small, medium, and large sizes for all size pets.
  • Plastic Frame: Extremely paintable to help you match your home decor.
  • DIY Installation: Comes complete with installation kit and hardware to install quickly.
  • Freedom: Give your pet the freedom to come and go as they please.
  • Template: Trace template makes it easy to install.
  • Uses: Can be used on the interior, exterior, patio doors, and walls.


  • Flaps: You will need to train your dog on how to use the non-transparent doors.
  • Cover: Most pet doors use a slide to close the door, this one uses a snap-on cap, which is easy to knock off from the outside.

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#5 Ideal Pet Products Screen Guard Pet Door

The Ideal Pet Products Screen Guard Pet Door is perfect for those on a tight budget. It offers a flexible vinyl strap with a magnetic closure to give your pooch the freedom they deserve. It is perfect for both medium-sized and large dogs.

The medium flap measures 7 x 11 1/4 inches and is recommended for dogs up to 35 pounds. A larger door option is available for dogs up to 50 pounds and measures 10 1/2 x 15 inches.


  • Easy To Install: It is quick and easy to install on any screen door that has a screen guard.
  • Use: The flexible vinyl flap with magnetic closure makes it easy for your Pug to go in and out.
  • Warranty: All Ideal Pet Products come with a one-year warranty.
  • Engineering: Designed to maintain the integrity of the mesh and screen guard on your door.
  • Locking Mechanism: Includes a rigid lock-out slide panel to keep your pet inside or outside.


  • Screen Guard: must be purchased separately.
  • Door: Intended to be used with a screen door only.

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Should You Consider A Dog Door?

The main reason to invest in a dog door is to avoid having to get up every time your dog scratches at the door. There are so many safety features built-in with most dog doors, there’s absolutely no reason not to get one.

Just remember that you measure both your dog and door before buying one. If you have multiple dogs, it needs to be low enough for the smallest and high enough for the biggest dog.

Final Word On Dog Doors for Pugs

A good pet door will provide your Pug with the freedom to come and go as they need in both the cold or hot weather. I’ve done my best to research some of the best dog doors on the market that will fit any budget.

Before buying a dog door, make sure that you measure your pooch to ensure you get the right size!

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