Why Do Pugs Lick Your Face How To Stay Safe

Everyone loves puppy kisses, but deep down inside we know that it’s gross especially when our dog kisses us on our lips. So why do Pugs lick your face and should you be concerned? Face licking is usually a sign of affection, if your Pug licks excessively, it could be signs of behavioral issues.

In this article, we’re going to look at why it occurs and how to keep yourself safe.

Why Do Pugs Lick Your Face?

The biggest reason Pugs lick you is a way to communicate with you. From a young age, their mothers would lick them to groom them, show affection, feed them, and etc.

why do pugs lick your face

Dogs can’t communicate the same way you and I can, therefore they use body language that has been deep-rooted in their behavior.

The reasons your dog licks your face will vary. After all, a dog licking your face in the morning is probably wanting to go outside and take care of business.

Let’s look at some of the reasons dogs lick their owner’s faces.

  • If your pug licks your face when you’re crying, it is because they are trying to comfort you.
  • When dogs lick you after not seeing you all day, they are saying they missed you and are glad you’re home.
  • Pugs may lick your face before going to bed as a way to say “goodnight”. It’s no different than giving your spouse or significant a kiss “goodnight”

Now that you know some of the reasons, let’s take a look a closer look at those doggie kisses.

Are Doggie Kisses Safe?

pug licking owners mouth
For the most part, Pug kisses are safe, just disgusting

For the most part, “yes” those doggie kisses are fine.

That being said, dogs lick themselves (including their rear ends) and eat disgusting things such as poop, that leaves unwanted bacteria in their mouths.

If you think about it, you may not want your dog licking your face, especially on the mouth. After all, you don’t really know where their mouth has been before they kiss you.

Should You Allow Your Pug To Kiss Your Face?

Every pet parent is different. Some don’t mind their dog licking their face, while others think this behavior is disgusting.

If your Pug licks you and you don’t mind, there are some things that you should take into consideration to help keep you safe.

Most people will never get sick from a dog kiss, after all, I never did. That said, there’s nothing wrong with taking some precautions to keep yourself safe.

Staying Safe With Doggie Kisses

Pug Saliva
Doggie kisses in general are safe, but these tips will help you stay safe.

If you’re the type of dog owner who loves those doggie kisses, here are some things you can do to protect yourself from bacteria that are on your dog’s saliva.

Avoid Lip Kissing

Don’t let your dog kiss you on the lips. Before bending down to greet your pup, turn your head so they won’t be tempted to lick you directly on the mouth.

You can even teach them how to give you a kiss on the cheek. It will take some training, but eventually, your pup will understand where they are allowed to give you a puppy kiss.

Some dog owners even go as far as teaching their dog a “gimme kiss” command, so they only receive kisses when they are expecting it.

Your Pug’s Hygiene

One of the main reasons your dog’s slobber kisses smell so bad is because of bad oral hygiene and periodontal disease.

Make sure you’re having his teeth cleaned on a regular basis at home as well as taking them in for their regular preventative care.

Not only will regular teeth cleaning keep their breath clean, but it will also prevent tooth decay which can cause more bacteria in their mouths.

You’re Both Healthy

If you or your dog are feeling sick, you’ll want to avoid letting your dog kiss you on the face. When we’re sick, our body’s immune system has a harder time-fighting germs and bacteria.

According to Buzzfeed Health News, dogs carry a number of bacterias and parasites (ringworm, hookworm, Pasteurella, Campylobacter and etc) that can easily be spread to humans and may cause disease.

Women who are pregnant, people with HIV/Aids, elderly, transplant patients and people receiving chemotherapy should not let dogs lick their faces.

Most people will never experience sickness from their dog licking them, however, it’s best to take precautions, when you or your furbaby are not feeling well.

Wash Your Face

If you don’t mind your Pug’s germs and the slobber doesn’t bother you, then at least wash your face afterward.

Use soap and water to wash the saliva off your face or hands, especially before you eat or touch your face.

This will prevent you from spreading the bacteria left behind to other parts of your body.

French Kissing

If your dog gets overly excited when they see you and starts jumping up and down kissing you, make sure you keep your mouth away from them.

Avoid opening your mouth where they can stick their tongue in it. Nothing is worse than getting french kissed by your dog!

Final Word On Pug Licking Your Face

Now that you understand why Pugs lick your face and how to stay safe, it’s up to you to decide if you don’t mind. If you’re worried about hygiene, don’t be.

As long as your furbaby visits the veterinarian for regular preventative care from the vet, which includes dewormers, teeth cleaning, and etc, you’re probably fine.

Yes, their saliva does contain bacteria, but as long as you are both healthy and you don’t have any open wounds, you should be fine.

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